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MAN Trucknology® Days 2015: Trucks. Power. Performance.

An opportunity to see and test-drive 170 MAN vehicles from a variety of sectors. The highlights: MAN TGX D38 and EfficientLine 2

Visitors to MAN in Munich will experience a varied programme under the motto "Trucks. Power. Performance." More than 170 trucks will be ready for viewing and driving. Experts will explain the individual product features of the MAN trucks in demonstrations, which are grouped into the sectors building, heavy transport, municipal, distribution and long-distance transport as well as agriculture and forestry. Body manufacturers and suppliers invite potential customers to join them in the MAN Truck Forum and in a tent on the test track. Guided factory tours through the production halls in which the TGX and TGS series are manufactured are also very popular. Approximately 6,000 visitors are expected at the MAN Trucknology Days 2015 during the three days of the event.

This event focuses on much more than just the trucks: MAN will present its service range and more than 80 partners will present their individual transport solutions - from body manufacturers to suppliers. MAN has been organising Trucknology® Days on an annual basis since 2008. Last year, MAN attracted approximately 6,500 customers and visitors to MAN in Munich.

The highlights of the event included the introduction of the new D38 engine series with 520 to 640 hp in the MAN TGX. The top-of-the-range version has 640 hp and drives a four-axle heavy semi-trailer tractor. It is available at the test track for test drives with heavy loads. The extremely economical MAN TGX EfficientLine 2 long-distance semi-trailer tractor is another novelty shown during the Trucknology® Days.

MAN TGX D38: Power and performance

The new TGX D38 is MAN's flagship for the Trucknology® Days. This power package for demanding transport tasks in long-distance transport, traction and heavy load handling celebrated its launch at the IAA fair during September last year. MAN's new top-of-the-range model resumes MAN's focus on total cost of ownership (TCO). The engineers have created a high-performance truck for superior driving on topologically demanding roads. Central to this is the newly developed D38 six-cylinder engine with 15.2-litre displacement. This engine provides impressive power and extends the TGX model range by the 520, 560 and 640 hp classes. The engine has two turbo-charging stages and can therefore provide full torque already at 930 rotations per minute, delivering 2500 Nm in the 520 HP version and 2700 Nm in the 560 HP version. The new MAN TipMatic 2 gearbox and the innovative EfficientCruise tempomat help the driver save fuel.

The wide range of models of the extremely powerful TGX is a reflection of its versatility: It is available for right- or left-hand drive and can be used with XL, XLX and XXL cabs.

Premium class: TGX D38 with 640 hp for heavy transport

The D38 serial six-cylinder engine with 640 hp is the strongest core produced by MAN - solely for the new heavy-duty semi-trailer tractor. The standard MAN TipMatic 2 gearbox with converter-clutch unit transfers the power to the road. This vehicle is particularly precise when manoeuvering in tight spaces, on inclines and with heavy loads. Thanks to the strong torque of 3000 Nm, even heavy-duty transports of 250 tonnes can be moved smoothly and powerfully.

The newly developed, high-performance MAN Turbo EVB is ideal for use in the heavy-duty sector: a braking capacity of 600 kW is achieved in engine braking mode. Together with the gearbox Intarder, the MAN TGX D38 provides an overall braking power of 750 kW.

Not every heavy transport task requires 640 hp. Gross train weights of up to 180 tonnes are possible with the 560 HP and 2700 Nm D38 engine. For maximum trailer loads, MAN provides adaptations of the 10x4 wheel configuration.

Bundled efficiency in the MAN TGX EfficientLine 2
MAN combines new, fuel-reducing technologies in the TGX Efficient 2 line to lower the total cost of operation (TCO) and CO2 emissions even further. The serial equipment includes:

  • Predictive EfficientCruise cruise control: this provides up to six percent fuel savings through optimal use of momentum energy when driving downhill and uphill.
  • New D26 TopTorque engines: these are specially tuned for a fuel-saving driving style at low rotation speeds. Their 200 Nm torque increase in the highest gear harmonises well with the particularly long axle ratios. This additional torque is particularly useful on inclines to facilitate easier driving, less need to switch to a lower gear and sustainably lower fuel consumption.
  • New speed-shifting function: faster gear changes between Gears 10, 11 and 12 reduce the traction force interruptions on inclines.
  • MAN TeleMatics on-board module: This gives fleet managers full information about fuel consumption and an optimal overview regarding maintenance.

Special municipal vehicles show

Approximately 25 municipal vehicles in the sectors waste collection, winter service, road maintenance, road cleaning and wet waste disposal are on display. This involves a variety of chassis versions - usually based on MAN TGM and TGS - and body manufacturers.

Sector-specific equipment provided by MAN includes the specially designed, automated MAN TipMatic gearbox for waste collection vehicles. It takes into account the specific usage profile of rear or side loaders. MAN offers an ergonomically optimised operating panel for rear loaders, which is integrated into the arm rest in the driver's seat. It can be used to activate the frequent-stop break, to switch the gearbox, to select pouring and pressing in the body or to select the neutral position of the MAN TipMatic.

Sweeping machine chassis in the MAN TGL and TGM series provide many adaptations to attach the sector-typical attachments to the frame, e.g. sweeping roller, circular brooms and suction channel. MAN engineers have designed a new arrangement for this purpose, locating the complex Euro 6 exhaust gas systems, the diesel and the AdBlue tank as well as the compressed-air container above the frame. The MAN driving engine also drives the aggregates in the body via an auxiliary drive on the flywheel side. The sweeping machine moves between areas of operation at a typical truck speed of 80 km/h. The working speed during cleaning is below 3 km/h.

Winter service and road service vehicles have extensive hydraulic systems for the snow-clearing shield, the operation of the winter service spreader and an optional loading crane. Air suspension for the rear axle is a serial feature of the all-wheel version of the MAN TGM with 14.1 to 15 tonnes permitted total weight. This ensures that all de-icing agents are evenly spread. Another positive feature of this type is the particularly small turning radius. It facilitates operation in tightly built-up, parked-up residential areas.

MAN Trucknology® Roadshow
The Trucknology® Days provide the starting signal for the new "MAN Trucknology® Roadshow 2015" truck demonstration fleet. Nearly 70 vehicles from the TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series will go on tour throughout Europe. The new MAN TGX D38 will be part of it for the first time. The complete vehicles with bodies or semi-trailers will present a cross-section of the variety available in the distribution and long-haul transport, construction, heavy-duty transport, agriculture, forestry and municipal sectors. MAN sales organisations throughout Europe will present their fleets at events and demonstrations painted in striking crimson. Interested customers can arrange with their MAN salesperson to test-drive these vehicles for several days. Customers can thus experience MAN's competence in the sector and see for themselves how efficiently and economically transport tasks can be dealt with.

Trucks to go
The "Trucks to go" fleet is shown in front of the Truck Forum during the Trucknology® Days. These fully-assembled, new vehicles from all model series can be viewed online at The advantages for the customer are: They can cover short-term demand and respond to orders received without having to deal with the usual delivery times for vehicles. Complete vehicles such as roll-off skip loaders, three-way tippers and truck mixers or special-purpose vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles, skylifters or towing vehicles are also available. MAN trucks painted in neutral white are part of a range that is available throughout Europe. The "Trucks to go" home page lists the appropriate vehicles after entering the vehicle combination required. This marketing strategy has been applied by MAN in the last two years to supply more than 1500 trucks.