Redefining the future: The new MAN Lion's City G

Miles ahead with technology – the natural gas bus by MAN

Powerful efficiency based on decades of know-how

As the inventor of the diesel engine, MAN can draw on decades of invaluable expertise in the development of natural gas engines and buses. MAN continues to drive the industry forward with its visionary ideas, straight ahead into a clean and sustainable future. The newly developed E18 natural gas engine not only complies with the Euro 6 emissions standard but performs significantly better than the current limits. That means you can rely on this technology to expand your public transport long into the future. MAN takes sustainability seriously.

Visionary ideas for a better quality of life

MAN is the market and technology leader for natural gas engines and can rely on its unrivalled wealth of expertise. MAN's innovative drive for innovation does not stop at engines. From smart solutions for a safe and easy fuelling system to additionally increasing efficiency with the MAN EfficientHybrid, the new MAN Lion's City G is full of ideas enhancing comfort and eco-friendliness from the chassis to the roof.

The gas engine with efficient technology

Less truly is more

More efficient than ever: The innovative basis for the newly developed 9.5 l four-valve six-cylinder in-line E18 engine is the D15 diesel engine introduced in 2018. Thanks to its downsizing ingenuity, MAN was able to achieve higher torque while reducing displacement. This saves enormously on fuel. And that's not all. The newly developed exhaust gas recirculation in combination with a 3-way catalytic converter for exhaust treatment enables emissions to be significantly lower than the required Euro 6 emissions limits.

Corrosion-resistant gas cylinders

Guaranteed eco-friendliness

The MAN Lion's City G uses few, but large, type 4 gas cylinders which are stored in a safe and easy-to-maintain manner underneath an aerodynamic cover on the roof. Most countries do not require regular pressure checks for these cylinders. Further advantages of the innovative MAN solution include weight reduction, no corrosion and lower maintenance costs. This modular system can carry up to 1,875 l, sufficient for a range of up to 500 kilometres.

Technical data

Engine E1856 LOH01
E1856 LOH02
Emission levels Euro 6
Number of cylinders / Position 6 / in-line, vertical
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Displacement (l) / Bore (mm) / Stroke (mm) 9.5 / 118 / 145
Compression ratio 13 : 1
Nominal output (kW/HP) 206/280
Nominal speed (rpm) 1,900
235 / 320
Max. torque (Nm) at speed (rpm) 1,200 at 900 – 1,500
1,400 at 900 – 1,500
Idling speed (rpm) 550
Weight (in kg) 900
Oil fill volume without / with oil filter (l) 39/40.5
Oil change interval 30,000 km
Valve adjustment interval 30,000 km
Particulate filter service -
Cold starting ability (without additional measures) Up to -15 °C
The hybrid engine for greater efficiency

MAN EfficientHybrid – Efficient stop-start system

The new MAN Lion's City is optionally available with MAN EfficientHybrid, an intelligent energy management system. The main component is a robust and wear-free electric motor which is installed in the driveline between the engine and the gearbox. During coasting or braking operation, the crankcase starter alternator functions as a generator (dynamo) and conversely as a starter motor as well. This means you save more fuel and drive in greater comfort.

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Low emissions with biogas

Clean performance: Higher quality of life through lower emissions

Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels. Thanks to MAN's innovative power, emission of pollutants has already been reduced by up to 97% compared to earlier diesel engines. Even more eco-friendly: the MAN Lion's City G also runs on bio-methane. With this CO2-neutral option you can save 39,000 tonnes of CO2 over a period of 12 years. By the way: The enhanced smoothness also makes the engine much more quiet than diesel engines.

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