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Greater efficiency and safety: MAN Truck & Bus further enhances TGX and TGS truck ranges

MAN Truck & Bus is consistently expanding its range of equipment packages, which contribute to increased transport efficiency. The pioneering MAN TGX EfficientLine is getting company. Since its market launch last year, its fuel-saving potential has been convincingly demonstrated by independent press tests and consumption test drives. The more than one thousand vehicles sold within a few months testify to the market success of the TGX EfficientLine.

Now MAN Truck & Bus is also offering the important efficiency equipment in flexible EfficientLine packages so that other types of truck can profit from fuel and CO2 savings. In doing so, MAN is taking into account customer-specific applications in which semi-trailer tractors of various different configurations are operated, with the big XXL cab, for example, or without the AeroPackage, to enable optimum flow over a coupled tanker semi-trailer. Suitable EfficientLine packages are also available for semi-trailer tractors used in tank/silo operation, where the lowest possible unladen weight is a major factor.

EfficientLine packages are available for two-axle MAN TGX semi-trailer tractors with outputs of 360 to 480 hp and either leaf/air or full air suspension. This also includes the "Ultra" models with lower fifth-wheel height. There are also packages for MAN TGS 4x2 semi-trailer tractors with outputs of 320 to 480 hp and leaf/air suspension - ideal for long-haul transport, domestically as well as internationally in border regions. When it comes to the tank system, the AeroPackage and the intarder, the packages are flexible, so that vehicles with EfficientLine packages that exactly meet a very wide range of customer requirements can be delivered. The selection of energy-saver tyres is also flexible.

Safety package for MAN TGX and TGS

MAN Truck & Bus is enhancing its heavy truck ranges with a safety package. From mid-2011 MAN has been offering the safety equipment Lane Guard System (LGS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to its customers at an attractive package price. This equipment is obtainable for MAN's TGX EfficientLine and TGS-TS ranges. The TGS-TS (Tank-Silo) offers a particularly high payload thanks to its lightweight construction, making it especially suitable for tank and silo transport. The two assistance systems, LGS and ACC, contribute demonstrably to minimising the risk of accidents. With this attractively priced offer, MAN Truck & Bus is making a contribution to road safety, primarily in long haul and in the sensitive area of tank-silo transport of fuel and hazardous goods.

Long-haul package for MAN TGS

Operators who also want employ vehicles with narrower cabs in long-haul transport often order MAN TGS trucks fitted with LX cabs, which provide full standing height, generous stowage space and optionally, two comfortable bunks. MAN Truck & Bus has taken this development into account and made the TGS even more attractive for long-haul transport, both domestically and internationally in border regions. A new long-haul package comprises the following equipment: 660- or 760-litre combitank (all variants are possible), differential lock, auxiliary heating, air-conditioning system, AeroPackage with side panels, air-sprung cab mounting system and 12- and 24-V sockets in the cab. This package can be combined with the EfficientLine package for the TGS, together resulting in TGS long-haul transport solutions that are very interesting from the point of view of economy.

Extended power-train guarantee for the TGX and TGS

The Trucknology® series are highly reliable, which is what makes it possible for MAN to extend the period of its power-train guarantee from two years to three. This means that operators have an additional year's guarantee over and above the statutory two-year manufacturer's guarantee on the main components of the power train, that is, the engine including the turbocharger, the injection nozzles, selected parts of the injection pump, the transmission, the intarder and the driven axles.

As standard from July 2011 on, all TGX and TGS vehicles with 4x2 and 6x2 axle configurations have their power-train guarantees extended to cover a third year. The guarantee covers a maximum mileage of 450,000 kilometres and applies in all EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway. MAN thus gives operators a high level of cost control, especially over their long-haul vehicles.