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MAN Nutzfahrzeuge at the INTERSCHUTZ fair

Commercial vehicles from MAN assist fire brigades and rescue services in the reliable performance of their duties.

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is presenting its current Trucknology Generation® range of trucks at INTERSCHUTZ 2010 from June 7 through 12 in Leipzig. With its TGL, TGM and TGS ranges as well as the TGX, MAN offers a broad spectrum of vehicles in weight classes from 7.5 to 44 tonnes for the many and varied aspects of operation facing fire brigades and rescue services. MAN chassis set the standards in the field when it comes to reliability, safety, body-mounting compatibility and drive comfort.

At the MAN stand, the TGL and TGM ranges with their striking, unified look will be shown for the first time. For crews of different numbers - up to ten - MAN produces the right cabs ex works or in the company's own MAN Truck Modification Center. Further MAN vehicles, including some from the TGS range starting at 18 tonnes gross vehicle weight, will be presented by various body builders at the showgrounds. At the center of the presentation is the MAN TGM range, which is the basis for most of the emergency-service vehicles in the 12 to 18-tonne class. This applies not only to those fire-fighting vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles with tanks, aerial ladders or equipment vehicles that meet EU and German DIN standards, but also to vehicles that fulfil the requirements of fire brigades and relief organisations the world over. The engines powering the TGL and TGM ranges do not require any additives to clean their exhaust gases. This results in higher payloads and more space on the frame for assemblies or steps on the side leading up to the crew cab and the spaces for accommodating equipment; both aspects of great importance for the design of the bodies. More examples of MAN's sector-oriented products are the tried and tested TipMatic® automatic transmission and the innovative MAN HydroDrive® technology available for the TGS and TGX ranges. The selectable hydraulic front-wheel drive provides the greater traction needed for driving on snowy roads or on unpaved surfaces. For fire fighting at airports, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge offers three- and four-axle chassis in the mountain-off-road SX range. This range is distinguished by a torsion-resistant frame, coil suspension and powerful engines delivering up to 1,000 hp.

"Fire brigades and emergency services have to provide assistance without restrictions, around the clock and under extremely difficult conditions. For decades, MAN has been synonymous with rugged, reliable emergency vehicles that make things a little easier for the teams doing the often dangerous job of providing that assistance. This entails not only vehicles that are straightforward to operate, but also a comprehensive portfolio of services keeping those vehicles permanently ready for operation," explains Dr Frank Hiller, Director of Marketing, Sales & Services at MAN Nutzfahrzeuge. "We cordially invite visitors to INTERSCHUTZ 2010 from Germany and abroad to come to our MAN stand in Hall 4 and get an idea of what the innovative power of our engineers has produced for the sector. I am looking forward to INTERSCHUTZ 2010 with confidence, because MAN vehicles have shown on many continents that they are able to do an outstanding job in helping people, and they will continue to do so in future."

The TGM range from MAN is much loved by fire brigades. The MAN TGM in the weight class from 12 to 18 tonnes is the ideal all-wheel drive emergency-service vehicle.