MAN Latin America to supply 4,000 school buses

Brazilian government counts on Volksbus throughout the country

MAN Latin America has won a tender by the Brazilian federal government to supply 4,000 school buses. The aim of the “School Run” program is to further expand the public transportation system for transporting schoolchildren in Brazil’s cities and rural areas. MAN Latin America has already delivered around 1,600 buses to cities and towns since June of last year. A further 4,000 Volksbus buses are to be delivered to communities throughout the entire country by the end of 2011. This is the largest delivery that the Company has ever seen. The bus chassis are manufactured at MAN’s Brazilian plant in Resende while partners Marcopolo and Caio Induscar are commissioned by MAN to produce the vehicle bodies.

The vehicle specifications have been made the new compulsory standards for buses in rural school transportation throughout the whole of Brazil. This standardization at a high quality level was the express aim of the government program. The Volksbus model is ideal for this since it was developed for demanding terrain and poor country roads. The new, reliable school buses will significantly improve comfort and safety for schoolchildren.

“The Volksbus is in great demand throughout the whole of Brazil. Both its robustness under extreme driving conditions and the extensive service network set it apart from the rest,” said Roberto Cortes, president of MAN Latin America.

The National Fund for Education Development (FNDE in Portuguese) launched the “School Run” program to radically modernize the school bus fleet in Brazil as well as guarantee safety and high-quality transportation for schoolchildren while improving school attendance for all schoolchildren in rural areas by means of a daily bus service. The program is also aimed at standardizing the school buses used, cutting fares and increasing transparency in the purchase of buses.