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MAN Truck & Bus supplies buses to Estonian capital Tallinn

MAN to deliver 35 solo and articulated buses as low-entry models, sophisticated service concept convinces.

MAN Truck & Bus is to supply the Estonian capital's bus company, Tallinna Autobussikoondise AS (TAK), with 25 Lion's City LE solo buses and ten Lion's City LE articulated buses. The 35 new MAN city buses will complement the TAK's fleet of currently 330 vehicles. The buses are being delivered as low-entry versions with an entrance height of 320 mm. Decisive for the operator was a fully-developed service concept that ensures, for example, short delivery times for wear and spare parts. This means that servicing the MAN city buses is a particularly efficient, time-saving process.

The 25 Lion's City LE vehicles are three-door solo buses, 12 metres long and equipped with 290-hp diesel engines complying with the EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle). The articulated buses are Lion's City low-entry models, 18.75 metres long and with 320-hp engines. They are equipped with four double doors for fast passenger throughflow. Compliance with the EEV emission standard is fulfilled in every case without the use of the additive AdBlue® - in other words, the buses only require filling up with diesel fuel. In preparation for their deployment in Tallinn, all the vehicles will be fitted with double-glazing and the special XL heating package for countries in northerly climes.

Initial delivery on company's anniversary

The TAK company has been operating motorised buses since as far back as the beginning of the last century and can look back with pride at its long history as a local public transport provider. The company celebrates the 90th anniversary of its founding in May 2012 and to mark the occasion, the first 15 MAN city buses will be taken into service.

The MAN Lion´s City LE offers economical Low Entry Technology and the latest MAN Design. It features the innovative MAN D08 LOH Common Rail engine in EEV standard combined with a closed particulate filter.