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58 new MAN TGX volume transporters with full safety equipment for Ford in Cologne

Ultra tractor units provide 3 metre loading height in works transport

MAN offers a special range of Ultra-low tractor units for volume transports used in automotive production logistics.

End of August, Ford in Cologne put 58 new and leased volume semitrailer combinations with MAN TGX 18,400 Ultra tractor units into service. These are to be used in the vehicle manufacturer's production logistics. The particularly low height of the semitrailer combination with full air suspension is worthy of mention: The low hitch height in combination with the specialist semitrailers means that three pallet cages can be transported one on top of the other. At the same time, the vehicle combination complies strictly with the statutory height limit of 4.00 metres.

Typically, an internal height of 3.00 metres is required in the automotive industry. This height is taken from the material being transported - either stacked pallet cages or transport racks, produced at this height, for engines or vehicle body parts.

MAN offers a special range of Ultra tractor units for this purpose. The new and particularly small rear axle tyres 315/45 R22.5 enable a hitch height of 920 millimetres to be achieved. A special air suspension function ensures that the truck-trailer combination does not exceed the 4.00 metre mark, even when unloaded and with tyres under fully extended suspension: the truck is able to lower the driving height by approx. 20 millimetres when unloaded.

Fully equipped for maximum safety and driving comfort

The trucks are equipped with all available assistance systems, TipMatic with intarder, navigation, fixed cab phone and Bluetooth hands-free system.

The emergency brake assistant permanently monitors the traffic ahead and triggers emergency braking in an emergency. The LGS lane guard system alerts the driver if, for example, he unintentionally leaves the lane. The ACC system (Adaptive Cruise Control) keeps to the speed required by the driver while at the same time maintaining the correct safety distance. The system independently controls the brake system of the truck for this purpose.

In order to provide drivers with optimal comfort for tours involving occasional overnight stops, the vehicles are equipped with XLX cabs. All vehicles are maintained with a service contract by MAN.