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MAN Nutzfahrzeuge at bauma 2010

Consistently efficient. The MAN program for increased transport efficiency in the construction sector.

With its current range of vehicles in the Trucknology Generation® and a comprehensive array of services, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is presenting consistently efficient transport solutions for the construction sector at bauma 2010. For the many and varied operations in main- and sub-construction work, MAN's TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series offer a broad spectrum of vehicles that set the standards in the market when it comes to reliability, economy, safety and driving comfort.

The new MAN TGS-WW, which was designed especially for the requirements of customers outside Europe, will be celebrating its world premiere at the 29th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment from April 19 through 25 in Munich. The MAN TGS-WW continues the success story of the TGA-WW, which has found large numbers of satisfied customers since its introduction in 2003, thanks to its ruggedness, its load-carrying capacity and above all, thanks to the way it copes uncomplainingly with poor roads and extreme climatic conditions. These talents are now combined with the even greater levels of comfort and safety provided by the new TGS-WW, enhancing the value of the vehicle still further and leaving hardly anything to be desired.

"For many years now, MAN has been synonymous with competence in construction site transport. With our reliable, rugged and economical construction vehicles and our comprehensive range of services we support our customers in providing efficient construction logistics," explains Dr Frank Hiller, Director of Marketing, Sales and Services at MAN Nutzfahrzeuge. "We cordially invite visitors to BAUMA 2010 from Germany and abroad to come to our MAN stand in Hall B4 and get an idea of what the innovative power of our engineers has produced for the industry. I am looking forward to BAUMA 2010 with confidence, because in many countries, the construction industry has shown itself to be a stabilising factor in the global financial and economic crisis, not least due to state investments, for example in infrastructure," Dr Hiller continued.

The MAN range of construction vehicles

High productivity and low transport costs are characteristic of the TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series in the Trucknology Generation® that MAN is presenting to the international public at bauma 2010. From light tippers to heavy-duty all-wheel tippers, swap-body vehicles, trucks for concrete mixers and pumps to semitrailer tractors and special chassis - MAN has the right transport solution for just about every type of operation in the construction industry.

The CLA series will also be on display at the MAN stand. This robust vehicle is a product of the joint venture in India, MAN FORCE TRUCKS Private Limited, and is aimed at the Asian and African markets.

MAN TGL – entry level in the Trucknology® Class
At bauma 2010 the MAN TGL can be seen in the unified look of the new Trucknology Generation®, a look which since the IAA 2008 has stood for the high quality of all truck series in the MAN range of products. Externally the TGL trucks come with improved aerodynamics and elegant lines. Internally the driver can look forward to high-grade seating and excellent ergonomic comfort. Under the bonnet you will find new, powerful four- and six-cylinder engines with EGR (exhaust-gas recirculation) and common-rail injection that develop between 110 kW (150 hp) and 184 kW (250 hp). Depending on market requirements, there are engines in every power class that meet the standards set by Euro 4, Euro 5 or EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle, currently the most stringent exhaust standard) – and this without using any additives such as, for example, AdBlue®.

MAN's "smallest" shows just how big it can be when it comes to choosing from the available wheelbases, chassis lengths, cabs and equipment packages that enable the TGL to be optimally adapted to the most varied types of operation. Amongst these are the MAN TipMatic® automatic transmission, which makes the TGL extremely economical and comfortable to drive, and the spacious crew cab, which offers space for as many as seven people. In particular, the TGL series scores with its high payload. And proving that there is no need to compromise on safety in the 7.5 to 12-tonne class, MAN has equipped the TGL with the latest electronic braking system. In addition, the electronic stability program ESP is one of a number of options available.

The result is that the MAN TGL is outstandingly suitable as a tipper or crane tipper, for example, for any number of uses in main- and sub-construction work. MAN also offers this truck ex works as a complete three-way tipper, ready for operation right away.

MAN TGM – the 1001 possibilities truck
Top class in the medium class - the segment from 12 to 18 tonnes - that's the MAN TGM, which was also upgraded prior to the IAA 2008. For special markets, the TGM is also available as a three-axle version with a gross weight of 26 tonnes. The TGM carries a big payload, is manoeuvrable and solid, just made for operation in the construction industry. The 13-tonne and 18-tonne TGM models with permanent or selectable all-wheel drive will convince you with their outstanding traction and off-road ability – MAN could hardly demonstrate its more than 70-year long experience with all-wheel drive trucks more impressively. The differential lock is electronically managed, while electronic transfer case management can be fitted as special equipment: incorrect operation that would lead to increased wear and tear is simply not possible. Four different cab concepts can be fitted to the TGM 4x4, and another option is the sturdy steel bumper for the tough operating conditions of the construction industry. Unique technology for a vehicle in this class, the air-sprung all-wheel drive rear axle is electronically controlled to maintain a constant ground clearance level, regardless of the load state.

The hill-climbing brake fitted on the TGM 4x4 is another example of efficiency technology that pays off in construction operation. It acts pneumatically on all four wheels, holding the truck reliably when stopping and moving off on hills and is controlled by the driver by means of a switch. As opposed to systems that use spring reservoirs to brake only the rear axle, the TGM equipped with the hill-climbing brake can't roll downwards on a slope.

Thanks to its powerful common-rail engines, which deliver between 184 kW (250 hp) and 250 kW (340 hp), the TGM is always economical in operation. And environmentally friendly: all TGM engines meet either the Euro 5 or the EEV exhaust-gas standard, without the use of AdBlue®.

MAN TGS – efficient construction logistics for every type of operation
Since its debut not even three years ago, the MAN TGS truck series has become a fixture on building sites in Germany and abroad. Whether as a solo vehicle, as a tractor for trailer operation or as a semi-trailer tractor – as an 18- to 41-tonner the winner of the "Truck of the Year 2008" title provides the answers to every case in the construction industry.

Powerful yet economical propulsion is provided by the modern MAN D20 and D26 engines with common-rail injection and outputs from 235 kW (320 hp) to 397 kW (540 hp), or by the D28 common-rail engine delivering 500 kW (680 hp) for the TGX. Depending on the market, the engines meet the Euro 4, Euro 5 or the even more stringent EEV exhaust-gas standard.

The domain of the MAN TGS is the construction site: not only is its range of narrow cabs perfect for these conditions, but the various axle and drive configurations available master almost every conceivable challenge that construction logistics has to offer. On vehicles with a 4x4, 6x6 and 8x6 configuration, selectable all-wheel drive for optimum traction is standard. Permanent all-wheel drive with pneumatically engaged inter-axle differential is an option on these vehicles, on the TGS 8x8 it comes as standard. Power distribution is handled by transfer cases with an on-road and off-road ratio. Planetary axles with greater ground clearance, drum brakes and stabilisers are also fitted in the all-wheel-drive vehicles.

The MAN TGS offers a wide variety of suspension possibilities from leaf/leaf (parabolic or trapezoidal) through leaf/air to full air. The air suspension with ECAS electronic control ensures that the driving level remains the same, regardless of the load situation. One of MAN’s specialities is construction air suspension on the rear planetary axles – available for construction vehicles with medium-high build and all-wheel- drive height. Designed for a load capacity of 13 tonnes per axle – outstanding for an air-sprung axle unit – this is ideal for operation on the construction site and in difficult terrain. It goes without saying that a large number of construction-specific attachments for the TGS are available, all of them increasing efficiency in harsh daily operation: they range from the MAN TipMatic® Offroad whose shift strategy and faster shift times were especially designed for construction-site operation to the robust three-part steel bumper with its centre towing eye to foldable or rigid underride protection and the comfortable step unit with a long support rail on the roof.

Yet another of MAN's innovations for more transport efficiency in the construction industry is the steering brake, which allows even the tightest of corners to be successfully negotiated, often at the first attempt. With the steering brake function activated, the rear wheels on the inside of the bend are braked, depending on how far the steering wheel is turned. This considerably decreases the turning circle, which in turn decreases the time needed to manoeuvre around cramped sites and on slippery surfaces to a minimum. The steering brake, which is available for the 6x4 vehicles with tandem axles, is activated by the driver with the press of a button and functions at speeds up to 30 km/h.

MAN PriTarder® – braking with water, safely and efficiently

With the innovative MAN PriTarder® the TGS is equipped with a highly efficient primary braking system that is unique of its kind. The sustained-action brake system is connected directly to the engine and operates on the crankshaft. The combination of EVBec engine brake and water retarder results in the enormous braking power of up to 600 kW already being produced at low driving speeds. This means that it is on the construction site that the MAN PriTarder® really shows its benefits. This completely maintenance-free system increases the payload by as much as 64 kilograms relative to the Intarder and doubles the life of service-brake linings. The MAN PriTarder® is integrated into the MAN BrakeMatic® electronic sustained-action brake management system and is easy to operate via a switch on the steering column. On all-wheel and HydroDrive® vehicles in particular, optimal use can be made of MAN PriTarder® braking force because it acts on all driven wheels – an advantage especially on slippery surfaces.

MAN HydroDrive® – the exclusive solution for increased traction

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge was the first and is currently still the only truck manufacturer in the world to offer an intelligent supplement to classic all-wheel drive: the MAN HydroDrive® for more traction and safety when driving into or out of unpaved construction sites, on slopes and slippery roads. The selectable hydraulic front-wheel drive gives you the driving power to operate safely in these situations, forwards and in reverse. When you're driving downhill with the HydroDrive® engaged, the sustained-action brake also acts on the front axle to stabilize the vehicle. The MAN HydroDrive® can engaged by merely turning a rotary switch, both while driving and under load – the driver can thus master gradients safely without having to stop. The MAN HydroDrive® weighs only slightly more than a conventional rear-wheel drive but hundred of kilograms less than a classic all-wheel drive. Fuel consumption is no higher than for a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The design height remains unchanged, which means: easy access, low overall height, low centre of gravity and thus optimum driving stability. Similarly, the turning circle of MAN HydroDrive® vehicles is the same as for their rear-wheel drive counterparts.

The MAN HydroDrive® example demonstrates clearly that for MAN, transport efficiency is not just a slogan. Examples for construction vehicles with MAN HydroDrive® are the 4x4H as a tipping semitrailer with powerful traction, in normal height, or as a tractor for a concrete-mixer semitrailer. MAN is renowned for its extremely low unladen weight. As roll-off and set-down skip loader, the MAN TGS with MAN HydroDrive® in conjunction with a steered trailing axle really makes its mark in terms of manoeuvrability, weight and traction. Several thousand customers have already been convinced by the advantages of the MAN HydroDrive® since its market launch in 2005.

MAN TGS-WW – the new premium truck for the toughest of operations

At bauma 2010 MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is presenting the successor to the successful MAN TGA-WW (WorldWide): the new MAN TGS-WW offers proven Trucknology® technology and particularly rugged suspension and frame components, depending on the application. With a gross weight of up to 41 tonnes, the TGS-WW copes with the hardest operational conditions in countries outside Europe. With a choice of M, L or LX cab and a wide range of engines from 350 to 480 hp that meet Euro 2 and Euro 3 exhaust-gas standards, the TGS-WW covers the whole spectrum of transport tasks in target markets such as Russia, Africa, the Middle and Far East.

The TGS-WW comes onto the market in the new design, one that is distinguished by precision and dynamics. Thanks to its aerodynamic fine-tuning, the TGS-WW has a noticeably better air-resistance coefficient than its predecessor. This reduces fuel consumption and repays its operator in hard cash. Moreover, the tendency of the outside mirrors and side windows to soil has been considerably reduced: in countries with a high percentage of unpaved roads and tracks this is a particular advantage, resulting as it does in greater safety. The MAN engines in the TGS-WW also benefit from the aerodynamic improvements. A greater volume of air now flows through the openings of the newly designed plastic bumper to the radiator. This improves the engine's thermal efficiency, a good argument especially in countries with high average temperatures.

The TGS-WW sets standards in ergonomics and quality with the completely redesigned interior of its cab, where new materials create a high-class impression. Practical aspects of the interior architecture: there are plenty of trays, all the buttons and switches are easy to reach, and the clearly arranged instruments are always within the driver's field of vision.

And because demands with respect to safety are also continually becoming more important in countries outside Europe, the well-known driver assistant systems Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Guard System (LGS) are now available for the TGS-WW.

The MAN TGL range too is showing its striking family resemblance as part of the Trucknology Generation®. This tipper with rear crane is an MAN TGL 8.150.

Outstanding traction and off-road mobility are the convincing features of the MAN TGM range. Engines with ratings of 250 to 340 hp are available for it.

MAN's TGS range starts at 18 tonnes permissible gvw. Crane tippers with all-wheel drive are used in a variety of applications on construction sites and with public utilities.

If fitted with the innovative MAN HydroDrive® system on the front axle the MAN tipping semitrailer tractor has even better traction.

With or without a trailer the MAN TGS range will suit any application in the construction sector. This is a six-wheeler MAN TGS 26.440 with M cab.

With its high payload rating the eight-wheeler from the MAN TGS range scores good marks for concrete transport.

Site work is the domain of the MAN TGS with permissible gvws from 18 to 41 tonnes. Its engine ratings range from 320 to 540 hp.

The new MAN TGS-WW range is making its debut at the bauma 2010. It is tailored to the requirements of customers in markets outside Europe.

MAN's TGX range is ideal for coping with the logistics for construction materials over long distances. This one is a TGX 18.480 tractor with XLX cab.