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Full Ahead: MAN Hellas becomes the exclusive distributor for high-speed MAN engines.

Within the framework of expanding its activities as well as strengthening the MAN brand in the Greek market, MAN Hellas Truck & Bus SA announces the establishment of its Engines Business Unit, dealing with high-speed MAN engines for use in yachts, working vessels, and biogas, natural gas or diesel power generators.

Mr. Loukas Droukalis, Managing Director of MAN Hellas (right), with Mr. Nikolaos Voutsinas, Engines Manager (left).
Mr. Loukas Droukalis, Managing Director of MAN Hellas (right), with Mr. Nikolaos Voutsinas, Engines Manager (left).

MAN Hellas’s parent company, MAN Truck & Bus AG, known manufacturer of trucks and buses, is one of the world’s top commercial vehicle manufacturers and a provider of complete transport solutions. Quality, as well as innovative and advanced technology, are a commitment for the MAN customer and a basic ingredient behind the success of the MAN Group for more than 250 years. MAN Truck & Bus AG belongs to the Volkswagen Group of companies.

MAN Hellas Truck & Bus S.A., a 100% subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus AG, was founded in 1980, initially dealing with the distribution of MAN trucks and genuine parts and gradually expanding its operations to include MAN and NEOPLAN buses. From 2010 onwards, it offers used vehicles of quaranteed quality under the MAN TopUsed umbrella. Its continuous uptrend is strongly linked with MAN’s exceptional reputation as a specialized commercial vehicle manufacturer, as well as its high quality, its technological evolution and innovation in its vehicles as well as the range of provided services.

Leading Engine Manufacturer
Apart from manufacturing trucks and buses, however, there is a very important field, with a history of more than 100 years, where MAN Truck & Bus possesses a remarkable degree of know-how: the engines sector. After all, MAN stands for Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg, meaning: engine factory in Augsburg and Nurnberg. MAN Truck & Bus, within its factory in Nurnberg, develops and manufactures all the diesel and gas engines that are installed in MAN trucks and MAN/NEOPLAN buses. Further, its engines are also utilized by other commercial vehicle manufacturers, as well as in vehicles and stationary applications in various other sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, construction, railways, combined heat and power (CHP) as well as pleasure and work boats. This business unit of MAN Truck & Bus is called MAN Engines and is located within the plant in Nurnberg being the headquarters for the R&D center and the factory itself. Over 4.000 employees from various fields develop, manufacture and support on an after-sales level more than 100.000 engines every year, the vast majority of which targeted to MAN trucks and buses. But it is exactly this experience and high degree of specialization that is being transferred to the other applications as well, such as marine engines and power-generation engines.

Local support with worldwide customer-centric approach
MAN Hellas has taken over the exclusive distribution and after-sales support for MAN Engines for marine use (high-speed engines for pleasure boats and working vessels, from 190 to 1,397 kW (258 to 1.900 hp) and power generation (diesel, natural gas or biogas engines for power supply with output ranging from 37 kW to 1.117 kW).

Mr. Loukas Droukalis, Managing Director of MAN Hellas, made the following statement: “At MAN the guiding principle of all our activities is customer satisfaction. Knowing that the pleasure boat and power generation industries are very demanding, but also having as granted the high technology and reliability of MAN engines as well as the reputation they enjoy in these industries for so many years, we only saw it as natural progress to support these markets by taking over the exclusive distribution of MAN Engines for marine and power use for Greece and Cyprus, and by supporting the sales of such engines with after sales services and parts through an official network of specialized partners.”

This investment for MAN Hellas is in full harmony with the targets and the customer-oriented approach of its parent company. In the words of Mr. Reiner Roessner, Head of Sales MAN Engines: “It is very important for our customers, who choose a MAN engine for their yacht or vessel, to enjoy the same high-level of services no matter the country in which they are based. This is exactly why we are happy with the decision taken by MAN Hellas to support the Engines business unit as well. The MAN brand is very strong in the marine and power generation markets and we are positive that our Greek colleagues will do an outstanding job in this field too.”

The new Engines business unit in MAN Hellas is headed by Mr. Nikolaos Voutsinas, a mechanical engineer, specialized in marine engines who has many years of experience in MAN engines. In his words: “We have already started cooperating with specialized service partners and also approaching customers in the field of marine and power engines. Our objective is to gradually expand this specialized after sales network in all marines and places of strategic importance in our country, with the ultimate goal for us being the perfect service for the MAN customer.”

Apart from support on the after-sales level, MAN Hellas is already cooperating with a number of public and private entities, with the goal of providing them with new MAN engines in the immediate future.

Mr. Reiner Roessner, Head of Sales MAN Engines.
Mr. Reiner Roessner, Head of Sales MAN Engines.
The top-of-the range V12-1900 engine from MAN Engines, with power output of 1.397 kW (1.900hp).