MAN Lion's City CNG

Lion's City CNG

The MAN Lion’s City CNG

The perfect bus for low emission urban mobility

MAN natural gas buses

MAN natural gas buses

The perfect choice for future inner-city transport solutions

MAN Lion´s City CNG engine

Power by innovative MAN E28 6-cylinder natural gas engines

MAN Lion´s City CNG storage


Between 4 and 9 gas cylinders can be fitted in the aerodynamic modular storage system on the buses' roof.

The transport solution that moves the environment into the spotlight.

A powerful drive, dynamic acceleration and superior driving: MAN natural gas engines are just as powerful as their diesel counterparts. When it comes to emissions, they are miles ahead. With the innovative catalytic converter technology (3-way catalytic converter) their emission values are far below the Euro 6 limit values, and this is achieved without the use of AdBlue or particulate filters. MAN natural gas technology represents a first-class, largely CO2-neutral series technology when operated with processed biogas. MAN natural gas engines can also boast with long service intervals, vehicles are easy to service and fully compatible with MAN-cats II diagnosis software. The legally prescribed functional test for compliance with emission values is performed using on-board diagnosis (OBD) II. The MAN E28 series horizontal 6-cylinder natural gas engines are fitted with turbochargers, intercoolers and three-way catalytic converters. In the Lion’s City, they provide a powerful 200 kW (272 hp) for non-articulated buses and 228 kW (310 hp) for challenging deployments and articulated buses.

The gas system on board.

At a second glance, the Lion’s City natural gas bus can be recognised by its aerodynamic hood on the roof. It houses pressurised natural gas cylinders which store natural gas at an operating pressure of 200 bar. To adapt the range of the Lion’s City to any demand, between 4 and 9 gas cylinders can be fitted in the modular storage system. MAN offers two categories of gas cylinders, differing in capacity, weight and price: synthetic composite cylinders containing up to 214 litres and aluminium composite cylinders containing up to 320 litres. This selection provides for a range of up to 500 km, even for articulated buses.

Good arguments as standard.

Many factors are in favour of the Lion’s City natural gas bus: the combustion of natural gas produces low emissions, in particular regarding the emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide. As such, MAN natural gas buses easily comply with the stringent Euro 6 emission standard, without using extensive filter technology and expensive additives. In addition, it is very quiet, as combustion is performed like in petrol engines by using spark plugs, therefore making it a very smooth process. A high degree of environmental friendliness goes hand in hand with high cost-effectiveness in the Lion’s City natural gas engine.

Low fuel consumption and the far lower price of natural gas compared to diesel reduces operating costs and ensures fast amortisation and as far as sustainability is concerned, the earth’s large gas reserves are a key argument. These are all reasons why policy makers are also supporting natural gas as fuel: By 2015, natural gas is said to amount to five percent of the overall fuel consumed in the European Union and even ten percent by 2020.

The choice is yours.

The MAN range of city buses provides an array of variants to fit every possible need. For this purpose, the Lion’s City natural gas buses offer the possibility to deploy the perfect bus for every inner-city route and route profile.

  • Lion’s City non-articulated bus, length 12 m, also available as intercity bus
  • Lion’s City C, length 13.70 m, actively steered trailing axle
  • Lion’s City L, length 14.70 m, actively steered trailing axle
  • Lion’s City G articulated bus, length 18 m
  • Lion’s City GL articulated bus, length 18.75 m (maximum permitted length)