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MAN Nutzfahrzeuge awarded two major orders totalling 131 city buses

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge has been awarded two major orders totalling 131 city buses. The modern MAN Lion's City low-floor buses will be going into operation on the streets of Warsaw (Poland) and Halmstad (Sweden).

The order from Warsaw's public transport authority is for 70 MAN city buses to be delivered by the end of the year. Warsaw is acquiring 18-metre long low-floor articulated buses in the eco-friendly EEV version. The buses are designed for ease of use by the physically challenged and are also equipped with high-performance air-conditioning systems as well as automatic counting systems for passengers getting on and off.

The order from Arriva, a private transport company, is for a total of 61 MAN Lion's City buses. Thirty of them will be delivered with especially eco-friendly natural-gas engines. The buses will be going into operation in the Swedish city of Halmstad, where Arriva has taken over responsibility for the local public transport system.

According to Arriva, the decision to acquire MAN buses was made because of their excellent economy and eco-friendliness, good service, and MAN's outstanding competence in the field of bus engines.

Arriva is Europe's second-largest private transport company, operating a fleet of 16,000 buses.