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MAN Nutzfahrzeuge gets major order from Saudi Arabia

Almarai, the world's biggest dairy concern, orders 168 TGA-WW series trucks from MAN.

The Saudi Arabian dairy concern Almarai has ordered 168 MAN TGA-WW trucks. Of these, 141 are two-axle TGA 19.440 semitrailer tractors with L-cabs and D26 engines. The trucks will be delivered in February 2009. The other 27 trucks that make up this order are two-axle TGA 18.480 semitrailer tractors. The customer has already been operating these since October 2008. The MAN trucks of the TGA-WW series are specially designed to meet the requirements of the Middle East regions and are thus optimally suited for the climatic conditions in the extreme heat and sand of the desert.

Almarai operates the vehicles around the clock to deliver heat-sensitive perishable goods to the entire Gulf region as well as Jordan and Egypt. The reliability and efficiency of the vehicles have highest priority for the customer. The company is one of MAN's biggest customers in the Arabian Peninsula and currently has a fleet of over 360 MAN vehicles. In fiscal 2007, Almarai recorded sales of almost eight billion euros in its four fields of business: fresh dairy, long-life dairy, fruit juice, and cheese & butter, making it the biggest dairy concern in the world.