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MAN Latin America presents innovative transport solutions at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012

MAN Latin America presents innovative transport solutions at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012

  • VW Constellation 24.280 ADVANTECH with hybrid technology
  • MAN D08 engines for powerful propulsion of VW Constellation ADVANTECH range
  • MAN TGX "Made in Brazil" conquers the South American market

MAN Latin America is presenting particularly environmentally friendly transport solutions for the South American market at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012 in Hanover. With this step, the company takes over a leading role on the South American continent in the deployment of sustainable technologies for reducing CO2 emission. Moreover, with the introduction of the TGX range of trucks in Brazil a locally produced truck of the MAN brand is now for the first time being sold in Central and South America. Further synergies between the European and South American commercial vehicles business are also advantageous for the engine: most of the models in the VW Constellation ADVANTECH range are now powered by MAN D08 units.

MAN engine competence in the VW Constellation ADVANTECH range

Powerful yet economical MAN D08 engines are now also being installed in most of the models in the VW Constellation ADVANTECH range. Developed at the MAN site in Nuremberg and now for the first time being produced in Brazil, this engine has been adapted to fulfil the requirements of growing local markets. It meets the P-7 exhaust-gas standard (comparable with Euro V), which has been in force there since January 2012. MAN PURE DIESEL® technology ensures low emission levels. This technology is based on continuously controlled exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) with low-temperature charge-air cooling and does not require any ARLA (Agente Reductor Liquido Automotivo) 32, an additive comparable with the urea solution AdBlue®. This saves weight and installation space, with low fuel consumption being a distinguishing feature. Even at low engine speeds, the MAN D08 engine outputs its usual power. On top of that, it also runs pleasantly smoothly and permits long service intervals.

The interior and exterior of the ADVANTECH range have also been upgraded. The modern instrument panel is equipped with an on-board computer that displays important information about the vehicle in a clear and well-structured form. Gear indicator, rev counter, starter lockout and an indicator in the event of the fuel filter becoming clogged make the routine operation of the vehicle that much easier. New colours are available for customising the vehicle's paintwork. The cockpit's new colour scheme combined with more hard-wearing materials fulfils the highest demands in terms of comfort. Various changes to the exterior design of the VW Constellation driver's cabs plus new electronic components decrease fuel consumption while increasing driving safety.

Particular attention has been paid to safety. Vehicles with compressed-air brakes are fitted as standard with a coalescence filter, which makes the dehumidification of the air even more efficient. The service lives of the brake components are longer and the service costs lower.

VW Constellation 24.280 ADVANTECH now also with hybrid technology

Brazil's best-selling truck, the VW Constellation 24.280 ADVANTECH, is now also being offered with hydraulic hybrid drive. This outstandingly energy-efficient vehicle transforms the kinetic energy released during braking into hydraulic energy by pumping hydraulic fluid into a hydraulic accumulator. This is used to assist the drive when the vehicle moves off again. The truck is thus especially suitable for municipal applications on the South American continent with large proportions of stop-and-go operation. As a sustainable and economical system, the hydraulic hybrid drive reduces fuel consumption and improves acceleration.

VW Constellation 26.390 ADVANTECH – an economical powerhouse

The VW Constellation 26.390 ADVANTECH is the most powerful model in the range and offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Driven by a 390-hp six-cylinder Cummins ISL engine, this vehicle also meets the P-7 exhaust-gas standard. The injector system with its operating pressure of 1,600 bar results in more precise control of multiple injections during the combustion process. The engine has integrated emission management with SCR technology for treating exhaust gas with ARLA 32.

MAN trucks "Made in Brazil"

MAN continues on its course of expansion with the introduction of the TGX heavy truck range on the Latin American market. The three MAN TGX models on offer have a power output of 440 hp and are produced locally in Brazil, being optimised for the specific challenges of operation in developing countries. Six million kilometres of testing in Brazil and 200 adjustments to the product have been put into fulfilling the requirements of customers in the growth markets of Central and South America. Forty million euros have been invested in local development, which includes the construction of a training center and a spare-parts warehouse. The Brazilian development center is located on the premises of the factory in Resende, where in addition an MAN assembly line has also been set up in cooperation with engineers from Europe. Annual production capacity is around 5,000 TGX vehicles. All MAN vehicles comply with the P-7 exhaust-gas standard that recently came into effect. With the premium TGX range, MAN Latin America has expanded its portfolio to cover the segment of ultra-heavy trucks and thereby reinforced its position as market leader in Brazil, a position it has held unchallenged since 2003.

Ideal for medium- and long-haul trips - the MAN TGX 28.440 6x2. This semitrailer tractor with a maximum gross train weight of up to 70 tonnes can be operated with three-axle semitrailers. The MAN TGX 29.440 6x4 has a maximum gross train weight of up to 80 tonnes. In conjunction with hypoid rear axles, this powerful vehicle is predestined for extra-long combinations consisting of a tractor plus several trailers and/or semitrailers. The MAN TGX 33.440 6x4 with planetary-hub reduction rear axles is similarly suitable for long road-train combinations and has a maximum gross train weight of 80 tonnes.

400 million euros invested in sites and new products

At its Resende plant, in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, MAN Latin America with around 7,000 employees has production capacities for up to 82,000 truck and bus chassis per annum. MAN Latin America is investing the record sum of around EUR400 million in expanding the operative business. This is the biggest investment in the history of the company. The objectives are to meet the growing demand for high-quality commercial vehicles of the MAN and VW brands even better than before and to penetrate new niche markets. At the same time, some of the resources are going into expanding production capacity, developing a new generation of vehicles and new engines and into researching sustainable technologies.

The entire Resende site has been enlarged over the past few years. In addition, an area of more than 1,000,000 m2 in Barra Mansa has been set up for off-road tests. A new sales outlet and a logistics center are being constructed in Porto Real. The establishment of various suppliers in the vicinity of the Resende plant will simplify pre-assembly, logistics and part sales in the region in future.