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Bayern stars top BVB skills shot

Neuer and Ribéry in top form on the team coach

FC Bayern Team-Bus

The top match in which Borussia Dortmund will meet FC Bayern Munich is already casting its shadow. Bayern pros Manuel Neuer and Europe’s soccer player of the year Franck Ribéry have already decided to beat BVB before they battle it out and top the truly skilled shot of their Dortmund rivals from 2011. Dortmund players thrilled the Net that year with their “Brückenschuss” video.

Now FC Bayern wants to go one better. “We’ll show you how it’s done!” proclaims David Alaba with a wink and Franck Ribéry performs the feat: from the open door of the moving coach he does more than just hit the wide pillar of a bridge, as was the case with BVB. Instead, he directs the ball at a small road sign. And Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper for both Bayern and the German team, clears his box — the rear door of the MAN coach. Of course.

The video has become a big hit on the Internet within just a few hours of being published. A lively debate about the clip has ensued among fans of both camps. Hartmut Sander, Head of the MAN Group’s Brand Management, is pleased: “We wanted to initiate some friendly rivalry with this new shot. FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are two of the best teams in the world at the moment and this match is one that every soccer fan is feverishly looking forward to. But it shouldn’t all be serious and the run-up should be fun.”

The original BVB shot from 2011 became a huge success on the Internet and reached more than three million clicks on YouTube.

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