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MAN Nutzfahrzeuge at the Busworld Kortrijk 2009

All vehicles with the highly efficient MAN PURE DIESEL® engines in the EEV version -- NEOPLAN Individual equipment in Starliner L and Cityliner C -- New dashboard for Starliner and Cityliner -- New BusTopService ready to start -- Interactive Internet-based coach configurator for customers

At the European bus industry's premier fair, the Busworld in Kortrijk (October 16 - 21, 2009), MAN Nutzfahrzeuge will be presenting a wide range of MAN and NEOPLAN coaches, city and intercity buses. In Hall 2, at Stand 204A and 204B , a 290-hp MAN Lion’s City LE Ü, a 360-hp MAN Lion’s Regio C and a 440-hp MAN Lion’s Coach L will be on display. The NEOPLAN brand will be fittingly represented by a Starliner L as well as a Cityliner C in the Individual version. In addition, a 480-hp Cityliner C Coach with MAN TipMatic will be on hand in Kortrijk for test drives.

EEV standard for all buses – only at MAN Nutzfahrzeuge

The spotlight is on the current bus engines, which conform to the EEV standard thanks to MAN PURE DIESEL® technology. The range extends from the vertical D08 common-rail engine of the 290-hp MAN Lion’s City LE to the 505-hp D26 CR, which right now is the most powerful coach engine and is exclusively available for the NEOPLAN Starliner. In all classes, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge has skipped the Euro 5 standard and moved directly to the voluntary, even more stringent EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) for its extremely efficient common-rail engines. These engines remain below the exhaust gas limits set in the Euro 5 standard, in force from October 2009, without requiring additional operating fluids. Innovative technologies have been employed in order to reach this challenging goal without compromising reliability and efficiency. These include exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), optimised once again compared to Euro 4, with a new kind of control by lambda probe, and low-temperature cooling of the charge air. With the aid of the third generation common-rail injection system, finely atomized fuel is pressed into the cylinder at a pressure of up to 1,800 bar. Thanks to innovative two-stage charging, raw particulate emissions have been reduced to such an extent that the D20 LOH and D26 LOH coach engines conform to the EEV standard when equipped only with the patented MAN PM-KAT®. This is entirely service-free, and exhibits an especially high deposition rate for very fine particulates, making it particularly suitable for use in buses with routes in densely populated areas. MAN's new bus engines meet the statutory requirements and the voluntary standards without the use of additives and thus without the typical disadvantages of SCR such as loss of space and reduced payload - and this with optimum consumption values, as various tests in leading trade magazines have demonstrated over the past few months.

NEOPLAN Starliner L and Cityliner C Individual with new dashboard

Starting with the Kortrijk fair, the NEOPLAN Individual range of fittings, which was presented as a concept at the IAA 2008, is now on sale. Customer reactions were extremely positive when this exclusive line of fittings was first shown. NEOPLAN is presenting two particularly exclusive models in this variant at the Busworld: a 505-hp Starliner L and a four-star version of the Cityliner C with 48 seats - a short, manoeuvrable, three-axle bus with 480-hp engine. Similarly to the Starliner, this top-of-the-range model is also equipped with the new automatic MAN TipMatic Coach gearbox, with 12 gears and exclusive manoeuvring and moving-off mode. Both vehicles have high-quality two-tone leather steering wheels, a stowage cabinet above the toilet, stainless steel uprights and exclusive applications on the dashboard as well as in other prominent positions in the vehicle. For the first time, leather or partly leather seats are being offered with the metal NEOPLAN logo stitched into them. The Starliner L with five-star fittings and exclusive three-in-a-row seating and a total of 32 seats also offers a complete, stainless-steel stand-up kitchen behind door 2 and an oak parquet floor.

Both of these luxury class vehicles conform to the highest possible standards of safety: they are equipped with radar-based ACC, a lane guard system, ESP, comfort drive suspension, cornering lights integrated in the main headlights, a fire-warning and extinguishing system as well as the comprehensive NEOPLAN SafetyCabin with its patented, highly strengthened side-wall links and reinforced forebody.

New in both coaches is the driver's workplace, which has been even further improved in terms of ergonomics, function and appearance. In this respect, important functional elements such as the digital tachograph (DTCO) and the air-conditioning controls have been re-positioned higher up in the driver's direct field of vision and radius of action. A premiere for coaches: the installation of the top-quality MAN TopLine Multimedia Center with multichrome 6.5-inch TFT monitor, which completely integrates radio, CD and navigation functions. This beautifully designed, fully-integrated piece of equipment is also situated high up on the dashboard.

The heart of the new driver's workplace is the new, 32-bit DualCore central onboard computer for the superstructure. The computer is now integrated into the MAN Service and MANCats II diagnostic system and also enables a dynamic maintenance-interval indicator. The response times of the new toggle and rocker switches on the dashboard with their integrated three-coloured status bars installed in consolidated blocks are shorter by a factor of ten. The switch groups are connected via an LIN data bus, the first installation of its type at MAN. A further advantage of the new computer architecture is the permanent assignment of status messages to the corresponding digital circuit diagrams, which can now easily be accessed in every MAN Service outlet.

The technical improvements are combined with a visual upgrade. New, circular instruments with high-quality chrome applications have been installed, making for exemplary ease of reading. The new MAN Highline instrumentation is fitted as standard in the driver's workplace, enabling besides a number of important status indicators the display of the current and the average consumption, a valuable contribution to "Transport efficiency powered by MAN". The monochrome indicator concept is firmly based on the principle "Less is more" and places great emphasis on being clear and unambiguous. At all times, only those indicators that are actually necessary are active, so that the driver is not distracted by a cluster of blinking lights.

The escort also derives advantages from the cockpit innovations: easily reachable from the escort's seat are new switches for activating the kitchen as well as for manually controlling the entrance heater. The ability to work with the engine switched off has been improved by means of enhanced undervoltage protection for the superstructure's electrical system.

New coach collection premieres in Internet configurator BusDesigner

For the first time, MAN and NEOPLAN coach customers can see the new collection of interior fittings for the model year 2010 on the Internet in the new BusDesigner, where they can select their fittings on their own or together with their sales consultant. The advantage of the new configurator is the photorealistic rendering of the selected designs and materials, which conveys a highly realistic impression of the interior when fitted out as desired. Individual configurations can be stored, printed or transmitted electronically to the MAN or NEOPLAN sales consultant for the order to be processed. It goes without saying that customers can call on the services not only of their sales consultants but also of trained experts from the MAN Forum in Munich and from the NEOPLAN Forum (opening at the beginning of 2010), each of which has a studio with the complete range of fittings. At the fair, customers will be able to try out the new BusDesigner configuration system under trained guidance.

New BusTopService sets standards

Even premium MAN and NEOPLAN buses must occasionally head for a Service outlet, whether for maintenance work or repair. Thanks to the new MAN BusTopService, which celebrates its official start at the Busworld Kortrijk, MAN and NEOPLAN customers can be sure that their buses will be back on the road in the shortest possible time, once again taking passengers safely to their destinations. The MAN BusTopService will initially be available from selected outlets in six countries - Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, France and Great Britain - and will be extended to cover other European countries in the next few years. The workshops will be expanded to premium Centers of Competence for all aspects of buses, where customers can have all service activities carried out fast and reliably. Of course, all the approximately 1,500 MAN workshops throughout Europe are able to work on bus drive trains. More than 500 of them can carry out major repairs on the common bus models. This portfolio will be expanded with immediate effect by the introduction of the new BusTopService, initially at 47 outlets, which will ensure the provision of comprehensive service for all MAN and NEOPLAN models. The nuclei of these outlets are their highly-qualified employees, who regularly add to their qualifications by going on special bus training courses. Every outlet has at least two bus specialists who have completed an additional two-year training course. Moreover, the workshops are equipped with complete sets of tools and state-of-the-art diagnostic systems, and they efficiently stockpile spare parts. The concept is rounded off by repair on a separate bus lane and a multi-faceted selection of services such as the provision of a collect and return service for driver and bus on request. The new BusTopService from MAN will lead to sustained progress in the optimisation of service quality in the existing network of workshops.