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Relaxed on the road to success with MAN

Sports celebrities drive MAN. As an official partner, MAN offers numerous first-class football clubs exceptional comfort and relaxation for travel to away matches and back.

Not only professional footballers in the 1st Division of the Bundesliga such as FC Bayern, but also clubs from other international leagues place their trust in MAN – and MAN coaches also offer tailored product solutions to athletes from other sports.

Team bus

MAN in professional football

1st Division Bundesliga football clubs are happy to place their trust in MAN. Players and coaches know: with its customised high-tech equipment, MAN offers teams buses with ultimate comfort and safety - so that the pros can enjoy a relaxing journey to their destination.

Team bus

Partner in basketball

The basketball players of FC Bayern Munich also travel in MAN coaches to their away games. The Lion’s Coach brings the fully grown athletes safely and relaxed to their destination: an extended distance of 1.2 metres between rows of seats provides for optimum legroom; WiFi and personal USB ports and power connections guarantee internet availability at all times. The built-in video console and a spacious on-board kitchen ensure nobody gets bored or goes hungry.