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With us, you can easily and economically benefit from using alternative drives

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We will provide you with comprehensive support so that you can successfully make the switch to alternative drives

Eco-friendliness and efficiency are key concerns for public transport, and city buses with alternative drives now offer you the opportunity to combine the two. But it is not enough to simply replace the vehicles. Even making the decision as to whether a hybrid, gas or electric drive will be the most beneficial is dependent on several factors.

That is why we develop individual solutions for you, with a tailor-made step-by-step strategy. With the help of MAN Transport Solutions, a whole host of companies have already successfully implemented new, future-proof drive types in their fleets. Why not take advantage of our experience and expertise for your company too?

Network analysis and operational concept

Network analysis and operational concept

We analyse your current condition of your operation and fleet use. Taking into account all the influencing factors, we develop a tailor-made deployment concept, enabling you to transition to buses with alternative drive technologies on a step-by-step basis.

Operational planning and charging infrastructure

Operational planning and charging infrastructure

We use the previously developed deployment concept for vehicles with alternative drive types to develop appropriate charging strategy and charging infrastructure. We also develop the best energy supply strategy for your company.

Fleet integration and maintenance

Fleet integration and maintenance

We advise you on the use and maintenance of your entire bus fleet, support you in training your employees, and assist your service workshop as your expert partner.

Your requirements – our solution for you

Which drive is the most future-proof option for me?

Our scheduled bus service has to run reliably and cost-efficiently – we cannot afford to trial new technology over long periods of time, or to make a bad investment.

Precise analyses and clear facts

We analyse your current fleet use in detail. We then use simulations to check which drive alternatives and fleet mix are possible and practical for you. We also create a meaningful cost-benefit comparison for your specific requirements on site.

Which drive technology is suitable for my network?

The range was never an issue for us in the past. But now, I have to be able to decide whether electric buses are suitable for my routes.

Detailed network and operational planning

We will inspect your entire route network, and all relevant factors. This means we are able to provide you with clear information as to whether (and how) you can use electric, hybrid and gas drives in an environmentally friendly and economical way.

Is it practical to operate a mixed fleet?

The transition to sustainable mobility is important to us. However, the services for preparing and maintaining various drive types must not disrupt our operational processes.

Fleet integration and depot planning

Our approach is holistic. We integrate vehicles with alternative drives into your everyday operations, so that we your entire fleet starts running smoothly from the transition phase onwards. For electric buses, we also take into account the construction of an ideally suited charging infrastructure, and assist you in planning operating times and charging cycles.









We make your bus fleet more future-proof

Our team of MAN experts will provide you with comprehensive support. We give you all the facts to allow you to make optimal decisions from an operational and cost perspective when switching to alternative drive systems. We are here for you – from providing preliminary information to successfully implementing the concept.

Hybrid, gas or all-electric? The drive concepts that best optimise your bus fleet can only be clarified using highly detailed analyses of the specific application. The range required for each bus line is a decisive factor when compiling an ideally suited fleet mix, especially if all-electric vehicles are included.

The MAN Lion’s City E can travel for up to 270 km without needing to be charged. However, you will also need to take other factors into account for reliable statements on possible applications and efficiency.

For example, electric buses are the most economical, with average speeds of between 14 and 18 km/h. Factors such as the number of starting and braking operations, the number of passengers or the topography of your lines also affect the range. The heating can significantly reduce the daily possible travel distance of the electric bus, especially in sub-zero temperatures.

Integrating alternatively-powered buses into your fleet means more for your business than just replacing one or more vehicles; it represents your introduction to the mobility of the future, with all the associated benefits. The ”electric” vehicles, in particular, bring a number of changes to your operations – from planning deployments, to optimal driving style, through to the equipment of the workshop.

Our aim is to make the transition to alternative drives a success from day one. In collaboration with the MAN Academy, we provide training for your employees so that they can make optimal use of all new vehicles. We inform you of possible risks and how to handle the vehicles properly in the event of an accident or a defect. We also provide support for your in-house or external service workshops as an expert partner in all matters relating to alternative drive technologies.

Whether you can achieve savings by switching to an electric fleet, as opposed to using a diesel fleet, largely depends on the design of the energy supply. We test all possible means of cost optimisation for you; these include, for example, how you can exploit low-cost electricity purchasing times and avoid load peaks with staggered charging. Another example is how you can reduce energy costs by feeding in your own electricity.

The vehicle battery is another key component for ensuring electromobility remains efficient in the long term. Every battery loses capacity and performance as it ages, but you can influence how quickly and to what extent these effects take hold. Factors such as user conduct, maintenance and charging frequency play a key role in this. Optimised battery management is therefore an integral part of our concepts for the use of electric buses in your fleet mix.

You can only profit sustainably and cost-effectively from electromobility if your depot has a tailor-made charging infrastructure. Efficient operational processes for charging in the depot are just as essential here as the ensuring the maximum availability of your electric buses in scheduled service.

Our experts develop charging strategies and schedules that are optimally aligned to your fleet operation. They also plan the type and number of charging points, and design the optimal layout for them within your depot. In simulations, each of the concepts undergoes a practical test to demonstrate its feasibility.

By the way: MAN relies solely on the standard CCS charging technology (combined charging system). This means you can charge regardless of the manufacturer and vehicle, and guarantees maximum flexibility and planning reliability.

Together with our partners, we take care of the right charging infrastructure

Integrated charging infrastructure solutions

We offer the right charging solution for your electric vehicle. Together with our partners, we plan a charging infrastructure that is perfectly matched to you and your requirements. In addition to the right charging solution you also have the option to have it installed and maintained from a single source.

Together, we coordinate the needs of your charging infrastructure

Your enquiry

When buying an electric vehicle, please ask for charging facility options. Your MAN contact will coordinate with you on the right charging infrastructure for your vehicle, tailor-made for your requirements and the on-site situation.

Offers for charging infrastructure solutions by our partners

Find the right offer for you

In close cooperation with our approved partners, we will find the right charging infrastructure solution for you and your fleet. Your MAN partner remains your key contact for the entire process.

Together, we consult about charging infrastructure options.

Commissioning your desired charging solution

Your MAN contact and our charging infrastructure partner will present the recommendations and discuss the details with you. It’s up to you, which solution you chose to have implemented by our partner.

Installation of the charging infrastructure solution

Installation by the charging infrastructure partner

After procurement, your MAN contact will organise dates for installation and commissioning of your charging infrastructure, carried out by our partner at your premises. There is no easier way to get into e-mobility.

The right charging solution for your requirements

In close cooperation with renowned partners such as Heliox and SBRS, MAN provides you with integrated solutions for your entry to e-mobility – as easy, safe and cost-efficient as possible. From the electric vehicle to the right charging infrastructure and its installation, you receive everything from a single source. Upon request, we can also take care of the maintenance of your charging solution.

Our charging solutions for your entry to e-mobility

Throughout Europe, we offer comprehensive charging solutions which are perfectly matched to our vehicles and your requirements. We offer a wide range of solutions: From mobile chargers to permanently installed facilities for large fleets.

  • Charging stations with 40 to 150 kW charging capacity
  • Multi-outlet: Charging of two vehicles with full power at each output
  • Preventive maintenance: Scheduled maintenance in coordination with the customer-specific deployment planning
  • Connectivity-based services for remote diagnosis and remote maintenance for stable operation

MAN Lion’s City E

The MAN Lion’s City E – economical and ecological.

The all-electric MAN Lion’s City E sets standards: emission-free and ultra-quiet, it improves the quality of life in your city. The vehicle’s drive has a high range, covering up to 270 km per day without intermediate charging. And its pioneering design is simply electrifying – both on the outside and the inside!

About the Lion’s City E
MAN Lion’s City G

The MAN Lion’s City G: clean, efficient, tried and tested.

Make the switch today. The environmentally-conscious alternative to diesel: The natural gas-powered MAN Lion’s City G is emission-free. The newly-developed E18 gas engine guarantees outstanding values in terms of consumption and performance. In combination with the MAN EfficientHybrid, the Lion’s City G is more environmentally friendly and efficient than any bus of a more conventional design.

About the Lion’s City G

Any further questions?

Our team of MAN experts will help you to benefit as much as possible from the alternative drive systems. Book an appointment now to discuss the best MAN Transport Solutions for your company.

The urban transport of tomorrow with MAN


The new MAN eTGE

MAN’s first all-electric van: emission-free and ultra-quiet, this vehicle is at home in any environmental zone, and a positive for any city. The MAN eTGE is just as reliable and spacious as any tried-and-tested MAN van.


The new MAN eTGM

Our first all-electric MAN eTruck enables emission-free and ultra-silent urban public transport, with the same carrying capacity as models with conventional combustion engines.


The new MAN CitE

Ergonomic, safe, clean: Our all-electric city truck completely redefines urban transport – from increased safety, to ergonomics and design, right through to ultimate driving comfort and emission-free operation.