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2019-06-18 · Truck | Bus

800 hybrid buses since 2010: MAN continues its success story

Since the delivery of the first hybrid bus in 2010, MAN has sold approximately 800 MAN Lion’s City Hybrid buses. More and more big cities are relying on the efficient and clean solution for inner-city traffic. The new generation of city buses featuring MAN EfficientHybrid is now continuing the success story.


2019-06-06 · Bus

Spain: 105 MAN Lion’s City buses for Barcelona

The Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona (TMB) relies on MAN Truck & Bus. In total, 75 MAN Lion’s City buses with natural gas drive as well as 30 hybrid buses have been commissioned by the transport operators. This will be a début for the new generation of Lion’s City buses with MAN EfficientHybrid. They are the first of their kind to be driven in Spain.


2019-06-04 · Events & Fairs

MAN Truck & Bus wins Brand Award 2019 in the category "Best Brand Relaunch"

MAN Truck & Bus attained first place in the category "Best Brand Relaunch" at the Brand Award 2019. Regarded as a benchmark in the industry, the Brand Award was presented to MAN Truck & Bus for its successful repositioning of the MAN brand – away from a strategically product-oriented to a customer-focused brand.


2019-05-29 · Bus

MAN is equipping the NEOPLAN Skyliner to become a mobile world of experience

Within a very short time, the bus modification experts in Plauen have turned a NEOPLAN Skyliner into a learning facility on wheels. The aim of the “FLiP2Go” bus is to provide a fun approach to helping children and young adults throughout Austria learn about financial matters using interactive, multi-media consoles.


2019-05-14 · Bus | Truck

MAN cuts its plants’ CO2 emissions by over a quarter

Commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus has reduced the CO2 emissions of its production sites by more than one quarter. The sites emitted around 29% less CO2 in 2018 than in the base year of 2008. This means that MAN has reached the goal it had set itself two years earlier than was originally planned: in fact, the MAN Climate Strategy, which was adopted back in 2011, provided for a 25% reduction by 2020 and not any earlier. Over the past years, MAN Truck & Bus has invested around €40 million in reducing the CO2 generated by its production network, cutting the emissions of this greenhouse gas by over 100,000 tons a year – equivalent to those produced by a small town.


2019-04-05 · Bus | Truck

MAN Truck & Bus shifts up a gear

MAN Truck & Bus can look back on a very successful year in 2018. The company shifted up a gear in all three product sectors – Truck, Bus and Van – in terms of sales revenue as well as incoming orders and vehicle sales. MAN Truck & Bus also increased its market shares.