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Groundbreaking efficiency and economy – MAN presents the new TGL and TGM

Groundbreaking efficiency and economy – MAN presents the new TGL and TGM

  • New light- and medium-duty ranges remain consistently efficient in Euro VI
  • Optimised design reduces fuel consumption and improves aero-dynamics
  • New interior concept provides greater comfort and functionality
  • MAN Media Truck (MMT) Advanced combines entertainment and navigation
  • Lane Guard System (LGS) now also available for TGL and TGM

Two truck series that have not only been continuously in motion since 2005 but have become synonymous with efficiency, economy and great reliability – the MAN TGL and TGM. As haulage trucks in local and distribution transport, in light-duty long-haul transport, on the construction site or in the broad range of municipal applications, with these two all-rounders MAN has set standards in the transport field. Highly thought of by customers because of the many different kinds of operation they're capable of, their consistently lightweight design for maximum payload and their low fuel consumption, sought after by drivers because of their unique handling and outstandingly comfortable cockpits, these series have found a permanent place in an uncounted number of truck fleets. It was therefore no surprise when the MAN TGL was voted "Truck of the Year 2006" shortly after being launched. But what is possibly the best award of them all is reflected by the success of these series on the market: since the start of series production, over 150,000 TGL and TGM vehicles have been sold to customers at home and abroad.

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012, MAN is now presenting the new TGL and TGM, which will continue the unbroken success story of the light- and medium-duty series from 7.5 to 26 tonnes gross vehicle weight. This means - even with Euro VI - lowest fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emission, maximum payload and an overall package of perfectly attuned technologies. The new design not only causes a sensation on the road but also sets standards in aerodynamics. The new form of the interior convinces with its sophisticated functionality and top-class comfort, using high-quality materials of a standard usually seen only in premium passenger cars. With the evolution of the light- and medium-duty series, MAN is honouring its brand promise of always offering its customers powerful yet economical vehicles, reliable in everyday operation on the road and not only totally convincing but also constantly filling one with new enthusiasm.

MAN continues putting efficiency on the road with Euro VI

Proven engines, matured components and perfectly attuned technologies ensure that the new TG vehicles in the light- and medium-duty series achieve a maximum of efficiency and economy. They don't just meet the Euro VI exhaust-gas standard that comes into effect in in Europe in January 2014 but also achieve top values for payload, fuel consumption and service intervals. At the heart of the Euro VI technology are the four- and six-cylinder engines of the MAN D08 common-rail series: the Euro V and EEV versions of these engines have been installed in around 40,000 vehicles since 2009, proving themselves over millions and millions of kilometres and being improved all the while. The optimally combined technologies comprising exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) with on-demand recirculation rates, the common-rail system with its maximum injection pressure of up to 1,800 bar, two-stage turbocharging (depending on power class), charge-air intercooling (depending on power class) and low-temperature charge-air intercooling (depending on power class) more than compensate for the disadvantages in terms of fuel consumption imposed by the Euro VI standard. In the course of comprehensive series-production and field tests, exact data on comparative consumption has been and continues to be collected. The data shows that the new Euro-VI-compliant MAN TGL and TGM vehicles operate practically emission free and what is more, that they do so with the same power, economy and reliability as in Euro V and EEV.

In Euro VI, the trusted engine technology from MAN with exhaust-gas recirculation is supplemented by MAN AdBlue® exhaust-gas cleaning technology. Despite the opposed physical principles involved in reducing nitrogen oxide and minimising consumption, the consumption of the new Euro VI TG vehicles is at the same very good level as MAN's Euro V trucks. AdBlue® con-umption is a mere two to two-and-half percent of diesel consumption. More-over, the new TGL and TGM vehicles employ the regeneration strategy HCI (Hydro Carbon Injection) as standard. Here, regeneration of the soot filter is ensured, even in engines that operate predominantly under partial load, which is the case in distribution transport and municipal applications, for example. This guarantees that exhaust-gas cleaning will always function, even under the most adverse operating conditions.

In addition, the new TGL and TGM remain light. Consistent lightweight design has kept the increase in weight relative to comparably equipped Euro-V vehicles inherent to the system to a moderate 150 kg for vehicles with four-cylinder engines and approximately 190 kg for those with six-cylinder engines. Also consistent in the new series are the service intervals: thanks to the precise matching of all components, the service intervals for vehicles operating in light- and medium-duty distribution transport remain the same at up to 80,000 kilometres. Furthermore, all TG vehicles are now equipped with maintenance-free PAG batteries.

Customers who enter into an MAN maintenance agreement when purchasing a new vehicle will benefit from a number of savings on other extended guarantees. For example, they will receive a discount of up to 15 percent on purchased guarantees such as the third year of the overall vehicle guarantee or the fourth year of the power-train guarantee. This offer is valid in all EU countries plus Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Iceland and Croatia.

All-rounders with charm – the new design of the TGL and TGM

MAN's new light- and medium-duty series also exhibit an elegant but at the same time functional design. The exterior underscores the premium character of the vehicles. The eye-catching new design also meets the technical requirements of the Euro VI standard. What strikes one at first glance about the new TG vehicle is the changed front. The lion as the unmistakable trademark of all MAN vehicles has been integrated in the center of the gleaming chrome-plated panel. The functional three-part bumper is easy to repair, while its central section is a different shade of black and withdraws deliberately into the background. A light, dynamically designed radiator grille adds to the visual appeal of the front and the wide-open wind deflectors with visible air conduits reflect power and elegance. Moving the upper edge of the front flap further down now exposes the windscreen wiper system, whose black cover serves to visually enlarge the windscreen surface. This results in an interesting change to the proportions of the vehicle's front view. Stylistic accessories have been rigorously dispensed with. The new design even ex-cels the predecessor models in value while at the same time preserving the vehicles' recognition value.

Improvements to the overall aerodynamics with a positive effect on fuel con-sumption are a result of the new vehicle front. Decisive here are, in particular, the wide-open wind deflectors with integrated air conduits, which serve to optimise the flow of air around the sides. In addition, aerodynamic optimisations to the A columns and the bumpers help minimise fuel consumption. Very practical for day-to-day operation: the exposed position of the wind-screen wipers prevents the windscreen wiper system from being affected by ice and snow build-up during winter. The exposure to wind flow also stops snow adhering. The driver thus always has a clear view of the traffic which translates into greater driving safety. Handles below the windscreen make it safe to climb up, so that cleaning stubborn dirt off the windscreen becomes a simple task.

Easy to build on and with a great range

Deployment of the Euro VI technology necessitated re-arranging the attachments on the TGL and TGM chassis. In spite of this, it was possible to a large extent to retain the proven chassis concept of the predecessor models. Thanks to the new, flat intake-air ducts and the arrangement of the air filter on the rear wall of the C cab, the clearance for bodies and the clearance on the chassis remain almost completely unrestricted. The enlarged exhaust silencer is on the right side of the vehicle as before, where it houses the CRT and the SCR system. The AdBlue® tank is implemented as a single tank and is also located on the right side of the vehicle, between the front mudguard and the SCRT silencer. Placed on top of this is the AdBlue® delivery module. The new layout of the frame attachments is designed to provide the greatest possible range: depending on the type of vehicle, the maximum tank capacity is 2 x 300 litres of diesel and 25 litres of AdBlue®.

The Euro VI version has retained the same, generous body-mounting capa-bility. MAN's chassis structure permits economical body solutions and the full use of the loading length. Space for the bodywork above the frame's upper edge remains free, so there is no conflict when it comes to space for the body. This makes it possible to fully utilise the bodywork space up to the frame top edge. For special requirements in terms of lateral frame clearance, for example for outriggers on crane tippers, preparations have been made for shifting the frame attachments accordingly.

Superior ambience with a sense of well-being – the new interior design

It is not just the aesthetically pleasing design and sophisticated technology of the new TGL and TGM that fill one with enthusiasm, but also their completely new interior concept, which is a convincing one offering a high level of com-fort, functionality and top-class materials. The cab has been adapted to meet the discriminating demands of the driver and presents itself at a standard usually seen only in luxury passenger cars. The interior cladding is in a com-pletely new style: brushed aluminium trim, surfaces of grained plastic and satin-chrome door handles reflect the premium concept in the driver's cab. The door module has similarly been newly designed. A bright champagne silver contrast strip in the middle reinforces the visual impression of a cockpit divided into two sections. The interior door cladding is washable if desired and thus especially easy to clean, as dust and dirt can simply be removed from the cab. The modern, high-class interior leaves nothing to be desired and contributes to a cosy and pleasant ambient. Its new ergonomics result in great overall reliability in that they take the strain off the driver and motivate him or her.

The new instrument panel stands for functionality and ease of operation: it makes an uncluttered impression and is without frills. The heating / air-conditioning panel has been fitted with new control elements and display. Similarly, the toggle switches also have a new design - discreet illumination makes for quick and correct identification of the switches' symbols in the dark. The agreeable night design of all the switches and displays is relaxing, so that the driver can concentrate fully on what is happening on the road when driving after sunset. Furthermore, it ensures that all the control facilities are found without having to be searched for, which eliminates incorrect oper-ation. Controls for the electric window lifters and electrically adjustable exter-nal mirrors are now conveniently located in the door module. In addition, the gear-change console has also been newly designed along with the gear lever and rotary gear-selector switch. Without exception, the rotary switches and light switches are well-formed from an ergonomic point of view and exhibit high-class finishing.

There is plenty of stowage space thanks to the many trays and compartments in the variants without a center seat. Two rubberised trays in the center console below the air vents offer adequate space for securely holding items that are often needed. Optionally, stowage space can be increased with the addition of drawers. The glasses compartment with pen holder beneath the radio can be closed by means of a flap. Optionally, the door module can be fitted with stowage trays beneath the armrests. All these stowage facilities are easy to reach while the truck is being driven and the driver will not be distracted by things rolling and sliding around. A refreshment holder integrated in the door keeps bottles always within reach, while the center console has a cup holder. Special versions of the dashboard are available for cab variants equipped with a center seat. Moreover, as an alternative an additional switch block can also be integrated. The indented central part provides more freedom of movement for the passenger in the center seat of the three-seater variant.

Keeping a cool head on hot day - guaranteed, thanks to the new automatic air-conditioning system. The air-conditioning is overall more effective due to ventilation with optimised, quieter airflow. Distribution of the air has also been improved and is not impaired in any way by draughts. The air-distribution flaps for the heating are now driven by stepper motors, replacing operation by means of Bowden cables. The new design of the air-conditioning display together with its controls makes operation intuitive and the relevant information is always within the driver's field of vision. Effective, quiet and draught-free ventilation extends the length of time during which the driver can concentrate. For even more comfort in all seasons: an air-conditioned seat is optionally available, with a flow of air in the seat cushion and the backrest generating a pleasant warmth or a feeling of freshness.

Mobile concert hall with reliable conductor

Both the new TGL and the TGM are equipped with the MAN BasicLine radio and CD player as standard. The equipment is installed in double DIN format for ease of operation. Besides the usual radio functions, the MAN BasicLine also has an MP3-compatible CD player with title display so that it is no longer necessary to keep having to change disks on longer trips. The GALA function (speed-dependent volume control) keeps the driver's favourite music at the right level, while the HiCut technology suppresses interference and produces a crystal-clear sound. The device is secured against theft by means of a code.

For audiophile users who at the same time don't want to do without accurate, reliable navigation, MAN offers the MAN Media Truck (MMT) Advanced as an option for the TGL and TGM. This combined radio and navigation device is impressive: in addition to the usual radio functions, its powerful four-channel audio amplifier provides pure listening pleasure for music lovers. The optional USB/AUX interface positioned in the center console allows the straightforward connection of an external audio source, such as an MP3 player, for example. Alternatively, music files can be played on the vehicle's sound system by streaming the audio via the Bluetooth interface. For safe communication even while the vehicle is being driven, this also serves as a hands-free facility for mobile phones.

However, the MMT Advanced has even more to offer than top-class entertainment: thanks to its integrated navigation device, driver and vehicle will always arrive at their destination. The five-inch touchscreen not only permits simple, intuitive operation but also significantly reduces the distractions that would otherwise cause the driver to pay less attention to the traffic. So that the driver will not have to do without music even during route guidance, map material on a Micro SD card is now used for the navigation of commercial vehicles. This makes it possible to keep playing audio CDs even during route guidance. The infinitely height- and tilt-adjustable multi-function steering wheel guarantees simplified, convenient operation.

A versatile powerhouse – the new MAN TGL

The new MAN TGL sets the tone in four different weight classes: irrespective of whether they're 7.5-, 8-, 10- or 12-tonners, all the vehicles have in common efficiency and economy. With a particularly low deadweight that makes for high payloads, the truck is predestined for operation in distribution transport and on construction sites. Prepared for bodies of all types, the MAN TGL can be configured precisely as its type of operation requires. All the models have high capacities, low loading edges and dynamic handling char-acteristics. Different wheelbases also allow a great variety of bodies to be mounted, depending on the vehicle's sphere of operation. When it comes to selecting a cab, there is a similarly wide range of different configurations to choose from. The compact C cab with its step board located low down and its wide-opening doors makes getting in and out especially convenient. With the larger L and LX cabs, the TGL shows its strengths in regional and national distribution transport too. If the crew cab is selected, there is space in the truck for as many as seven people (including the driver).

The MAN TGL also offers a wide variety of engines. Powerful, environmentally friendly four- and six-cylinder in-line engines from the D08 series deliver 110 kW (150 hp) to 184 kW (250 hp) and run practically emission-free in their Euro VI versions. With the 220-hp engine, the gross vehicle weight of the 12-tonne TGL increases to 24 tonnes. For even more economical driving, the automated MAN TipMatic® gearbox is available as an option. Thanks to au-tomatic or manual operation by a lever on the steering wheel, the driver is not distracted and can concentrate fully on the traffic. When the engine brake is operated, the gearbox automatically selects the optimum gear for maximum braking performance. Its well-thought-out gear-change concept makes the MAN TipMatic® extremely economical as well, because it reduces fuel consumption and relieves pressure on the drive train. To make things even easier for the driver, there is the integrated MAN EasyStart pull-away assistant, which automatically maintains full braking pressure after the brake pedal is released and until the driver works the accelerator. The MAN TipMatic® is available as a six-speed version for four-cylinder engines and as a 12-speed version for six-cylinder engines. Easy-action six- and nine-speed manual gearboxes are also available.

Two different suspension variants are offered for the MAN TGL. As standard, the vehicle is fitted with the tried-and-tested parabolic-leaf springs with maintenance-free rubber bushings which assure a high standard of ride com-fort and stability. Optionally available air-suspension on the rear axle is es-pecially suitable for the smooth transport of easily-damaged goods. ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) ensures that the ride height re-mains the same, regardless of the load. Its external control unit enables exact adjustment to, for example, the different heights of loading ramps.

The changeover to a comfortable four-point mounting with rocker arms has led to significantly better lateral support of the C cab, reducing roll tendency even further. At the rear of the cab, coil springs absorb any radiated vibration. Reduction of the noise level improves driving feel and ride comfort.

Depending on the cab variant selected, there are two attractive equipment packages available for the new MAN TGL. These packages offer genuine savings relative to the price of the components when purchased individually. The "Comfort Ambience Package" includes the following: heated comfort driver's seat, adjustable co-driver's seat, seat covers made from velour, au-tomatic air-conditioning, entry lighting for driver and co-driver as well as a smoker's package. The "Comfort Electrical Package" comprises the follow-ing: central locking, cruise control, heated and electrically adjustable mirror, 12/24-V socket (15 A) on co-driver's side and auxiliary headlights with cor-nering light.

A symbiosis of power and efficiency – the new MAN TGM

Big payloads thanks to consistent lightweight design, big volumes and at the same time exceptional ride comfort: the new MAN TGM impressively combines all these characteristics. In Euro VI too, this series convinces with its broad operational spectrum and the great ease with which it enables bodies to be mounted. Whether as a haulage truck in local and distribution transport, in light-duty long-haul transport, on the construction site or in the wide range of municipal applications, the new TGM in the weight class of 12 to 26 tonnes is compelling on every terrain. To extend its range, its tank capacity has been increased from 180 to 220 litres. The TGM displays its multifaceted strengths mainly as a solo truck and in light trailer operation. For vehicle types this versatile there are naturally several cabs to choose from. The four different cabs - C, L, LX and crew - meet every conceivable requirement and provide plenty of space for the driver plus generously sized stowage trays and compartments.

Driven by efficient, Euro-VI compliant MAN common-rail diesel engines in the D08 series, the trucks can be fitted with units delivering between 184 kW (250 hp) and 251 kW (341 hp). These powerful engines with their 6.9-litre capacity pull away superbly in local and distribution transport while being outstandingly elastic in long-haul operation. For even more comfort and economy, the TGM can be fitted with the automated MAN TipMatic® 12-speed gearbox. A manual nine-speed gearbox is fitted as standard.

Also standard on the TGM are the tried-and-tested parabolic-leaf springs for exceptional ride comfort and stability in day-to-day operation on the road. Maximum cushioning of the cargo is guaranteed by the air-sprung rear axle and optional full air-suspension electronically regulated by ECAS. An external control unit makes it easy to adjust the loading ramp heights to different levels, for example. The chassis can be lowered by 90 mm from the driving level and raised by 190 mm. The vehicle's excellent handling is due in part to low-friction and low-noise hypoid axles - optionally with differential locks - and the technically sophisticated chassis. The steered trailing axle on the TGM 6x2 models makes for great manoeuvrability and reduces tyre wear.

The comfortable four-point mounting with rocker arms provides significantly better lateral support of the C cab, reducing roll tendency even further.

Convincing too are the equipment packages available for the TGM: they make the vehicle even more comfortable in daily use while at the same time offering big savings. Analogous to the TGL, the "Comfort Ambience Pack-age" and "Comfort Electrical Package" are also available for the TGM, depending on the cab selected. The sensible supplementary equipment in the packages adds functionality and upgrades the vehicle.

A feeling of safety in motion and when stationary

Safety is not just writ large for the new TGL and TGM, it's an integral element of both vehicle concepts. For this reason, MAN is now also offering the Lane Guard System (LGS), proven over many years in the TGX and TGM series, as an option for its light- and medium-duty ranges. On long or monotonous stretches, a driver's concentration can start to diminish and micro sleep can set in. The lane guard system assists the driver in keeping to the correct lane. LGS keeps track of the lane markings on the road by means of a video camera positioned behind the windscreen and calculates the position of the vehicle in relation to these lines. If a line is crossed without the turn indicator having been activated, a rumble-strip noise sounds from the loudspeaker on the appropriate side as an acoustic warning. In this way the system helps to prevent accidents, thus improving transport safety, even at night.

Reliable protection in the event of, for example, sudden swerving to avoid an obstacle, cornering too fast or changes in the road surface is provided as standard by the electronic stability program ESP. If there is risk of skidding or tipping, ESP stabilises the vehicle by specifically braking individual wheels and reducing engine torque. Help with braking comes from the electronic braking system (EBS) with braking assistant. For even more braking power, whenever the brake pedal is pressed the engine-valve brake is automatically activated.

Arriving safely at one's destination is important, but feeling unconcerned about leaving your vehicle parked somewhere also adds real value. This is what the four-door central locking system gives you with the crew cab. This system enables separate central unlocking of the driver's door/co-driver's door and/or the rear doors. Equally, all the doors can be locked simultane-ously. The system is conveniently controlled by a transmitter integrated in the vehicle's ignition key. The driver gets visual feedback on execution by the indicators lighting up. The ability to control separate doors remotely is a real plus in terms of convenience for the driver. Sudden and unauthorised entry of persons through the co-driver's door or the rear doors the moment they are open is effectively prevented by unlocking them separately.

MAN TeleMatics® with new vehicle-deployment analysis

Decrease costs and increase productivity: optimum efficiency in fleet management and logistics is also possible with the new TG vehicles of the light- and medium-duty series in conjunction with MAN TeleMatics®. The four highly effective service packages, MAN TeleMatics® Data Smart, Entry, Data and Dispo, are configured to suit exactly the different types of operations for which the vehicles are deployed. The TeleMatics® application combines comprehensive logistics functions with an analysis of the vehicles' technical data and continuous transport monitoring. With its open interface, MAN TeleMatics® can be linked directly to upstream freight-forwarding software.

The new vehicle deployment analysis (VDA 2) provides an even more detailed display of the basic data for optimising consumption and operating costs. This enables vehicle characteristics and/or the quality of the driving to be evaluated over a defined period of time. For greater clarity, the data can now be sorted in columns, saved and subsequently re-used for future anal-yses. Another innovation is the use of assessment profiles which are able to distinguish between vehicle series and can be used to calculate the values of the deployment analysis. VDA 2 additionally offers three new reports: de-tailed, management and fleet reports.

Two more MAN TeleMatics® innovations: the DriverPad® logistics device and the TeleMatics® app for iPhone and iPad. The DriverPad® enables trips and orders to be processed while the dispatcher is always able to keep an eye on the current status. The driver also benefits: s/he can load the orders and trips directly into the truck's navigation system and deal with them one after the other. The seven-inch display guarantees that the exchange of information will be easy for the user. With the new TeleMatics® app it is now also possible to display essential functions on mobile devices. The app provides a quick overview of the vehicle fleet and the drivers' remaining driving time and provides reports addressing the most important parameters. This enables further trips and operations to be planned efficiently even when on the go.