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MAN Truck & Bus sees flexible solutions as the answer to urban mobility

MAN Truck & Bus will on request combine its recognised competence in buses with systemic services provided by selected partners for the joint development of tailor-made Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) solutions. Cities can thus design a flexible, economical and environmentally friendly local public transport system as an alternative or as a supplement to a rail-bound system.

Buses and more from MAN - efficient local public transport with BRT

Bus Rapid Transit – behind this much-discussed phrase is an efficient and flexible passenger transport system based on modern city buses with high passenger capacities. Separate lanes, platform bus-stops, pre-ticketing, automatic access control and intelligent traffic management – a bus-specific infrastructure provides its passengers with fast, smooth and comfortable transport.

In principle, BRT systems can be compared with inner-city rail systems (tram, metro) but they can be constructed more quickly and more economically, besides also being far more flexible. BRT systems are relatively easy to integrate into existing urban structures, are not reliant on an exclusive infrastructure end-to-end and are less susceptible to failure when the unforeseen happens (accidents, detours).

The wide range of bus chassis and complete buses from MAN forms an excellent basis for any BRT system. On top of that there is MAN's recognised competence in providing individual vehicle solutions with the reliability that only a major manufacturer of large-scale series can offer. In several Chinese cities BRT routes are serviced by buses made under licence from MAN / NEOPLAN. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in part on bus-only lanes, buses from MAN / NEOPLAN transport thousands of people smoothly and fast to their destinations every day - MAN and its service partners also ensure the economical, round-the-clock availability of the vehicles.

If required, MAN acts a partner in the consortium that plans, implements and further develops locally adapted BRT systems in conjunction with the vehicle concepts that are suitable in each case. Together with associated partners in the fields of traffic planning, infrastructure and IT, the demands in terms of mobility are determined, the existing infrastructure examined and cost-benefit analyses conducted in order to establish the basis on which a BRT system for the specific local conditions can be developed and implemented.

EBSF research project in Budapest in the harsh world of everyday operation

In the framework of the European research project "European Bus System of the Future" (EBSF), MAN Truck & Bus is currently developing a Lion’s City GL-type city bus that is especially suited to a BRT system. The MAN articulated bus with its innovative, passenger-friendly interior was recently handed over to the Budapest Transport Company for several months of trial operation. The objective is to gain insights that will enable the design of more efficient, eco-friendly and attractive urban bus systems in future. The MAN Lion's City GL will serve an inner-city bus route with a particularly large number of passengers. Accordingly, the 18.75-metre long articulated bus has been designed so that even with a high passenger volume, passenger flow will be optimal and thus ensure short stops. For this reason, the Lion's City GL has for the first time been fitted with five wide doors, while the passenger compartment has been optimised for a large flow of passengers. The forebody is equipped with folding seats, enabling the driver to react flexibly to passenger volumes and demand for seats by increasing either standing room or the number of seats available. To do this, the driver releases the seats for use at the touch of a button. A red lamp shows passengers whether or not the seat can be folded down for use.

Special consideration was given here to the needs of people with restricted capacity in terms of mobility and perception, senior citizens, women and children. With the aid of additional equipment features, passenger information has been further optimised, while passenger comfort and safety have also been improved.

The five wide doors of the MAN Lion’s City GL, which is operating in Budapest in the framework of the EBSF project, enable passengers to board and alight quickly at bus stops.