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MAN Rental and EURO-Leasing aim at market leadership in Europe with their mobility concepts

MAN Rental and EURO-Leasing aim at market leadership in Europe with their mobility concepts

With the takeover of EURO-Leasing GmbH on April 1, MAN Truck & Bus AG has further improved its position in the domestic and international commercial-vehicles rental business. EURO-Leasing continues on a course of expansion as a brand in its own right. According to CEO Ralf Faust, the company is refining its mobility concepts with the addition of new, up-to-date service modules such as telematics and return concepts (Fixed Damage Rate). MAN Rental, the premium provider belonging to EURO-Leasing, is also planning to increase the size of its fleet to around 4,000 semi-trailer tractors by 2012.

MAN Rental currently rents out the newest generations of tractors, solo trucks and complete road trains in Germany, Denmark and Poland. The MAN Rental brand will also used in those countries where MAN establishes or expands a rental business in future with its own Sales Division. MAN Rental will be launched in Great Britain and Sweden in the course of this year.

As Reinhard Pöllmann, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH, explains, MAN Rental "fills a gap in our existing value-added chain. Whether it's to be purchase, financing, leasing, short- or long-term rental depends solely on the requirements of the individual customer. As a full-range supplier we now cover every area of demand. This means that the customer has a central contact person at MAN."

Pöllmann continued: "Someone who purchases, finances or leases can decide on his own service structures and normally also bears the reselling risk himself. Someone renting a vehicle from us is free of that risk and reduces his own fleet management effort, but is at the same time integrated into the existing service structures."

Flexible partner for fleets: MAN Rental

An important requirement for transport companies is being able to react quickly to changing capacities. Regardless of whether this is due to an order, seasonal business or the unexpected failure of a vehicle: rental vehicles from MAN Rental enable the size of the fleet to be quickly and flexibly adapted to the order situation - especially with the aid of short-term rental.

Ralf Faust: "Efficiency, economy and competitiveness are decisive for the success with which our customers operate their fleets. As truck manufacturers we provide them with support in the form of offers from MAN Rental and EURO-Leasing because nowadays, the only way to achieve flexible mobility structures is by rental."

MAN Rental does not rent out only long-haul trucks. Its range of products also includes MAN distribution vehicles from the TGL series equipped with telematics and box or tarpaulin bodies. These 7.49- and 12-tonne vehicles are available throughout Germany for short-, medium- and long-tem rental. In cooperation with BFS Business Fleet Services the portfolio also covers special units such as construction, municipal and waste-management vehicles, for example.

Together with its partners, MAN Rental boasts a widespread service network with over 7,500 workshops located along the most important traffic routes in western and eastern Europe. Rental customers are notified of maintenance appointments in good time and can have both maintenance work and statutory inspections done by voucher at the service stations.

Vehicles from MAN Rental have state-of-the-art emission and engine technology and thus save on fuel and tolls. All MAN rental vehicles are fitted as standard with MAN TeleMatics – that is built-in efficiency. Rentals are combined with a comprehensive 24-hour mobility guarantee. This goes easy on the transport operator's cash flow because it minimises expensive down times. Renting takes the strain off liquidity because rental vehicles do not go onto a company's balance sheet as financed assets and are immediately available. Long-term rental customers can even have trucks with their own firm's Corporate Identity.

The right vehicle for the sector

The widely differing requirements show how differentiated the optimal solutions have to be, from sector to sector, from big long-haul fleets to distribution transport to specialist vehicles for local authorities or owner-drivers.

The challenges in domestic and international long-haul transport result from the increasing pressure of competition in the sector, especially given the competitors from the extended European Union, now encompassing 27 countries. Then too, changes to the statutory regulations affecting driving and rest times, hours of work, the introduction of the digital tachograph and the raising of toll charge also lead to new challenges. As a consequence, transport companies want to convert their vehicles or replace them with more efficient, toll-saving ones in order to stay competitive. To master these challenges they need up-to-date vehicles - from the tractor to the semi-trailer and the trailer. The comprehensive range offered by MAN Rental and EURO-Leasing has the right solution.

The driving factors in urban distribution transport are the ever more widespread and rapid introduction of environmental zones and the associated bans on driving. In general, customers and consumers are increasingly demanding transport that conserves resources. This leads to an inevitable trend towards vehicles that comply with the highest emission standards. Growing demands in terms of route and vehicle planning increase the use of telematics systems. Rental vehicles from MAN Rental, all of which are equipped with MAN TeleMatics, are also an option here.

Seasonal sectors such as the construction industry have to deal with seasonal variations in the utilisation of capacity. They need the right means of transport at the right time so that they are able to do business all year round as well as cope ad hoc with peak demand. Faust: "Primarily our short term rental from MAN Rental and EURO-Leasing helps these specialists to keep their transport running reliably with an adjusted fleet."

Background information

MAN Rental is operated by EURO-Leasing GmbH, headquartered in Sittensen, and also offers short-term rentals starting from one day. The first short-term rental center was opened at the beginning of August 2009 in the MAN Truck & Bus Center, Munich Since then, further centers have been opened in Germany and short-term rentals are now offered at over 50 sites.

EURO-Leasing currently operates over 3,000 tractor units and 8,000 trailers, semi-trailers and specialist vehicles. The company, which is one of Germany's leading full-service partners for fleet management, has been wholly-owned by MAN Truck & Bus AG since April 1, 2011.