MAN Lion's City Ü

MAN Lion's City Ü engine

MAN engines – powerful and efficient

The MAN Lion's City Ü drives through the city as well as on intercity journeys with extreme efficiency – whether with diesel engine, CNG or hybrid drive in the rear end. And what is impressive about the intercity coach, is above all its high pulling power, low emission values and a low fuel consumption. The common rail engines in conjunction with the four-speed or six-speed automatic transmission bring 206 kW (280 HP) to 265 kW (360 HP) to the road — an immaculate performance also easily mastered by the six-cylinder natural gas engines (CNG) with 200 kW (272 HP) and 228 kW (310 HP). And which also powers the MAN Lion's City Ü forward, the motorisation works reliably, with low-maintenance and thanks to its topography-dependent control unit also supremely on all routes and at all times.

MAN Lion's City Ü engine overview

The MAN Lion's City Ü is available either with the D 2066 (up to 360 HP) or the E 2876 (up to 310 HP). The differences between the two engines is listed in the overview:

Engine (horizontal) D 2066 E2876
Fuel Diesel Compressed natural gas
Output 280 HP, 320 HP, 360 HP 272 HP and 310 HP
Displacement 10 518 cm³ 12 816 cm³
Emission standard Euro 6 Euro 6
Max. torque 1 350 Nm, 1 600 Nm, 1 800 Nm 1 050 Nm, 1 250 Nm
Type and configuration 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine common rail 6-cylinder in-line gas powered engine

Optimum drive in every situation

Regardless of the topographical features over a route, the sensitive shift strategy of MAN diesel engines always contributes to an efficient performance. To ensure that the MAN Lion's City Ü does not loose power on even the steepest uphill slopes, it has a Voith DIWA transmission with SensoTop as standard. Optionally, it can also be fitted with a ZF EcoLife transmission with TopoDyn.

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Reliable chassis for intercity journeys

As standard, the MAN Lion's City Ü is fitted with a rigid axle as front axle. Equipped with an anti-roll bar as well as disc brakes, safety is increased even more. As the driven axle, a MAN-ZF portal axle with differential offset to the left is available for the Lion's City Ü. Furthermore, a three-stage retarder is integrated in the transmission as an additional brake.

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Technology you can trust: MAN systems ensure safer and more efficient driving

MAN assistance systems

At the ready when you need them. Always. MAN safety and driver assistance systems are with you every step of the way, providing the safety and comfort that helps you get your passengers to their destination.

Systems available for the MAN Lion’s City Ü:

Electronic stability program (ESP)

Electronic braking system (EBS)