The new MAN Lion's City E

The future is electric

The vision is reality: Cities free from noise and emissions. The new MAN Lion's City E is a bus that combines the innovative drive technology of eMobility with a more positive cityscape. And it is very well received – particularly by the residents. MAN's technological know-how also makes charging and management of the fleet even easier. With the MAN Lion's City E, every city is well prepared for the future.

E-Bus at the charging station with a CCS charging cable

The cities of tomorrow are counting on eMobility

The future is bringing new challenges: the volume of traffic is growing steadily, but at the same time the legal framework for maximum emissions limits is tightening too. MAN is offering a decisive solution which lead to an increase in the quality of city life: 100% electric with 0% emissions.

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The electric bus at a glance

The roadmap for economy and technology
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Economic efficiency

Thanks to its ground-breaking innovative strength, MAN offers affordable entry into the world of e-mobility and cost-efficient infrastructure solutions.

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Symbol of technology and perfection


MAN is setting new standards in drive technology and cutting-edge innovations. With this innovative strength, MAN is creating the basis for clean cities.

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The emission-free MAN Lion's City E hits the roads with the proven design and familiar comfort of MAN buses. At the same time, it features new details to make it recognisable as a new generation E-bus. The result is a new concept which also points the way in terms of design.

Forging ahead with innovative strength

The new MAN Lion's City E is here. And with it come numerous innovations in the field of low-emission passenger transport. MAN Transport Solutions can advise you on battery performance, depot charging, charging station infrastructure, upgradeability and more: towards the future with the MAN Lion's City E.

The streets shining with cleanliness

Long range. In the long term

Always makes a good impression: The MAN Lion's City E gets a big boost in performance thanks to its newly developed batteries. This enables a reliable range of 200 km, with up to 270 km possible under favourable operating conditions*. Charged overnight or with CCS charging plugs, the long-life batteries guarantee simple integration into existing operating processes.

*Low demands on usage at average speeds and with ordinary loading, topography and air conditioning

Charging station with standardised power connector

Emission-free. For the city of tomorrow

With the new MAN's City E, cleanliness is a top priority. The electric bus not only runs completely without emissions, it is also virtually silent. This is becoming increasingly important, as public transport is increasingly confronted with legal frameworks for environmental protection.

Electronics with the possibility of expansion

Efficient. Innovation on the road

This E-bus is a pioneer in electromobility – and is also well prepared for the future. The built-in battery technology can also be upgraded cost-efficiently with future cell technologies. In addition, the batteries installed on the roof also ensure greater crash safety and freedom of design for the interior.


MAN M-PULSE: Sustainable mobility and efficient transport solutions

With the innovative motto M-PULSE, pioneer and visionary MAN delivers the deciding impulse for the transport world of tomorrow. At the core of this new motto lies sustainable mobility, an emission-free future and the discovery and implementation of efficient and economical transport solutions.

Customised solutions for your fleet

MAN Transport Solutions will advise you individually, as required, and work with you to develop concepts and solutions to ensure the reliable and cost-optimised use of new drive technologies within your vehicle fleet. Together, we will identify the most suitable product for the intended use, from load management and power supply to service and maintenance.

Service and support for the entire fleet


Global climate protection targets, local emissions regulations, clean cities – there are many reasons for our customers to switch to alternative drive systems. However, the transition to new drive and fleet solutions raises many new questions. The solution must be fit for purpose, depending on focus, range or payload. The MAN Transport Solutions team is here to help.

Motorway junction with electric light


MAN Transport Solutions will answer the following questions regarding operational optimisation:

  • To what extent must the route network and route planning be adapted?
  • What does the optimal battery management look like?
  • How can I change over my operations in a way that is both cost-optimised and secure?

CCS charging station with cable


MAN Transport Solutions will answer the following questions regarding infrastructure optimisation:

  • Do we need to make changes to the infrastructure and operational processes of our depots?
  • How high is my energy demand and how can I cover this optimally?
  • Which charging solution is the right one?

Bus stop at night


MAN Transport Solutions will answer the following questions for service-oriented optimisations:

  • Which R&M contracts are best for me?
  • How can the workshop infrastructure be optimally designed?
  • What do workshop staff need to know about maintenance and safety?

Consulting for electric bus fleets

Customer benefits

Simplifying business: with MAN Transport Solutions you can simplify your business and secure your success in the long term.

  • You have a partner at your side to create tailor-made solutions for safe and optimised processes
  • You gain greater insight into capacities, resources and budgets
  • You can rely on perfectly trained personnel

E-drive city bus from MAN


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