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MAN coaches for Pele and Ronaldo successors

Top Brazilian soccer teams rely on MAN Latin America’s exclusive team coaches

The most famous soccer clubs in Brazil travel on team coaches made by MAN. Ten teams in Brazil’s top league now place their confidence in MAN Latin America vehicles. Clubs that trust MAN’s Volksbus VW 18.320 EOT model include world-famous names such as Corinthians São Paulo, Santos, Vasco da Gama and Flamengo, for which famous players like Pele, Zico, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho have all played, as well as Atlético Paranaense, Internacional, Grêmio, Sport, Náutico and Goiás. The clubs in the “Volks­bus Team”, as they are known, won many national and Latin American championship titles. Internacional even won the FIFA Club World Cup in 2006.

MAN Latin America chose the clubs after extensively analyzing media coverage, public acceptance and strategic brand positioning. The striking designs on the outside of the ten Volksbus Team coaches are real eye-catchers on the street. Each coach is individually decorated with the club's insignia. Five of the teams even allowed their fans to vote on the paintwork for their vehicles on the Internet.

The team coaches are all furnished very differently on the inside, ensuring that the stars of the country that is five-times world champion are well looked after. Special seats and stretchers for injured players, additional medical facilities, game tables and individual meeting spaces for the officials with independent audio and video facilities are just some examples of the features. All of the vehicles also have snack bars, LCD screen televisions and air conditioning. “MAN Latin America is not only providing Brazilian soccer with the best in passenger transportation through this, but is also increasing its media presence,” said Roberto Cortes, President of MAN SE’s Brazilian subsidiary, when expressing his pleasure.

The VW 18.320 EOT was launched on the Brazilian market at the end of 2006 and has since been exported to over 30 countries. MAN Latin America has been operating on the bus market under the VW brand since 1993. The chassis are developed and produced by working closely with the suppliers themselves in a modular system that is globally unique, while the bodies originate from other manufacturers. The first model in the Volksbus line, the VW 16.180 CO, also saw a high quality service introduced directly at fleet operators’ premises.

This concept has trebled revenue in the past ten years and doubled the company’s market share to 28.9%. 7 ,722 chassis were sold in 2008 – an increase of 14.2%. This makes MAN Latin America the second highest seller of buses in Brazil. The company has already led the market for trucks weighing more than 5 tons for six years, enjoying a 30.4% share of it in 2008. Overall, it sold more than 56,000 trucks and buses in 2008. The company has a comprehensive sales and service network in Brazil and other Latin American countries.