MAN Traction Days 2015: MAN showcases its traction prowess with 50 vehicles from the construction and heavy-duty sector

Between 8 and 10 October 2015, MAN Truck & Bus will be demonstrating its wide range of construction and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as its extensive expertise in these fields, live at the off-road park in Langenaltheim, Germany.

Vehicle highlights at the MAN Traction Days 2015

MAN will be showcasing some 50 vehicles from its construction and heavy-duty transportation portfolio at this year's Traction Days, with the following amongst the main attractions at the event:

  • MAN TGX vehicles with the D38 engine and MAN TipMatic TX gearbox
  • TGS vehicles with HydroDrive and 4x4H, 6x6H and 8x6H axle configurations
  • all-wheel drive vehicles in the TGM and TGS model ranges with 4x4, 6x6, 8x6 and 8x8 axle configurations.

MAN has divided the grounds at the Langenaltheim off-road park up into several stations:

  • Station 1: MAN will be offering guests the chance to go for a ride around the off-road circuit in a range of all-wheel drive vehicles from the TGM and TGS model ranges.
  • Station 2: At this station the focus is on all things MAN HydroDrive. Guests can take TGS vehicles with HydroDrive and 4x4H, 6x6H and 8x6H axle configurations for a test drive around the off-road circuit.
  • Station 3: Fans of all-wheel drive vehicles won't be disappointed at this station, where rear tippers, three-way tippers and crane tippers can be put to the test to see how they cope on challenging off-road terrain.
  • Station 4: This station is the place to put vehicles with 6x4 and 8x4 axle configurations through their paces on the off-road circuit.
  • Station 5: Here, eight different MAN TGX models with low loader trailers or tipper semitrailers can be driven on the road whilst loaded up.
  • Around 15 further vehicles will also be on display as exhibits, with one particular highlight being the TGX 41.640 8x4/4 BLS heavy-duty semitrailer tractor with 640 hp.

Driving experts will also be explaining features, including

  • the turning brake
  • the hill-climbing brake
  • the paver brake.

The turning brake acts through selective braking of the rear wheels on the inside of the curve to reduce "pushing" over the front wheels (understeering) when cornering on off-road terrain. The radius of the driven bend is made smaller as a result. The hill-climbing brake makes it easier to start off on uphill inclines. The vehicle is stopped from rolling backwards by maintaining the brake pressure. The paver brake automatically maintains a preset brake pressure for the starting off and pushing operations of a road finisher, meaning that the tipper does not roll away on inclines.

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