The new MAN Lion's City G

Natural gas know-how based on 75 years of expertise

Modern cities can take a deep breath thanks to the MAN Lion's City G. The eco-friendly alternative to diesel. City traffic is becoming increasingly busy, environmental regulations increasingly stringent and residents increasingly demand green, smog-free cities. The MAN Lion's City G is the perfect solution.

Its advanced alternative engine ensures maximum economic efficiency while its sleek design brings a new aesthetic to the road. Drive into a clean future with innovative technology, the highest efficiency and up to 97% lower emissions.

Efficient and low in emissions thanks to state-of-the-art engine technology

Powerful and efficient

The new E18 natural gas engine adds a whole new dimension to the innovative basis of the previous model. In combination with the MAN EfficientHybrid, it opens up even more possibilities.

The city of the future relies on clean transport

Quiet and eco-friendly

The MAN Lion's City G improves traffic – and not just because it's less noisy than diesel engines.

Corrosion-resistant gas cylinders reduce maintenance costs

Greater range and capacity

The MAN Lion's City G promises to go further with fewer refuelling stops thanks to its optimised gas cylinders, the largest version of which can carry up to 1,875 l of natural gas.

Quality lies in the details

The elegant form and recognisable design of the MAN Lion's City G make it the perfect addition to the MAN Lion's City range. Nevertheless, the many subtle and smart details combining aesthetics and comfort make it unique. This comprehensive design concept gives the bus a sophisticated look.

Rear view of the state-of-the-art natural gas bus

A distinctive design

The MAN Lion's City G combines various innovative elements from the entire city bus range. The eye-catching design highlights include accentuating lines drawn along the side windows and a distinctive rear with a piano gloss finish. The signature front with its long-life LED headlights, black trim and chrome bar not only makes the bus recognisable from afar, but will also shape the cityscape of the future.

Modern interior design

Room for more comfort

The interior offers maximum feel-good features: dimmable LED lights in the ceiling create an ambience of natural light. The smart storage of the gas cylinders in the roof offers more space and enhanced comfort for passengers. What is more, the innovative rail mechanism makes the passenger compartment easy to clean and maintain.

The cockpit of the future

Ergonomics on the road

The spacious cockpit offers the driver every comfort while strictly observing ergonomic guidelines. The driver's seat is seamlessly integrated into the overall design and provides the driver with a clear view, thus improving general road safety.

The road map towards environmental sustainability and economic efficiency
Cost calculations put into practice

Economic efficiency

The new MAN Lion's City G paves the way in eco-friendliness thanks to numerous technological innovations. Low consumption and cheap natural gas, in comparison to other fossil fuels, make the MAN Lion's City G highly economical from its very first journey.

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Technology and perfection in practice


An improved E18 natural gas engine with a higher torque, optimised gas cylinders and a lighter design put the full power of innovation on the road.

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The new MAN Lion's City G is unbeatable when it comes to driving comfort and design, just like the rest of the city bus range. Its reliable design based on the MAN Lion's City, signature high-quality interior and low emissions make it the premium choice among eco-buses.

Your benefits at a glance

Natural gas pays off long-term
Source: erdgas mobil GmbH / Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL) e.V.

The difference between the price of diesel and natural gas is growing worldwide

The increasing scarcity of the crude oil supplies and the resulting price trend is also turning global gas reserves into an economically important alternative energy.

More and more countries trust in MAN technology
MAN natural gas buses are used the world over

MAN is the market leader in Europe

In Europe, MAN is the market and technology leader for natural gas buses. As the manufacturer of MAN complete buses, chassis and engines, we have decades of expertise in this growing market.

The CNG bus in the green city

MAN CNG buses with biogas are almost CO2-neutral

The use of processed biogas in MAN CNG technology is a largely CO2-neutral production technology par excellence. For instance, it enables around 1,000 MAN CNG buses powered by biogas to be operated successfully in 23 cities in Sweden – and with extreme reliability: each bus is driven a distance up to 1.5 million kilometres.

A bus powered by innovation and natural gas

Step on the gas for the environment

MAN is rising to the challenge of sustainably reducing exhaust gas emissions in cities. The performance figures of MAN natural gas engines satisfy the requirements of modern urban traffic. Long service intervals, easy servicing and lower fuel costs pay off for you.

Truck, bus or van – MAN puts the power of innovation on the road

Experience the future of alternative engines

MAN puts innovation on the road – with electric engines, vehicle networking, digitisation of processes, platooning, and more. Experience the future of passenger transport today – visit our MAN M-Pulse website. Here you can stay up to date on new developments and innovative concepts of the future.

MAN Bus Innovation

Custom-made solutions for your fleet

MAN Transport Solutions offers personalised advice tailored to your needs and helps you create concepts and solutions for implementing reliable and cost-effective engine technologies in your fleet. Together, we will identify the most suitable product for the intended use, from load management and power supply to service and maintenance.

Service and support for the entire fleet


Global climate protection targets, local emissions regulations, clean cities – there are many reasons for our customers to switch to alternative drive systems. However, the transition to new drive and fleet solutions raises many new questions. The solution must be fit for purpose, depending on focus, range or payload. The MAN Transport Solutions team is here to help.

Motorway junction with electric lighting


MAN Transport Solutions can advise you on the following questions regarding operational optimisation:

  • What is the best and most cost-effective way to incorporate natural gas buses into our operation?
  • How many gas cylinders and what size gas cylinders are most suitable for our routes?

Bus stop by night


MAN Transport Solutions can advise you on the following questions regarding service optimisation:

  • What are the most suitable R&M contracts?
  • What is the best solution in terms of workshop infrastructure?
  • What do our workshop staff need to know about maintenance and safety?

CCS charging station with lead


MAN Transport Solutions can advise you on the following questions regarding infrastructure optimisation:

  • Do we need to make changes to the infrastructure and operational processes of our depots?
  • Which loading solution is the right one?
  • What is our energy demand and how can we best meet it?

Customer benefits

Simplifying business: MAN Transport Solutions helps you to streamline your operation and ensure sustainable success.

  • You can count on expert support to navigate complex challenges
  • You have a partner at your side to create tailor-made solutions for safe and optimised processes
  • You can plan long-term for maximum economic efficiency across every stage of expansion
  • You have more control over capacities, resources and budgets
  • You can rely on expertly trained staff

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