MAN express buses create intercity networks

MAN express buses on a long-distance journey

Urban, rural, bus – we close the gaps in the public transport system

The MAN Lion's City models are flexible enough to use for long-distance and motorway journeys as well as for urban routes.

Connecting cities.
Quickly – directly – reliably.

Most cities are growing more rapidly than their transport systems. Sometimes expansion of the infrastructure is not possible, or cannot be tackled straight away due to high investment costs.

Express bus lines close the gaps in the transport network in a way that is both affordable and environmentally friendly: express buses connect cities, open up suburban areas and can be used especially flexibly on routes that rail does not cover adequately or at all. As long-standing experts in transport solutions, our express bus range offers a comprehensive portfolio of options.

Express bus line graphic

Get from A to B quickly with urban or long-distance transport, using the MAN Lion's City & Intercity models

Our buses carry passengers to their destination quickly and affordably. And they can do even more than that.

Thinking particularly about the longer cross-country journeys, what the traveller wants is comfort and functionality. Comfortable passenger seating, barrier-free entry, a well-designed air-conditioning system and Wi-Fi connection – these are all features that make our MAN Lion's City models the perfect long-distance vehicles.

And did you know that all MAN express buses already qualify for the 'Blue Angel' environmental standard? With low exhaust emissions and little noise pollution, they protect both people and the environment.

We have the right bus for your business model

MAN’s high quality standards ensure that our buses are perfectly equipped for the demands of long-distance travel – and remain that way for every new journey.

Graphic: 100 km/h certification

100 km/h certification

They are flexible enough to use for long-distance and motorway journeys as well as for urban routes.

Graphic: low entry version

Flexible design

Available both in low-floor and in low entry versions, as required.

Graphic: barrier-free spatial miracle

Barrier-free spatial miracle

The MAN Lion’s Intercity – with large luggage compartments, overhead racks with reading lights, and wheelchair lift.

MAN express bus models at a glance

The perfect MAN express bus for every journey.

The MAN Lion's City MAN Lion's City

With the low-floor city bus, transport capacity, drive type, vehicle length and design can all be combined to form a tailor-made solution to suit any requirement.

About the Lion’s City
The MAN Lion’s City Ü MAN Lion’s City Ü

With its modular design, the dynamic low-floor bus is able to meet the highest demands, making it the perfect express bus for urban and cross-country journeys.

About the Lion’s City Ü (Global)
The MAN Lion's City LE MAN Lion’s City LE

The city and intercity bus sets new standards in comfort, with more seats facing the direction of travel and a pleasingly elevated seat position.

About the Lion’s City LE (Global)
The MAN Lion's Intercity MAN Lion’s Intercity

As the standard long-distance vehicle, the MAN Lion's Intercity offers more luggage space and comes with a wheelchair lift as standard.

About the Lion’s Intercity (Global)

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