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MAN TGX EfficientLine No. 1,000 goes to the Black Forest

The MAN TGX EfficientLine, a truck specially designed for efficient long-haul operation, is proving very popular with long-distance hauliers all over Europe. TGX EfficientLine No. 1,000 has just been sold to Hettich Transporte in Villingen-Schwenningen.

TGX EfficientLine: Energy-saving daytime running lights with 42 Watts instead of 300 Watts contribute to fuel saving.

The company has 28 MAN semi-trailer and trailer combinations in its fleet and also uses MAN TeleMatics® to transmit its vehicle data. This enables the transport company from Baden to monitor the consumption figures for every single truck and all the drivers.

Dr Frank Hiller, Director of Marketing, Sales & Services for MAN Truck & Bus, stresses that purchasing economical vehicles was not the sole objective of haulage companies: "I'm very happy that we are delivering the thousandth TGX EfficientLine to a company that has consistently relied on the package of vehicle plus services from MAN in order to run its fleet most efficiently."

What's special about the TGX EfficientLine is the consistent utilisation of further improved drive technology, optimised aerodynamics and reduction of the rolling resistances: in the drive train, a lighter-running Intarder, an air compressor that only operates on demand (MAN Air Pressure Management) and a four-percent more efficient three-phase generator all reduce fuel consumption. A package of side cladding for the chassis, adjustable roof spoiler and side panels as well as a top speed restricted to 85 km/h contribute to a marked reduction in air resistance. Aluminium rims as well as fuel tanks and compressed-air tanks made from lightweight metal increase the payload by more than 200 kg while decreasing rolling resistance. Energy-saving daytime running lights and low-friction tyres similarly contribute to fuel saving. Because the driver plays an important role in the efficient operation of the truck, an Economy training course for the driver, conducted by an instructor from MAN ProfiDrive®, is included in the purchase price of the TGX EfficientLine. The bottom line: with this package, hauliers can save up to three litres of diesel fuel per 100 km in their day-to-day operation.

With its "Consistently Efficient" Tour 2011 to 20 European cities, MAN Truck & Bus is currently showing its customers how much fuel and CO2 can be saved in goods transport even today. You can find information on the Tour as well the trucks' consumption figures updated daily on the Tour blog at: