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MAN Highlights at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012

MAN Highlights at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012

  • New MAN TGS and TGX: the standard when it comes to reliability, efficiency and performance
  • New MAN TGL and TGM: convincing with new interior for enhanced comfort and ergonomics
  • Striking and self-assured: MAN sets the tone with a new product logo
  • Euro VI is coming. Efficiency is here to stay: MAN presents the cleanest trucks and buses ever.
  • Consistently efficient touring coach: the new MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine
  • Moving up to the premium class: the new NEOPLAN Jetliner
  • Mobility guaranteed: the new MAN ServiceCard
  • Concept S design study: now as complete trailer and semi-trailer with potential for big reductions in consumption and CO2 emission
  • MAN Metropolis: the innovative hybrid truck for the city, emission-free and super-silent

At this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover from September 20 through 27, MAN is presenting to international trade visitors a whole number of things innovative and new in trucks, buses and coaches, engines and services. Premiering at the world's biggest show in the commercial vehicles sector are the new trucks of the TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series readied for the upcoming Euro VI exhaust emissions standard. With a striking restyled front the new trucks of the TG family with their sophisticated MAN Euro VI technology hit the road producing practically no emissions and scoring with low fuel consumption, excellent dynamics, enhanced driving comfort and minimum cost of ownership.

Euro VI is coming. Efficiency is here to stay. The new MAN TGS and TGX

In its Euro VI trucks and buses MAN implements an efficient mix of demand-controlled exhaust gas recirculation and exhaust after-treatment with SCRT . The central components for Euro VI are, on the engine side, common-rail- injection, cooled and controlled exhaust-gas recirculation and two-stage turbocharging. These are followed by exhaust-gas aftertreatment by an SCR system with integrated oxidation catalytic converter plus CRT filter. Electronic sensors permanently monitor absorption capacity of the particulate filter to control regeneration.

What MAN engineers aimed for in development ready for Euro VI was the limitation of fuel consumption with unchanging performance, space-optimised packaging of the exhaust-cleaning components, and maintenance of the familiar payload advantages of MAN commercial vehicles together with maximum reliability and ease of servicing. The result is impressive. The economical figures for fuel consumption of the MAN TG trucks in Euro V/EEV, determined by independent trade magazines, are even bettered by their Euro VI follow-ups, with a substantial drop in AdBlue® consumption. The weight of the Euro VI system stays so low that the attractive payload benefits of TG trucks take an even bigger lead over the competition.

The successful MAN TGX EfficientLine remains a veritable champion fuel-saver in Euro VI. MAN was the first producer to market a truck of this kind, designed front to end for efficiency, and has been imitated many times since. The fuel saving of as much as three litres compared to a standard semi-trailer tractor is maintained for Euro VI. Now new on-board the TGX EfficientLine is a standard outfit with MAN TeleMatics®. The hardware comes ready installed, and the first 500 customers can test the software for free for four months to experience the advantages of this efficient fleet management.

In a class of their own – MAN TGL and TGM with new interior

A special highlight are the new MAN TGL and TGM with fully restyled cab interior. Brushed aluminium trims, surfaces of grained plastic and satin chromed door handles all contribute to the premium appearance of the TG family. The new instrument panel embodies functionality and ease of operation, uncluttered and with clear lines. The heating / air-conditioning panel has been fitted with new control elements and display. Similarly, the toggle switches also have a new design - discreet illumination makes for quick and correct identification of the switches' symbols in the dark. A variety of compartments offer ample stowage space. Two rubberised trays in the center console below the air vents offer adequate space for securely holding items that are often needed. Optionally, stowage space can be increased with the addition of drawers. The glasses compartment with pen holder beneath the radio can be closed by means of a flap. Optionally, the door module can be fitted with stowage trays beneath the armrests. Innovative, automatic air-conditioning makes sure drivers keep their cool when the going gets hot. Ventilation with optimized air flow and reduced outlet noise creates more effective climate control overall. Distribution of the air is also improved, with no annoyance caused by draughts.

Lion to the fore – MAN trucks and buses with new product logo

Simultaneously with the launch of the new TG family at IAA 2012, MAN Truck & Bus is modernising the visual identity of its product brand. Adepts and fans of the MAN brand will immediately recognize the remodelling of the product logo – after all the word/image presentation with the three letters "MAN" surmounting a lion has been established for decades now. The MAN product logo was continuously restyled in the past to accentuate social trends, innovations in technology or corporate developments. By redesigning its logo, MAN aims to reflect the dynamism of global developments and new international challenges for commercial vehicle producers, lending a pronounced visual identity to efficiency, customer service and enthusiasm for the product – the values the brand stands for.

The focus is the lion, the world-famous sign of tradition and a symbol of the strength of MAN Truck & Bus, here in a significantly modified revaluation. The image is removed from the frame to take up a new, prominent position above the wording. Together with this "elevation" to the upper chrome high-lighter, the silhouette of the lion becomes more dynamic. It radiates agility and strength as a valuable asset in the design of today's MAN vehicles. Integrated as a noble embossment in the upper chrome trim of the radiator grille it conveys emotionality, value, substance.

The corporate and brand name MAN also benefits from the new styling of the logo and the departure from the traditional word/image bond. Slightly enlarged and placed in the middle of the radiator grille, the letters MAN are even better visible – a brand word reflecting the self-assurance of the company and its people, the individual character of its products and services.

Double role in the premium segment – the new NEOPLAN Jetliner

A special highlight at the IAA this year is being presented by the NEOPLAN brand: the Jetliner is a new premium bus that can serve as both a city bus and a touring coach. The NEOPLAN Jetliner combines real coach comfort with big luggage-compartment volumes. It handles outstandingly and the materials offered as options for the passenger compartment are top class. This is what makes the Jetliner a real NEOPLAN! Its floor height of 1,070 millimetres is the basis of its use as "double earner". It allows maximum flexibility for the choice of seating, offers up to 8 m³ of storage volume, and has the perfect access height for use in regular-service operation. The high standards set for the vehicle's interior design are met by a large selection of high-quality fabrics for the seats and coverings. A comprehensive standard safety package guarantees outstanding driving safety round the clock.

The Jetliner brand looks proudly back at its nearly 40 years of tradition with NEOPLAN. The newly presented generation embodies the idea of a com-pact-sized combination bus featuring the Sharp Cut Design popular from the other NEOPLAN top models. All these features are embodied by the new Jetliner with its compact outer dimensions, its vehicle height of 3.4 metres, and its turning circle of 21 metres for the twelve-metre model. Old historical town centres with narrow winding roads and low gateway passages are barely an obstacle to the Jetliner. It is this extraordinary combination of features which gives the Jetliner its special status while offering the customer an out-standing degree of flexibility for the vehicle's use both in the travel and regular-service segments.

Best practice – the new MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine

MAN is continuing the successful concept of the TGX EfficientLine in the touring coach – premiering at IAA 2012 is the MAN Lion's Coach Efficient-Line. This coach offers its passengers the high level of comfort and maximum safety they are used to, but is even more sparing of valuable fuel than ever before. A perfect combination of efficient technology, driver training and selected services – that is the recipe for the success of the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine. The coach comes fitted with the most efficient drive train configuration: 440-hp D2676 engine, MAN TipMatic® Coach transmission and eco-hypoid driven axle. Also contributing to fuel saving is standard equipment that includes tyre-pressure monitoring and tyres with low rolling resistance on aluminium rims. The price of the vehicle includes instruction by MAN ProfiDrive® to teach drivers how to work their coach and save fuel. To cut cost of ownership there is also an extended warranty on the drive train, which comes as standard with the Lion's Coach EfficientLine.

Efficiency guaranteed – new in the MAN portfolio of services

Commercial vehicles from MAN are dependable companions in the transport business and master the most challenging of tasks on a daily basis – from international long-hauls to tough deployments at construction sites. As part of its integral transport solutions MAN offers a broad range of services, reliably supporting the customer after investment in a vehicle. At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012, MAN will be introducing the new MAN Service Card in Germany, with VW Leasing GmbH as the card issuer. The fuel and service card, with its many functions, not only ensures mobility but also enhances trans-parency in fleet management and increases fleet efficiency. It serves as a universal means of payment, for instance, to simplify daily vehicle operations. Plus, customers benefit from attractive terms to save money when refuelling. The settlement service, in combination with the new online controlling and reporting system "fleetTrucks" ensures complete cost transparency for the entire fleet.

MAN TeleMatics® is the efficient solution for fleet control, management and logistics and ensures economical vehicle deployment and transparent trans-portation processes for the new TG vehicles as well. A major feature of MAN TeleMatics® software, vehicle operations analysis or FEA, has been en-hanced: reporting is even more detailed, functionality is expanded to improve fleet management. Take-me-with-you telematics are available from MAN too, with a new TeleMatics® app for iPhone and iPad. This way it is possible to use essential functions even on mobile terminals.

The subject of reconditioned parts in the commercial vehicles industry is be-coming increasingly significant in the light of ageing fleets and ecological concerns. To meet the needs of this market, MAN is introducing its Genuine Parts ecoline at IAA 2012. Spare parts conditioned to MAN genuine parts standards go easier on the budgets of vehicle operators as well as on the environment and valuable resources.

Concept S - premiere of the aerodynamically optimised tractor and semi-trailer design study with the potential for big reductions in con-sumption and CO2 emission

MAN's design study "Concept S" was the focus of interest at the IAA 2010. Thanks to sophisticated aerodynamics, a 25-percent reduction in consumption and CO2 per tonne-kilometre is within the realm of the feasible - without having to accept any limitations in load capacity At the IAA 2012, MAN will for the first time be showing the combination in the form of an aerodynamically optimally harmonised tractor and semi-trailer. MAN's partner in the realisation of the study is the trailer manufacturer Krone with its AeroLiner.

The development of the aerodynamics took account of the airflow around the tractor and semi-trailer as a whole. This starts with the tractor's rounded front section, the reduced area of its mirrors and the streamlined, integrated tanks. The newly developed roof spoiler closes the gap between tractor and trailer. The trailer's full-size side finishers and tapered rear complete the optimal flow of air around the road train. As a result, the design study has a drag co-efficient (cw) of around 0.3, which is a value achieved by modern passenger limousines.

Super-silent and emission-free – the MAN Metropolis research vehicle

In the hybrid Metropolis research vehicle MAN is presenting an unusual truck at IAA 2012 that can handle heavy transport duties in the city without emissions and especially low-noise. Powered by regenerative current from the socket, the Metropolis can be driven without emitting any CO2 at all. Its ener-gy storage, a lithium-ion battery in modular construction, is located beneath the cab, guaranteeing maximum space for the body, optimal weight distribution and the highest safety levels. An efficient and low-noise passenger vehicle diesel engine from Volkswagen produces on-board power to demand and supports the ranging of the heavy truck. In order to study the practicality and the economic viability of the vehicle concept, the research vehicle will commence a two-year period of test operation in the Antwerp / Brussels region starting at the end of 2012.

New online tools for visitors to the fair

In its MAN IAA 2012 App, MAN is providing a versatile information tool free for downloading from the iTunes Store. The identical information can also be accessed by every smartphone at the mobile website

In addition to useful information about the trade fair, the MAN IAA 2012 App also offers detailed product information and an overview of the stand. The App can access current news directly from the fair. A QR code is attached to every exhibit, enabling App users to obtain supplementary information quickly and easily. The Innovation Forum has an integrated augmented-reality function, which makes it possible to insert a 3-D model of the Concept S into the picture taken by a camera.

The new website also provides comprehen-sive service with regard to the new MAN TG trucks. 3-D models of all series can be rotated on-line to show all the perspectives. During the market launch phase, a regular newsflash tells you all you need to know about the details.

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