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MAN Trucknology RoadShow - the grand finale

Around 2,000 visitors showed their interest in MAN's consistently efficient transport solutions displayed by the Trucknology RoadShow and the Branch Competence Center in Munich.

At the beginning of November, MAN Truck & Bus issued invitations to the big final event of the Trucknology RoadShow in Munich. There were 140 vehicles in the Truck Forum and on the test track, ready to be looked over and test-driven. For six months the fleet of 60 MAN Trucknology RoadShow vehicles had toured Europe. And at the Branch Competence Center, visitors to the MAN Truck Forum over the past year had had the opportunity of inspecting and driving many vehicles equipped with bodies.

Some 2,000 visitors took up the invitation to find out about transport solutions and vehicles for long-haul, distribution, construction-site and heavy-duty transport, large cranes, skylifters, municipal and fire-fighting vehicles from MAN. Customers came from all over - not just from southern Germany but from various European countries. Technical discussions with MAN's experts about the products and services offered by MAN TopUsed, MAN ProfiDrive®, MAN TeleMatics and MAN Rental as well as the MAN Trucker’s World drivers' club and MAN Financial Services MFI for financing were the focus of the MAN Forum, as was contact to the representatives of several companies manufacturing bodies, equipment and accessories.

Many of the visitors took the opportunity of driving vehicles on the test track and on public roads, accompanied by instructors from MAN ProfiDrive®. There was great demand for the MAN TGX 680-hp heavy duty semitrailer tractors, which were rounding the test track with their up to 100-tonne gross vehicle weights. Also arousing the enthusiasm of the many visitors who were allowed to try them out was the manoeuvrability of the 25.25-metre "long trucks". An off-road track enabled lots of drivers to experience for themselves the excellent propulsion provided by the MAN HydroDrive® and to find out that MAN driving comfort is in no way limited to operation on paved roads.

At the branch display, which put the spotlight on lumber transport, timbersport athletes with sharp axes and chainsaws demonstrated their abilities to enthusiastic spectators. The MAN TGS vehicles on show were modified by the MAN Modification Competence Center (MCC) to enable the mounting of special bodies by the body manufacturers.

This spectrum of MAN TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX vehicles from the Trucknology RoadShow and the Branch Competence Center was there not only for display and test purposes but was also for sale. Intensive discussions and a large number of concluded sales are indicative of the success of the two-day event.