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MAN TeleMatics® app wins iF Award for good communication design

The MAN TeleMatics® smartphone app was distinguished with the iF Communication Design Award 2013 in the category "Mobile Application" on February 22, 2013 in Munich. With this award, the panel of judges honours products that exhibit especially good information design.

The MAN TeleMatics® app for iPhone and iPad supplies haulage companies with all the relevant data they need to manage entire fleets particularly efficiently, fast and in a compact form. It shows precisely where individual vehicles are currently located, thus enabling the operator to decide on the go which vehicles are available for orders.

MAN TeleMatics® is an efficient tool for operators to reduce fuel consumption: every single truck furnishes data on its consumption, idle times, the use of retarder and cruise control as well information concerning operation in its optimum engine-speed range and the consistent use of overrun. The new app expands the MAN TeleMatics® system by adding a mobile access. Users always - even outside office hours - have an overview of whether vehicles are technically sound and whether they are being driven economically and in such a way as to put less strain on the load. Fleet managers can thus see when vehicles require servicing and when drivers require training. The app makes it possible to access reports whose coloured bar charts quickly show how efficiently the vehicles are being operated.

The MAN TeleMatics® app also provides communications functions: drivers and dispatchers can send e-mails directly from the app. In addition, the iPhone app also has an integrated telephone function, enabling calls directly to the driver's mobile phone. In order to find out all about the versatile functions of the MAN TeleMatics® app, it has a demo mode with a simulated fleet. The app is obtainable free from the App Store.

This year's prize winners were presented at the iF Design Awards Night, celebrated on February 22, 2013 in Munich in the framework of the Munich Creative Business Week. Since its introduction in 2004, the iF Communication Design Award has established itself as one of the leading national and international competitions. The Award is recognition for products that assist users thanks to particularly well though-out communication. Entries are evaluated according to criteria such as target audience-specific communication and content, design quality and ergonomics, cost-effectiveness, brand value and innovation.