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MAN TeleMatics® - more efficiency at the click of a mouse

MAN TeleMatics® - more efficiency at the click of a mouse

  • Gets economy on the right track
  • Considerable fuel savings
  • Active maintenance scheduling by workshop possible
  • More transparency in the transport process
  • Reduced scheduling workload
  • Fewer empty runs
  • Less idle time
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Decrease costs, increase productivity: MAN TeleMatics® is the convenient route to more efficient fleet management. MAN's online telematics service, which is available for all brands of trucks, assists fleet operators in optimising their transport chains and reducing their operating costs. The range of services extends from locating vehicles, vehicle deployment analysis, maintenance management and messaging all the way to complete order management and integration in existing dispatching systems.

Shifts economy into top gear

MAN TeleMatics® Data and Dispo are packages that pay for themselves. MAN TeleMatics® Data supplies the relevant data for the precise vehicle deployment analysis that is needed in order to reduce consumption, tyre wear and operating costs. At the touch of a button the reports show where improvements are possible and they can also be used as a basis for driver training. The MAN TeleMatics® Dispo service package enables you in addition to record orders, schedule them and transmit them to the vehicles. The flow of information is optimised so that it becomes possible to react faster and improve service levels.

MAN Go2 – the perfect combination

MAN Go2 combines the flexible MAN ComfortServiceSystem maintenance concept with MAN TeleMatics®. When customers enter into a ComfortPlus, ComfortRepair or ComfortSuper maintenance agreement for an MAN TGX or TGS truck, they receive the MAN TeleMatics® Basic hardware and the MAN TeleMatics® DataSmart basic service free of charge. The service will then be provided for a maximum of 60 months. The MAN Go2 campaign applies to customers of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH until further notice. It requires that the customer sign a maintenance agreement for at least 24 months and that the vehicle has been fitted with the necessary preparation for MAN TeleMatics®.

The benefits of MAN TeleMatics® DataSmart

  • Significant fuel savings
  • Reduced risk of failure
  • Less time in the workshop thanks to online maintenance management
  • Less wear and tear

The benefits of the MAN ComfortServiceSystem

  • Scopes of maintenance as required
  • Security of planning for years ahead with fixed prices per kilometre
  • Includes extended drivetrain guarantee
  • Noticeably higher residual value
  • Genuine spare-parts service
  • Qualified service personnel
  • Valid throughout Europe

New in 2011

New is the ability to read out the internal memory and driver card data from the DTCO. Regardless of where the vehicle is located, the data can be transmitted by radio from anywhere in Europe to the MAN TeleMatics portal and archived there. The data can also be adopted by existing evaluation software. Read-out, transmission and archiving are all carried out in accordance with current legislation. Configurable download intervals simplify compliance with statutorily required archiving intervals. Remote download is possible from DTCO Version 1.4 on.

New deployment analysis reports utilise nine pre-defined evaluation models (light, medium and heavy series / local transport, long-haul transport and mixed operation) and improve evaluation by taking the vehicle series and type of transport into account. Customer-specific evaluation limit settings are possible, as is the display of customer-specific evaluation parameters in the evaluation. Instead of economy levels there are now efficiency classes in categories from A to G. Management reports and detailed reports can be retrieved.

The new logistics equipment is an alternative to the MAN TopLine navigation system used to date. It functions with integrated truck navigation as well as a user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen monitor. The logistics application with tour management enables the processing of tours, orders and order items. Additional features are the adoption of loading and unloading addresses by the navigation system and trailer management with the active assignment of trailer and truck. The new logistics equipment can be retrofitted in all MAN vehicles as well as in vehicles of all other makes.