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MAN TGS carries out transport tasks efficiently outside Europe

Adapted EfficientLine package also saves fuel and reduces CO2 emission in MAN TGS vehicles destined for export markets.

The MAN TGS adapted for operation in the export markets has found many satisfied customers in over 40 countries outside Europe, thanks to its ruggedness, its load-carrying capacity and above all, its ability to cope reliably with poor roads and extremes of climate. MAN offers the TGS primarily in the Near and Far East, Africa and Russia. In many instances, the climates there as well as the typical road conditions are very different from those found in Europe. Whether as tractor, chassis or tipper, this truck is ideal for the toughest applications and the hardest transport tasks. The series includes variants with gross vehicle weights from 19 to 41 tonnes. These can be combined with three variants of the comfortable driver's cab.

Premium truck for efficient transport under harsh conditions

If it's an efficient tool for local and long-haul road transport that's needed, MAN offers two- and three-axle semi-trailer tractors and chassis with gross vehicle weights of between 19 and 40 tonnes. The product range also includes a 41-tonne four-axle chassis with the load variants 44 and 50 tonnes. The available axle variants are:

  • 4x2 and 6x4 with leaf/leaf as well as leaf/air suspension
  • 6x2-2 leaf/air suspension with either single- or twin-tyred trailing axle
  • Four-axle vehicle as 8x4 with leaf suspension

For predominantly on-road operation at normal height, these vehicles are fitted with hypoid axles with maintenance-free hub units and disc brakes. Four-bellows air suspension on the rear axle stands for the highest degree of driving comfort and greater driving safety and is easy on the goods being transported.

For off-road operation, MAN offers the TGS at weights ranging from 19 to 41 tonnes in medium-high and high-body design. This provides more ground clearance beneath the planetary hub axles. 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 8x8 configurations are available, all with leaf suspension and big tyres. The TGS 6x4 is similarly available with the 13-tonne four-bellows air suspension that is so well known in Europe.

Predestined for heavy-duty operation: the MAN TGS 6x6 40-tonner. With the combination of ZF torque converter clutch (WSK440) and ZF TC-Tronic®, gross train loads of up to 250 tonnes are possible. The equipment necessary for heavy-duty operation is optionally available. This semi-trailer tractor comes in left- and right-hand-drive versions compliant with the Euro III and IV standards and with engines delivering up to 540 hp.

The sum of myriad small details makes the TGS for export markets an exceptionally reliable and economical tool: robust radiator protection with stoneguard, protective grilles on headlights and rear lights, 16-tonne rear axle, air intakes directed upwards with Cyclon filter, radiator suitable for the tropics or arctic equipment for temperatures down to

-50°C, stone guards for the fuel tank or 24-inch tyres ensure a vehicle optimally configured to meet the most varied of challenges.

Driven by the economical MAN in-line engines of the D20 and D26 series, outputs of 360 hp to 480 hp are available. Depending on registration regulations, the engines comply with the Euro II, III or IV exhaust-gas emission standards. All the engines in the MAN TGS series for export markets are engineered for operation in hot climatic zones. The critical element here is the big radiator located behind the vehicle front. The TGS can even be driven in regions where the lowest temperatures hit -50°C.

The engines are coupled with precise, comfortably shifting transmissions. The 16-speed transmission consists of a splitter group and a range group. Group switches on the gearshift knob fit snugly in the hand and their different shapes prevent confusion. A high level of shifting comfort for bigger payloads, lower fuel consumption and longer clutch life is offered by the automated 12-speed MAN TipMatic® transmission. For vehicles that are to be operated mainly off-road, the MAN TipMatic® is also available with off-road mode, which is distinguished by a gear-change strategy tailored for maximum traction and faster shift times.

Because road-safety issues are continually becoming more important in countries outside Europe, MAN's well-known driver assistance and safety systems such as the lane guard system (LGS) and adaptive cruise control (ACC) are also available for the TGS. Vehicles with 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and 8x4 axle configurations can also be fitted with the electronic stability program ESP. The high-strength safety cell meets the stringent crash-test requirements of Directive ECE-R29. Moreover, the TGS is also fitted with a seat-belt warning system as standard.

EfficientLine package improves efficiency of MAN TGS for export markets

Efficiency in transport is becoming an ever more important issue, even in the markets outside of Europe where the significant rises in diesel prices have also been affecting the emerging markets. For this reason, MAN is also offering the proven EfficientLine package for semi-trailer tractors with 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 axle configurations in the TGS for export markets. This package reduces fuel consumption and thus CO2 emission, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). MAN TGS tractors are fitted with equipment that improves efficiency and has a positive effect on fuel consumption:

  • The MAN TipMatic® Fleet 12-speed transmission system including Eco intarder selects the optimal gear-change strategy for reducing consumption.
  • MAN daytime driving lights only require about a quarter of the power of a halogen dipped beam.
  • The new 120-A alternator is more energy efficient and contributes to fuel reduction with the extra benefit of longer service life.
  • The AeroPackage and chassis side trim greatly reduce drag. Adjusting the spoiler correctly and doing away with the sun visor are additional means of saving fuel.
  • The aerodynamic optimisation of the cab improves airflow and minimises drag.
  • Setting the speed-limiter to 85 km/h reduces driving resistance.
  • Compressed-air tank, fuel tank and wheel rims of aluminium plus dispensing with the spare wheel all decrease the vehicle weight and increase the payload.
  • The material composition and structure of the energy-saver tyres reduce deformation and thus the rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

The EfficientLine package for the MAN TGS for export markets consolidates all tested, consumption-reducing equipment and decreases the fuel consumption of a 440-hp 6x4 semi-trailer tractor by as much as 2.5 litres per 100 kilometres.

Customers save money by purchasing the safety package with electronic stability program ESP and the MAN driver assistant systems LGS (lane guard system) and ACC (adaptive cruise control). These systems effectively help to prevent accidents and thus maximise transport safety and reliability.