Shifting gears in economic efficiency: The new MAN Lion's City G

MAN's green natural gas bus

Natural gas: A great look that makes economic sense

Highly efficient: Aside from offering higher environmental friendliness through lower emissions, MAN's CNG city buses also present an economically attractive alternative. MAN's natural gas bus is unbeatable when it comes to operating costs. Because of the lower fuel costs, savings in Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of around 15% can be expected over a period of 10 years and a mileage of 60,000 km per year.

Efficiency based on 75 years of expertise

Economic perfection – The new MAN Lion's City G is a newly developed natural gas city bus which not only looks good on the road, but also sets new standards in economic efficiency, environmental sustainability, range, and safety.

Cost savings thanks to engineering ingenuity

Efficient consumption

Natural gas is the most economical of all fossil fuels. A MAN Lion's City G operated with natural gas saves around 15 percent in life cycle costs due to the significantly lower fuel costs (LCC) compared to a diesel bus in the same model series.

Cost savings thanks to engineering ingenuity

Ready to go the distance

The compact design of the MAN Lion's City G creates more space for the CNG storage system. The few, but large, gas cylinders stored in the roof can carry up to 1,875 l in fuel. That gives you a minimum range of 500 km – ideal for any route.

Gas cylinders on the roof leave more room for what matters

A spacious interior

Because the gas cylinders are stored in the roof, the MAN Lion's City G offers significantly more room for the driver and passengers.

Easy to maintain and service

Easy to maintain and service

Reliable components, a modular engine and robust gas cylinders all make the MAN Lion's City G easy to maintain and service.

A smart flap system provides direct access to the engine and the gas cylinders on the roof for maintenance. Additionally, the easy-to-clean passenger compartment with its seating rail mechanism further helps to keep maintenance costs down.

Green cities in a clean future

Environmentally friendly

Permissible exhaust emissions limits for commercial vehicles tend to be highly changeable. Since the introduction of exhaust-gas standards in 1992, the limits for nitrogen oxides have been reduced by 97% and by over 98% for particulates. Nonetheless, the exhaust gas emissions of the MAN Lion's City G lie significantly below the Euro 6 limits. That is why MAN's natural gas buses are an investment which makes economic sense in the long term.

Natural gas powers long-term profitability

Perfect efficiency

The new MAN Lion's City G is the most efficient city bus generation in the MAN family. That is not simply due to the numerous technical innovations, like the new E18 engine with MAN EfficientHybrid or the economical full-LED headlights. The enhanced design with modern materials and easy-to-repair components also increases the efficiency and reduces the consumption of the new MAN Lion's City G.

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