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MAN TGX is the most environmentally friendly truck

The MAN TGX 18.400 has been honoured with the "Green Truck 2011" award. The semi-trailer tractor was a convincing winner with the lowest fuel consumption and the lowest CO2 emission on the European market.

The MAN TGX 18.400 has been named "Green Truck 2011". In the field totalling 14 vehicles that underwent the Professional test organised by the Munich weekly magazine "VerkehrsRundschau" or the "TRUCKER" Supertest, the MAN TGX 18.400 XLX was victorious with the MAN TGX 18.440 XLX coming in third. The MAN TGX 18.400 XLX was top of the economy classification, scoring 96 of a possible 100 points. With the lowest fuel consumption coupled with the lowest CO2 emission, it left all its competitors behind.

Reinhard Pöllmann, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland, accepted the "Green Truck" trophy from Birgit Bauer, editor-in-chief of "VerkehrsRundschau" and Johannes Reichel, editor-in-chief of "TRUCKER" magazine. At the award ceremony, Pöllmann said: "We are very happy to be honoured with this award, which we see as acknowledging the consistently efficient orientation of our truck range. Economy in the form of low fuel consumption and big payload goes hand in hand with low CO2 emission. Truck operators and the environment thus benefit equally from our innovative technology."

The "Green Tuck" award by the well-known commercial-vehicle magazines "VerkehrsRundschau" and its sister publication "TRUCKER" marks the first time that the environmental friendliness of commercial vehicles has been honoured. The awards were made on the basis of the VR Professional test and the TRUCKER Supertest – one of the most comprehensive truck tests conducted by the European trade press.

The result confirms that MAN with its products and services is continuing successfully on its way to increased transport efficiency. As part of this approach, MAN launched the TGX EfficientLine on the market towards the end of last year. This truck has undergone further development in terms of the highest fuel efficiency. In the six months since the sales launch, customers from around Europe have already ordered some 800 MAN TGX EfficientLine vehicles.

The specifically developed drive technology and a scope of equipment rigorously designed to save fuel demonstrate that today's long-haul goods transport has the potential to save up to three litres of diesel per hundred kilometres. The MAN TGX EfficientLine shows: whoever strives to become more efficient in long-haul transport will have to design their vehicles with the main objective of reducing driving resistances. The reward for this effort is something to be seen. Given the high annual mileages of trucks in long-haul transport with an average of 150,000 kilometres, a saving of three litres of fuel over a four-year period of use means a saving for the operator of up to 18,000 litres. And the environment will be spared the impact of up to 47 tonnes of CO2.

Reinhard Pöllmann, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland, accepted the "Green Truck" trophy from Birgit Bauer (right), editor-in-chief of "VerkehrsRundschau" and Johannes Reichel )left), editor-in-chief of "TRUCKER" magazine.