Roads and Transport Authority Dubai to trial CNG Bus from MAN Truck & Bus

MAN Lion City CNG bus will be involved in pilot programme

Lions City

MAN Truck & Bus today announced that the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai have decided to launch the trial of a MAN CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) bus in a move aimed at studying the feasibility of such buses and as part of the RTA’s larger goal of fostering environmental sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

The RTA will be using the MAN Lion City CNG bus which was awarded the 'Bus of the Year 2015' at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hanover, Germany. The trial operation will continue for 12 months during which the bus will be operating on a public bus route. It will be operating over 400 km without requiring gas refuelling and specialist engineers of Public Transport Agency will monitor the operational performance in addition to assessing the efficiency of the bus under various operational conditions.

Franz von Redwitz, Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus Middle East said, “MAN has the experience of a more than half a century in natural-gas-powered buses and is the market and technology leader in this domain. MAN has worked diligently over the years to develop an eco- friendly bus which is highly reliable and technologically superior and we have gained significant insights from the operation of the Lion City CNG bus in different parts of the globe. We look forward to working with the RTA on this trial and explore the long term benefits of using more sustainable transportation solutions.”

According to Khalifa Saif Darwish Al Ketbi, Managing Director, United Motors & Heavy Equipment Co LLC which is MAN’s exclusive UAE dealer, “RTA has always been a progressive organization and has been evaluating various options in order to drive a sustainable future for public transport in Dubai. We are very happy to partner with them and look forward to supporting them with our insights and technical support to carry out this trial of a MAN CNG bus in Dubai.”

The CNG engine of the MAN Lion's City bus offers an environmentally friendly public transport mobility solution with extremely low pollutant levels. When filled up with biogas or e-gas, the bus is virtually carbon neutral and offers emission levels comparable to that of fully electric vehicles. Even without the use of biogas, CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 17 per cent in comparison to diesel vehicles.

As well as being a sustainable fuel source, natural gas is also a particularly economical solution. Due to the significantly reduced fuel costs, over a period of ten years a MAN Lion's City CNG bus saves approximately 15 per cent on the life cycle costs in comparison to a diesel bus from the same model range.

The MAN Lion’s City CNG Bus – based on 100% CNG technology especially developed for very hot regions – is a twelve-metre long low-floor solo bus, driven by a turbocharged six-cylinder engine powered by natural gas. The engine delivers 228 kW (310 hp) while its emissions are well below the limits set for Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles (EEV), currently the most stringent emission standard. The engine's exhaust gases are especially low in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates. In addition, a automatic gearbox equipped with a retarder detects up- and downhill gradients, automatically adjusting the gearshift points as it does so, thus helping to reduce fuel consumption. An additional benefit for the environment is the perceptible reduced noise emission with only 74db as compared to 78 dB of a diesel bus. An optional safety feature is the electronical stability program (ESP) to prevent the bus from flipping in extreme situations.