MAN Lion’s Intercity

MAN Lion’s Intercity

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  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Economic efficiency
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MAN Lion’s Intercity

MAN Lion’s Intercity: Setting new standards

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Outstanding safety and greater flexibility in long-distance transport

MAN Lion’s Intercity will inspire you – offering improved safety and comfort for passengers, a cockpit consequently oriented to the needs of the driver and maximum efficiency.

The high flexibility of the configuration allows our MAN Lion’s Intercity to be tailored to deployment as an intercity bus, in shuttle transport or as school bus. When it comes to the transport of school children, safety is a top priority. That’s why the MAN Lion’s Intercity meets the ECE R66.02 standard, applicable since 2017, which sets particularly stringent requirements for the strength of the body in buses.

The MAN Lion’s Intercity in use.

Connects cities, suburbs and the surrounding areas

Abundant equipment set at extremely lean costs. The new MAN Lion’s Intercity combines first-class comfort with high functionality and outstanding safety with solid quality. These characteristics make the MAN bus the perfect long-distance vehicle.

Lion’s Intercity long-distance transport

Safely on the way to school

Highest efficiency, rugged processing and no compromises when it comes to safety – these features distinguish the new MAN Lion’s Intercity; a combination that works great when used as a school bus.

Lion’s Intercity school bus

Flexible use in shuttle transport

The high flexibility of its interior configuration, the large luggage compartment and the low fuel consumption, and not least the low life cycle costs (LCC), make the new MAN Lion’s Intercity an economic miracle for regular services and shuttle services.

Lion’s Intercity commuter transport

Made for everyday use

Whether with its distinctive aerodynamic design, or with its bright and lavish passenger area with continuous colour scheme, the MAN Lion’s Intercity is sure to impress with its broad range of applications across the line.

Low air resistance

Arched, slightly sloping panoramic front window and rear separation edge provide for very good aerodynamics

Good overall view

Large front window and narrow A-pillars

Family face

Design features of the MAN product family

  • Chrome bar with lion
  • Black trim with MAN lettering

Roof arch

Emphasises the slender lines and the dynamic design of MAN Lion’s Intercity.

Smooth-surfaced elements

Clean lines and easy cleaning

Wheel arches

Powerfully modelled

The rear of the MAN

Rear window: With lightline and concave window line

Rear flap: Large smooth surface that can be well used as advertising space

Rear bumper: Divided in three parts and three-dimensionally designed


Your benefits at a glance

Processing with the highest MAN quality

Materials, production and processing for the MAN Lion’s Intercity are consistently designed for long service life. The high MAN quality standards ensure that the bus is very well equipped for the demanding long-distance travelling – every day anew.

Passive safety

The MAN Lion’s Intercity already meets the ECE R66.02 standard, applicable as of 2017, for roll-over rigidity and thus provides an even higher level of passive safety.

Economic efficiency

The MAN Lion’s Intercity impresses with its low fuel consumption. For this, lightweight construction was consistently pursued in the development. After extensive testing, we were successful in showing a measurable reduction in the aerodynamic drag. In addition, the maintenance- and repair friendliness of the bus reduces downtimes to a minimum.

Active safety

In road traffic, accidents can never be ruled out – it’s good if passengers, driver and other road users can count on it, that everything is done for your protection. For the MAN Lion’s Intercity, safety is a top priority.

In addition, accidents lead to increased costs due to repairs and downtimes. The intercity bus is equipped with numerous safety systems. The risk of accident is reduced significantly and the economic efficiency is maximised.

The MAN Lion’s Intercity offers more flexibility with two vehicle lengths

Vehicle Intercity Intercity C
Length 12,280 mm 13,050 mm
Luggage capacity approx. 5.2 m³ 6.4 m³
Maximum seating 55 59

Comfortable for driver and passengers

MAN Lion’s Intercity: Comfort for the passenger
Comfort for the passenger

High-quality seats, minimal noise levels, efficient air conditioning and a bright, friendly interior. The perfect combination for comfortable long-distance passenger transport.

More on the interior
MAN Lion’s Intercity: Customised driver’s workplace
Customised driver’s workplace

The newly developed driver’s workplace is appealing with its versatile equipment, ergonomic design and numerous storage and stowage compartments.

More on the driver’s workplace

MAN Lion’s Intercity: the savings star

Efficient due to low TCO/LCC (Total Cost of Ownership/Life Cycle Costs)

A lightweight among buses

In the design of the vehicle, lightweight construction was consistently applied. The use of lightweight components ensures a particularly low vehicle weight for the MAN Lion’s Intercity.

  • Mounting of six tyres (rear axle with twin tyres) on aluminium rims
  • Lightweight and particularly efficient air-conditioning system
  • Use of lightweight 6-cylinder engine of the D08 model series

MAN Lion’s Intercity tyres
Mounting of six tyres (rear axle with twin tyres) on aluminium rims

High efficiency

Features such as automatic engine shut-down during idling or the air compressor with automatic idling system ensure high efficiency.

Two-stage air compressor with idling system

The two-stage air compressor with automatic idling system (SLS) automatically switches to idling in the non-delivery phase and thus contributes noticeably to a reduction in fuel consumption.

Idle Shut Down

The automatic engine shut-down during Idle Shut Down avoids CO2 and vehicle-related noise emissions.

MAN Lion’s Intercity fuel saving
Idle Shut Down: an engine that is not running is not consuming any fuel, nor does it produce any emissions or noise


Air resistance plays only a minor role at low speeds in city traffic. However, in long-distance travel at speeds up to 100 km/h, it contributes to a large portion of the fuel consumption. Through numerous wind tunnel tests and simulations, it has been possible to significantly reduce consumption to ensure maximum efficiency and economy in use as a long-distance bus.

The aerodynamically developed design with vaulted, slightly inclined panoramic front window provides less contact area to the headwind. The air flow is optimally deflected by the rear separation edge.

MAN Lion’s City air resistance
Optimised aerodynamics through arched, slightly inclined panoramic front window and rear separation edge

Low downtimes, low maintenance costs

The free access to all service points simplifies servicing and repair work. Thus the downtime of MAN Lion’s Intercity is reduced, while repair and workshop costs are reduced:

  • Daily checks can be carried out in a few simple steps thanks to the quick to find service points
  • The compact design of the D08 engine, spaciously dimensioned side flaps and an angled bottom lid enable an optimum access to the engine compartment
  • Easy access to the spare wheel and the front lighting through the large and wide-opening centre section of the front hood

MAN Lion’s Intercity maintenance hatch
Maintenance hatches in the passenger area

MAN quality standards

Highest quality standards for materials, manufacturing and processing ensure minimum life cycle costs (LCC) for the MAN Lion’s Intercity:

  • Extremely robust plastics with a pleasant touch
  • Easy-to-clean and resistant surfaces with high UV resistance
  • Proven stable construction and compounds that reliably withstand high and frequent loads
  • Optimum protection against corrosion by cathodic dip coating (CDC).

MAN Lion’s City plastics
Sturdy construction: Scissors-type tilting seat mechanics

Technology you can trust: MAN systems ensure safer and more efficient driving

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