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Life-long cost-effectiveness of vehicles – customised services from MAN

Life-long cost-effectiveness of vehicles – customised services from MAN

  • Wide-ranging MAN portfolio of services, tailored exactly to customer demand for reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • New MAN ServiceCard with attractive services available in Germany
  • MAN Genuine Parts ecoline - low-priced components in new-parts quality
  • MAN maintenance agreements – available throughout Europe
  • Efficient fleet management MAN TeleMatics® series in TGX EfficientLine with Euro VI

Commercial vehicles from MAN are dependable companions in the transport business and master the most challenging of tasks on a daily basis – from international long-hauls to tough deployments at construction sites. Vehicle breakdowns are all the more annoying because they cost time and money. Accidents, breakdowns and improper maintenance are often the reason why trucks and buses end up in a garage, rather than at their scheduled destination. As a supplier of complete transport solutions, MAN offers a broad portfolio of services and reliably supports customers even after they purchase their vehicle. Professional servicing by an authorised MAN Service outlet is essential to guarantee a long service life for the vehicle and minimise downtimes. If repairs or part replacements are nevertheless required, the use of tested MAN Genuine parts prevents unpleasant surprises.

Transparency and efficiency get you back on the road with the new MAN ServiceCard

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012, MAN will be introducing the new MAN Service Card in Germany, with VW Leasing GmbH as the card issuer. The fuel and service card, with its many functions, not only ensures mobility but also enhances transparency in fleet management and increases fleet efficiency.

As a universally acceptable means of payment it simplifies the day-to-day deployment of vehicles, makes the complex exchange of currencies a thing of the past, and enables the customer to obtain advantages in terms of interest and liquidity. The new card from MAN ensures that service is provided by an unbroken chain of about 54,000 DKV acceptance points in 42 European countries. The extensive DKV network of filling stations with more than 35,500 service stations suitable for commercial vehicles of all brands, gives cardholders a special degree of independence and flexibility. Plus, customers benefit from attractive terms to save money when refuelling. There are also interesting price benefits at the more economically priced B and C filling stations.

Alongside refuelling, the card can also be used to pay tolls and fees for motorways, tunnels and bridges. The VAT refund service is available to customers who often travel abroad.

The MAN ServiceCard also offers customers security against the uncertainties of day-to-day operations. In case of a breakdown, it guarantees quick repair services around the clock via Mobile24, the MAN breakdown service for trucks and buses, and consequently reduces downtimes. Within the MAN Service network in Europe, maintenance and repair services, including spare parts can be obtained quickly and easily on a cashless basis.

The settlement service, in combination with the new online controlling and reporting system "fleetTrucks" ensures complete cost transparency for the entire fleet. All technical vehicle data, as well as all transactions settled via the MAN ServiceCard, are processed automatically in “fleetTrucks”. All other contractual and processing movement data, such as data on refuellings at company-owned filling stations, can be additionally entered into the system. This intelligent reporting tool saves fleet managers valuable time on evalua-tions and analyses. At the same time, they have a better overview of their fleets and greater transparency, allowing them to specifically control and, if necessary, to reduce costs. If desired, highly informative standard reports are sent regularly by e-mail to customers who want to process the movement data stored on their MAN ServiceCard in their own fleet management systems.

The MAN ServiceCard raises the level of comfort and mobility in the day-to-day deployment of vehicles and assists fleet managers in operating their fleets by rigorous orientation towards customers’ needs. The MAN Service-Card helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase cost efficiency of the fleet with fair and need-oriented offers alongside outstanding service support.

Cost-effective and dependable spare parts – MAN Genuine Parts ecoline

The subject of reconditioned parts in the commercial vehicles industry is becoming increasingly significant in the light of ageing fleets and ecological concerns. In order to keep abreast of these market trends, MAN intends to introduce MAN Genuine Parts ecoline at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012. The offer will initially be available in Spain, Italy and France. MAN Genuine Parts ecoline are spare parts reconditioned by MAN or exclusive service pro-viders and/or component manufacturers in accordance with the standards applied to the original parts from MAN.

Customers can therefore count on tested and cost-efficient components equivalent in quality to brand-new parts. They additionally benefit from numerous other advantages: replacement of a part is often quicker than a repair job and as a result, vehicle downtimes are reduced. Reconditioned parts are not merely cheaper than new parts but moreover contribute to resources and energy conservation. Besides this, customers are granted the same guarantee on MAN Genuine Parts ecoline as on new parts, thereby benefiting from an enhanced residual value of the vehicle thanks to maintenance at current value. With tested MAN Genuine Parts, customers can still count on the customary high quality and reliability after parts replacement. MAN Genuine Parts ecoline can be conveniently obtained at MAN Truck & Bus Centers at no additional cost.

MAN maintenance agreements available throughout Europe

Proper maintenance and professional repair work enhance the safety of a vehicle and prolong its service life. The first point of contact in the event of servicing should therefore be an authorised MAN Service outlet; it is here that customers receive dependable service of the highest quality standards. Fleet operators are always on the safe side with the MAN maintenance and service contracts. They can concentrate on their core business, while MAN looks after the service. MAN's maintenance agreements Comfort, ComfortPlus, ComfortRepair and ComfortSuper are now available throughout Europe to ensure mobility in foreign countries too. Depending upon the type of agreement, regular maintenance, statutorily required tests and inspections or elimination of defects caused by operational wear can also be carried out abroad. In such cases, the regional MAN Service outlet takes care of all the customers' concerns with regard to their fleets.

Thanks to the pan-European expansion of the MAN maintenance agreements, customers now have greater security in financial planning and calculation even in foreign countries, and can benefit from lower maintenance costs and higher up-times. Downtimes are minimised and personnel and management costs reduced. In addition, fuel consumption is reduced by means of optimal vehicle tuning. The professional MAN Service also increases the resale value of every fleet because maintenance and repairs are always carried out by specialists.

MAN TeleMatics® is now standard in TGX EfficientLine with Euro VI

MAN TeleMatics® is the efficient solution for fleet control, fleet management and also logistics. MAN TeleMatics® provides dispatchers and drivers alike with greater planning security as well as detailed information on orders and tours. Fleet managers are better able to control the utilisation of their fleets, whilst simplifying administrative tasks at the office.

The Euro VI-compliant MAN TGX EfficientLine is equipped with MAN TeleMatics® as standard. The hardware is preinstalled. The first 500 customers can try out the telematics software free of charge for four months and convince themselves of the advantages of cost-effective fleet utilisation and more transparent transport processes.