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MAN Latin America: more than 100,000 buses produced in 19 years

MAN Latin America: more than 100,000 buses produced in 19 years

MAN Latin America has a long tradition in the bus market. Over the last 19 years, more than 100,000 bus chassis have been produced in Brazil and sold in over 30 countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. The products under the brand name "Volksbus" are manufactured in Resende, in the south of Rio de Janeiro state, where the plant boasts one of the most modern assembly lines for trucks and buses. In the plant's production concept, known as the “Consórcio Modular” (Modular Consortium), seven partner suppliers are directly involved in production on the assembly line itself.

MAN Latin America, currently No. 2 amongst manufacturers on the Brazilian bus market, entered the segment in 1993 with the Volksbus 16.180 CO, a front-engine city-bus chassis. To accompany this model, the company offered a new type of an exclusive after-sales service at the customers’ own workshops. Today, a full range of models is offered, from micro buses to long-distance coaches. Four models are powered by MAN D08 engines, which meet the Brazilian P-7 exhaust-gas standard (comparable to Euro V).

Among MAN Latin America's most impressive sales, a remarkable achievement was the contract concluded with the Brazilian government for the production of 7,000 buses. Over the past five years, these vehicles have been employed in conveying school children nationwide to public schools. In summer 2012, the order was increased and now totals 12,000 vehicles. In 2011, the company set a record for new registrations in Brazil with 11,139 bus chassis (compared with 7,523 units in 2010). Customised solutions are also offered, like an articulated chassis for city buses and off-road buses for unpaved routes such as those in the Amazon region.

Volksbus 9.160

The Volksbus 9.160 is aimed at the minibus market. It is perfect both for regular service in cities and for intercity operation, with convincingly low operat-ing costs. MAN Latin America offers the chassis with two different wheelbases, suitable for bus bodies of up to nine metres in length.

Volksbus 17.230

This chassis is the Volksbus bestseller in the Brazilian market and was specially developed for local public and intercity transport. Equipped with a relia-ble MAN D08 four-cylinder 225-hp engine with low engine speeds, it is distinguished by low maintenance and operating costs. The chassis is suitable for bus bodies of up to twelve metres in length.

Volksbus 17.280 OT with dual-fuel technology

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012, MAN Latin America is presenting the Volksbus 17.280 OT with dual-fuel technology. The heart of this vehicle is an electronic system that enables the simultaneous control of both natural-gas and diesel injection. This bus is a particularly environmentally friendly solution for local public transport because the emission of CO2 is significantly reduced, especially when biogas is used. Thanks to the dual-fuel principle, the vehicle can be run on diesel alone, which means that it is not restricted to operating in areas with a gas supply.

Development of the Volksbus 17.280 OT with dual-fuel technology is part of the Rio Sustainable Transport Program. Its objective is to ensure more efficient and sustainable passenger transport for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the surrounding region. MAN Latin America deployed similar vehicles for use as shuttle buses at the international Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 in June 2012.