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11,000 hp for the season kick-off

MAN and FC Augsburg present new team bus

FC Augsburg bus presentation

Watched by 150 MAN employees and the professional Bundesliga team, MAN and FC Augsburg unveiled the new team bus, an MAN Lion’s Coach L model, which was presented at the MAN Diesel & Turbo plant in Augsburg.

Against the impressive backdrop of a workshop, a large-bore marine diesel engine was first of all driven in, behind which the new FCA team bus subsequently emerged.

"This presentation depicts the entire spectrum of the MAN Group´s product range - from four-stroke, large-bore diesel engines to team buses," commented Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen, Chief Executive Officer of MAN SE, following presentation of the bus.

This event was also an exceptional experience for selected MAN Diesel & Turbo employees.

"We have lots of FCA fans among our staff and are therefore very pleased that MAN is now an official FC Augsburg partner," says Wilfried von Rath, Chief Human Resources Officer at MAN Diesel & Turbo SE.

During the presentation, the official bus name was also revealed - "Puppenkiste" (Puppet Theater), this having been selected in advance by the fans. The suggestion came from Frank Carnold in Gessertshausen.

"This event shows the close connection between MAN, the FCA and the City of Augsburg. An emotional partnership that is profitable for all those involved," said Stefan Reuter, Sports Director at FC Augsburg.

"With this new team bus, we are now optimally equipped for our exciting trips across Europe," added FCA´s top trainer Markus Weinzierl, during the bus presentation.

The new MAN Lion’s Coach L team bus does not quite manage the 11,000 hp generated by the large-bore diesel engine, but with its 480 hp, it is still well equipped for the long drives across Europe. Inside the bus, a reduced number of seats, electrically-adjustable seats and leg rests and an LED starry sky ensure a comfortable ride. A pine cone, handcrafted by MAN trainees and integrated into the rear step, serves as mascot and completes the wide range of interior fittings. The team bus will continue to be operated by the company Ludwig Tours.

Technical data

  • Model: MAN Lion’s Coach L

  • Length: 13.8 meters

  • Width: 2.5 meters

  • Height: 3.8 meters

  • Output: 353 kW/480 hp

  • Engine: Diesel engine (Euro 6)

  • Transmission: Automated 12-speed manual TipMatic

  • Seats: 34

Special fittings:

  • Electrically-adjustable seats/leg rests

  • Four electric height-adjustable tables

  • LED starry sky

  • Wireless access

  • Satellite system

  • Jura coffee machine

  • Refrigerator

  • Monitors and video presentation facility

  • Pine cone in rear step