MAN publishes rescue guides for trucks and buses

Valuable aid for fire brigades in accident rescue and training

Accidents happen. Emergency rescue personnel arrive on the scene and are confronted with the task of freeing the driver, co-driver and bus passengers from the vehicle, fast but carefully. Fire brigades train the necessary procedures, but they still have a number of questions: how do we reach injured people when the door is jammed? Where are the best places to apply the hydraulic rescue equipment? How does the seat adjustment work?

Emergency personnel can now find the answers in two rescue guides from MAN, one for trucks, the other for buses. They are available in the Internet in German and English and can be downloaded from the MAN After Sales Portal at (under Information in the menu item Service Documents). Registration is not necessary for downloading these documents.

The rescue guides are excellently suited for the training of fire brigades. They were compiled with the professional assistance of leading experts in accident rescue from the Weber Rescue Team.

Step by step, the rescue guide for trucks explains the technical aspects of freeing a person trapped in the cab. Diagrams show the emergency personnel how to operate the seats and the suspension.

The rescue guide for buses depicts the construction of individual MAN and NEOPLAN models. Drawings show the emergency personnel where the roll bars, the reinforced front section and the surrounding frame sections are located. Photos and graphics illustrate clearly how to unlatch and open bus doors from the outside. The rescue guide also goes into detail on the special features of buses with CNG engines and hybrid drives.