120 MAN TGS trucks for major construction project in Lagos

Chagoury Group construction company orders MAN tipper semitrailer tractors for EKO Atlantic City urban development project off Nigerian coast.

In September, MAN delivers the first batch of a total of 120 MAN TGS WW tipper semitrailer tractors to the Chagoury Group in Lagos. These three-axle tractors have high ground clearance, a gross vehicle weight of 40 tonnes and are equipped with 400-hp engines optimised for local fuel qualities. The tipper semitrailers from Meiller can hold 30 m3 of rock.

Decisive factors in the award of this contract were the ruggedness of the TGS WW, the low fuel consumption of the MAN common-rail engine and confidence in the MAN brand. This is because the conditions under which the trucks will operate in transporting filler material from the mountainous region of Nigeria south to the Atlantic coast are extremely tough.

The EKO Atlantic project is part of a major land reclamation scheme initiated by the Lagos State Government as a solution to protect the Victoria Island peninsula from the effects of severe coastal erosion. A man-made island of nine square kilometres is taking shape in the Atlantic, directly off the coast of the Nigerian megacity of Lagos. The national stock exchange will be constructed here and the area will in future also become the country's financial hub.

Maintenance and service of the MAN construction vehicle fleet will be carried out by the MAN importer, SCOA Nigeria Plc., headquartered in Lagos and five regional outlets.