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IAA world premiere: MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine

IAA world premiere: MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine

  • With the introduction of the EfficientLine concept for the Lion's Coach, MAN continues on its path of uncompromising pre-configuration of particularly fuel-saving models.
  • Road tests show significant savings in fuel consumption, comparable with the highly successful TGX EfficientLine truck. CO2 savings potential certified by independent institute.
  • Extended power train guarantee and driver training are further elements that consistently lower the total cost of ownership.

With the introduction of the EfficientLine concept for the Lion's Coach, MAN continues on its path of uncompromising pre-configuration of particularly fuel-saving models. Coaches have high annual mileages, typically around 100,000 kilometres - in shift operation on regular service considerably more. It is in this specific segment that fuel- and cost-saving measures have particularly big effects.

Decisive for coach operators is the total cost of ownership over the entire service life of the vehicle, including the cost of servicing and repair, tyres and above all, fuel. There are many factors influencing the cost balance of a coach and, closely related, its CO2 efficiency. They're often only small things that go unnoticed in daily operation, but their contribution to the operating costs adds up from month to month day to a considerable amount.

Package of efficiency measures for lower fuel costs

MAN has analysed all the decisive factors involved in particularly efficient driving. Not all the buttons and levers and their effects are that well known. This is why MAN is offering the pre-configured Lion's Coach EfficientLine: this is a model for which all the important factors have been considered and the equipment optimally selected. In its EfficientLine concept, MAN combines technologies, driver information, instruction and training as well as selected services. Together, they have the effect of consistently reducing the total cost of ownership. Experience shows that MAN's initiative as the first commercial vehicles manufacturer to configure vehicles that are particularly effective in saving fuel and total costs is right for the market. Around 10,000 EfficientLine trucks are in already operation for their customers all over Europe. There can be no better proof of the fuel-saving potential and great profitability of these vehicles.

The Lion's Coach EfficientLine

From the outside, the Lion's Coach EfficientLine can be recognised by the characteristic stickers near the driver and the graphic design on the sides of the vehicle. The stickers can be dispensed with if desired. All the colours available for the Lion's Coach are also available for the EfficientLine model. For its interior, all the seat variants, materials and colours of the Coach model family can be selected. The premiere of the Lion's Coach EfficientLine at the IAA 2012 is simultaneously its sales launch. The EEV version can be delivered with immediate effect, the Euro VI version will be available at the end of 2013.

Technologies: power train, weight optimisation, rolling resistance

The Lion's Coach EfficientLine always comes with a fixed power-train configuration optimised for saving fuel and comprising a D2676 engine, TipMatic® Coach gearbox and Eco hypoid drive axle. MAN offers the coach in three lengths: as Lion's Coach with a length of 12 metres and 49 seats, as Lion's Coach C with a length of 13.26 metres and 53 seats, and as Lion's Coach L with a length of 13.80 metres and 57 seats, all in three-star seating quality.

The specific development of the drive technology and a scope of equipment rigorously designed to save fuel demonstrate that today's long-haul coach transport has the potential to save a considerable amount. MAN has tested the effectiveness of the overall package in comparative test drives that saw coaches in typical operation on motorways and country roads. The basis for comparison by the efficiency experts is the most widespread configuration of the Lion's Coach with six-speed manual gearbox, rear-axle ratio of i=3.36 and 400-hp D20 engine. The figures produced by the test drives demonstrate a fuel-saving potential similar to that of the EfficientLine truck. These savings result solely from the optimised configuration of the Lion's Coach EfficientLine. The effect of additional driver training has not yet been taken into consideration.

The balance shows that with its consistent working out of efficient models, MAN is not only on the right road to greater sustainability but is also a trend setter. Similarly to the EfficientLine truck, whose market launch was accompanied by detailed data convincingly demonstrating its savings potential in daily routine and on challenging routes, the fuel-saving potential of the Lion's Coach will be certified at the IAA 2012 on the basis of test drives conducted by an independent institute.

MAN ProfiDrive®: efficiency and safe driving can be trained

The driver's qualification and behaviour significantly influence fuel consumption. For this reason, MAN's EfficientLine coach concept also includes the driver. Instructing drivers in the use of the efficiency technologies and training an economical driving style measurably decrease fuel consumption: the experience of the MAN ProfiDrive® instructors shows that professional drivers who have completed economy training courses acquire the lasting ability to drive in such a way that they save up to ten percent on fuel and in addition put far less strain on the vehicle and its load. Primarily, this is due to a forward-looking driving style and optimal utilisation of the efficient systems of the coach.

This is why a practically oriented driving course from MAN ProfiDrive® is included in the price of the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine package. The two-day training course commences with an introduction to the vehicle. The knowledge imparted here enables the correct utilisation of, for example, the MAN TipMatic® Coach and the options for manual intervention that can be used to advantage by the driver who anticipates. The second day of the course consists of practical training in economical driving. The course included in the package counts towards the certification of advanced training for professional drivers: the time spent in driver training at MAN is thus put to doubly efficient use!

Optimised power train

As a result of the consistent focus of the EfficientLine coach, the total costs of ownership per kilometre are very low. As the CO2 emission per passenger-kilometre, a value particularly relevant to the environment, also clearly shows: at around 12 grams per passenger-kilometre when full and 23 grams when half full, the coach is by a long chalk the means of transport with the lowest per capita CO2 value. The decisive last few percent more in terms of efficiency cannot be obtained just by improving individual components: they are the result of MAN's development competence when it comes to optimising the entire power train.

The Lion's Coach EfficientLine employs a fixed, optimally matched power train configuration. For propulsion, MAN equips the vehicles with the D2676 12.4-litre common-rail diesel engine, which delivers 324 kW (440 hp) and a torque of 2,100 Nm at 1,000 to 1,400 rpm. In combination with an especially fuel-saving Eco hypoid axle and low final-drive ratio (i=3.08), this unit ensures optimal response in all engine-speed ranges and propels the Lion's Coach EfficientLine with power at low revs. A 12-speed MAN TipMatic Coach® gearbox is similarly a permanent element of the EfficientLine configuration, so at the same time, the vehicle has an intarder. At a motorway speed of 100 km/h, this power train combination results in a decrease in engine speed of around 14 percent by comparison with the combination that has up to now been the most common one in the Lion's Coach (rear axle i=3.36, MAN 400-hp D2066 and manual six-speed gearbox). The lower engine speed contributes to the reduction in fuel consumption and also has a positive effect on the smooth running of the vehicle. The automated TipMatic Coach® gearbox also takes strain off the driver thanks to its automatic selection of the optimal gear, a selection that is based on an efficient gear-change strategy. In addition, the gearbox makes it possible for experienced drivers to save even more fuel with an anticipatory driving style and manual shifting interventions. And it increases safety: in challenging situations such as e.g. during manoeuvring movements as it allows the driver to concentrate on nothing but the traffic.

Rolling resistance: tyre pressure under control at a glance

Rolling resistance is one of the major contributors to the fuel consumption of a vehicle. In the case of a coach travelling at an average speed of 100 km/h, rolling resistance - even in the best-case scenario, with correct air pressure in all tyres - is already responsible for around half of the total driving resistance. This makes it clear: if the pressure in one or more tyres is too low, consumption increases significantly and so does wear on the tyres. This is why the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine is fitted with a tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPM) as standard. With this system, it is superfluous to check all six tyres on the two-axle version or all eight on the three-axle version manually, saving the driver a lot of time and effort. The inner of twin tyres in particular is often left out of the regular, daily check. The driver's information display immediately shows gradual losses of pressure. Correct air pressure is also important for getting the longest possible service life out of a tyre. The TPM system reduces the risk of annoying tyre damage due to low pressure by 99 percent.

For its efficiency model coach, MAN specifies that low-rolling-resistance tyres must be fitted all round. Their special carcass structure and rubber compounds reduce flexing work during rolling, thus measurably decreasing fuel consumption. Tyres in the premium segment optimised for front and rear axles respectively unconditionally deliver the performance of conventional tyres with respect to grip and service life.

Weight saving

Lower unladen weight not only permits a greater payload, it also saves fuel every day. Each time the coach is accelerated it requires less energy, every uphill climb consumes less fuel and even on level stretches, the lower weight has a positive effect on rolling resistance and thus on consumption. This is why the Lion's Coach EfficientLine is equipped with aluminium rims, a tyre-pressure monitoring system and a tyre-repair kit that replaces the spare wheel. These weight savings more than compensate for the vehicle's larger dimensioned power train, so that Lion's Coach EfficientLine with 12-speed TipMatic® Coach gearbox and 440-hp D26 engine weighs in at nearly 100 kg less.

Efficient and safe: comprehensive safety package is standard

All the safety systems of the Lion's Coach family are also available for the EfficientLine. The electronic assistant systems support the driver in his or her high-responsibility driving tasks for a marked reduction in accident risks. Safe braking is the province of the electronic braking system (EBS) with its anti-blocking system (ABS) and braking assistant (BA) as well as BrakeMatic®. In emergencies, the traction control system (TCS) and electronic stability program (ESP) with integrated roll-over prevention allow the targeted deceleration of individual wheels and automatic engine torque reduction to ensure that the Lion's Coach will remain in its lane and on the road even in critical driving situations. Optional Xenon headlights illuminate the road ahead even better.

MAN believes in maximum safety on board and for this reason installs fire alarm systems in all coaches of the MAN and NEOPLAN brands as standard. The fire alarm system in the Lion's Coach rounds off the vehicle's comprehensive safety package, monitoring as standard the engine compartment and additional heater. For additional safety, the Lion's Coach can be fitted with a fire extinguisher system for the engine compartment and smoke detectors in the luggage compartment, toilet and driver's rest area.


The package of services for the Lion's Coach EfficientLine comprises specifically adapted services designed to lower the total cost of ownership in this operational segment. MAN is convinced of the power train configuration and therefore offers its customers an extended guarantee on the components. This package extends the power train guarantee from 24 to 48 months and includes up to 400,000 kilometres.

Many coach operators additionally increase cost transparency and calculation certainty with a maintenance agreement. MAN offers four types of maintenance agreement providing different scopes of service, from the Comfort package comprising work within the scope of regular servicing all the way to the Comfort Super comprehensive package additionally covering all statutory inspection dates and repairs as well as Mobile24 services.