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MAN Latin America announces the first MAN-branded truck orders in Brazil

MAN Latin America announces the first MAN-branded truck orders in Brazil

The first 100 MAN TGS and TGX trucks that will be assembled by MAN Latin America already have owners in Brazil. Julio Simoes, Arcom and Binotto, three of the biggest Brazilian transportation companies, have confirmed a purchase intention based on the technology and reliability of MAN products. The announcement was made today (Oct. 25) by Roberto Cortes, CEO of MAN Latin America, together with Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of MAN SE, in conjunction with the MAN brand launch at Fenatran’s Sao Paulo international transportation fair.

MAN-branded trucks feature higher horsepower engines that perfectly complement MAN Latin America’s existing truck range, consisting of Volkswagen Constellation, Delivery and Worker trucks. The first MAN-branded trucks sold in Brazil will be used in long-distance logistics. Although the product launch date is still to be confirmed, the enthusiasm of the biggest fleet owners is already news in the commercial vehicles market. “We are testing MAN-branded vehicles on Brazilian highways, and the initial results are moving traditional and respected customers in this segment to reserve the first trucks during the official brand launch here at Fenatran, the biggest Latin American transportation fair,” said Roberto Cortes.

During this week, customers, suppliers, dealers and the general public will see many new products at the MAN Latin America exhibition stand. To introduce the MAN brand to visitors from all over Latin America and give them a taste of the versatility and technology of MAN products, four models will be showcased: the TGS 26.480 6X4, the TGS 28.480 6X2, the TGX 33.540 6X4 and the TGX 41.480 8X4.

Håkan Samuelsson defines MAN Latin America as a “win-win combination”: a state-of-the-art production facility in Resende, a wide dealer and importer network in the region and great products for the customer – MAN and Volkswagen trucks and buses. “With the broader offering and product range, we we want to further grow in Latin America,” he added.

MAN-branded trucks ordered at Fenatran - customers’ profile

Julio Simões offers inbound and outbound logistics solutions, internal and supportive logistics through a unique company in an integrated way. New logistics solutions cover a wide range of industries such as: pulp and paper, steel, chemical, foodstuffs, health and cleaning, consumer goods, sugar and cane and the public sector.

With 44 years of experience, Arcom is a wholesale distributor which aims to fulfill the needs of retail customers present in 12 Brazilian states. Its structure includes a 300,000 m² distribution center in Uberlandia city, in the southeastern part of the country.

Binotto is one of the biggest Brazilian logistics operators with clients in the wood, packaging, home appliances and food segments. The company offers logistics solutions to major companies nationwide.