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MAN Latin America market leader for the twelfth year running

VW Constellation 24.280 model remains best-selling truck

VW Constellation 24280

Brazilian automotive vehicle manufacturer association Anfavea has confirmed MAN Latin America as the market leader for trucks for the twelfth year in a row. The company closed 2014 with 36,157 licensed units.

Three of MAN Latin America’s truck models also appear in the list of top ten selling trucks in Brazil. With 7,673 licensed units, the VW Constellation 24.280 6x2 model defended the top spot. The vehicle is equipped with an engine effectively boasting 275 horsepower, features cost-saving EGR emission technology, and is suitable for short, medium, and long routes.

The light-duty VW Delivery 8.160 truck took second place with 5,742 units and the VW Delivery 10.160 came ninth. The company also scored well for buses, keeping second position with 6,480 licensed units.