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MAN Nutzfahrzeuge integrates the Bus Division

From February 1st the Bus Division will be fully integrated in the organisation of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge / Synergies with the Truck Division are to be exploited more rapidly

Since the measures to restructure the Bus Division were successfully initiated according to plan last year, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is now taking a further step. The Bus Division will now be integrated in the organisational structure of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge. In this way the synergies which are aimed at with the Truck Division are to be exploited more rapidly. “With the operative improvements carried out to date and the agreement for the Salzgitter location we have taken the right important steps. We are now focussing on the use of synergies and process improvements by means of complete integration in the organisation of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge“, declared Joachim Dürr, Managing Director of the bus subsidiary of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge to date.

“With the measures taken so far Joachim Dürr has created a good foundation for lasting improvement in the Bus Division. For this he and the entire Management Team have earned my very special thanks“, said the Chairman of the Executive Board of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Anton Weinmann. When the Executive Board of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge takes over the management of the Bus Division from February 1st it will be possible to implement the integration more rapidly and consistently. “In this way we are confident that we can achieve the results we have targeted in the Bus Division too“, continued Mr Weinmann.

In future Joachim Dürr will be the Senior Vice President for Corporate Development in the MAN Group, where he will above all be promoting the strategic development of procurement and IT.

Detlef Romberg will still be responsible for Bus Sales and with the familiar team is still at the service of customers.