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Around two-and-a-half thousand visitors at MAN Trucknology Days 2012 in Munich

An impressive exhibition: MAN put 140 trucks on view and offered test drives at its "MAN Trucknology Days 2012" event at the beginning of May. Approximately two-and-half thousand visitors showed their interest in MAN's consistently efficient transport solutions displayed by the Trucknology RoadShow and the Branch Competence Center in Munich.

At the beginning of May, MAN Truck & Bus issued invitations to its "Trucknology Days 2012" in Munich. The event signalled the start of the MAN Trucknology® RoadShow 2012, where a fleet of approximately 70 demo trucks will tour right around Europe. Others of the vehicles on show were from the "Trucks to go" fleet. Displaying as much variety as the sectors in which MAN vehicles are operated, the show, which has taken place at least once a year since 2008, was divided into five areas: construction, heavy-duty transport, long-haul transport, distribution transport and fire-fighting. A great many visitors were enthusiastic about gaining driving impressions of heavy-duty transport with gross train weights of up to 150 tonnes, long trucks and construction vehicles on the test track.

At every event, MAN puts the focus on certain sectors and fascinates spectators with its demonstrations. This time it was the fire-fighting and construction sectors. MAN fire-brigade trucks in the TGM and TGS series were deployed in demonstrations of fire fighting. Under realistic conditions, construction vehicles from MAN demonstrated their advantages in terms of agility and payload.

MAN Trucknology® Roadshow

Since 2005 MAN has had an international fleet of demonstration trucks known as the MAN Trucknology® RoadShow, which is newly assembled every year. The roughly 70 complete vehicles represent a cross-section of the TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX series. It is primarily in the sectors of construction, distribution, long-haul and heavy-duty transport that these vehicles are at home. MAN's sales organisations throughout Europe draw on this fleet to stage events and demonstrations. MAN sales staff make these vehicles available to their customers to test over the course of a few days each. With their distinctive carmine-red paintwork, they are ambassadors for the practical combinations of MAN trucks with bodies that enable customers to carry out their transport tasks efficiently.

Trucks to go

The trucks with white paintwork on display in front of the MAN Truck Forum along Dachauer Street belong to the "Trucks to go" fleet. This is an offer that applies throughout Europe, consisting of new vehicles complete with bodies for various sectors and available for fast delivery. Customers who experience demand at short notice can acquire these vehicles without a delivery period. Purchase agreements were signed for 14 of these vehicles during or immediately after the event. The list of vehicles with detailed product descriptions and photographs is updated daily and can be found at

Trucknology Days

But far more than just the 140 trucks were on show at the MAN Trucknology Days: MAN Services and many of MAN's partners presented their products to the visitors. More than 50 suppliers and companies manufacturing bodies and equipment were on hand for technical discussions. Visitors made intensive use of the opportunity to view and test drive the vehicles at the MAN Truck Forum and the nearby test track. It was possible to combine the drive around the test track with driving over a hill. In order to demonstrate the articulations and drive concepts of construction vehicles, short sections of gravel surface were prepared. These were conditions under which the innovative MAN HydroDrive® system in particular stood out.

The branch display focusing on fire brigades was particularly well frequented. Fire-fighting vehicles on MAN TGM chassis showed the various models of cab. These included the long crew cab for nine crew members, produced by MAN Modification Center. From a visual point of view, the cab fits seamlessly into the design concept of the MAN TGL and TGM series. The swap-body vehicles in the MAN TGS series on display were equipped with the innovative MAN HydroDrive® system.

The MAN/MTU works fire brigade and the Karlsfeld volunteer fire brigade demonstrated MAN emergency-service vehicles in action fighting a fire. Not only that, but visitors to the Trucknology Days were able to hone their fire-extinguisher skills and put out small fires under skilled supervision, where they were given important tips on fire-fighting and on the risks of household fires.