Miles ahead in terms of economic efficiency – the new MAN Lion's City E

Cost-efficient at every stop

The new efficiency of eMobility

The new MAN Lion's City E is ground breaking in many respects: emission-free, long-range and above all impressively economical. It heralds a new era of profitable eMobility in urban passenger transport. As an all-electric bus, it is not only economical, quiet and able to handle long distances, but also contributes significantly to the image of the clean cities of tomorrow. In this way, it also opens up new routes that will, in future, be closed to conventional local public transport as a result of maximum emissions limits and noise protection policies.

Economic efficiency of electric buses

The new MAN Lion's City E offers an ecologically and economically valuable overall concept that greatly simplifies entry into the world of electric mobility. Whether with its powerful drive, long-life batteries, uncomplicated depot charging or striking design, this E-bus performs impressively over long distances.

Low running costs thanks to efficient technology

Cost-efficient with electric drive

E-mobility pays off: the optimised electric drive is based on proven technology and tried and tested concepts. It also offers greater reliability because its has a simpler design than engines positioned near the wheels. Moreover, the easily accessible central engine makes maintenance and repairs faster than ever before.

Maximum battery life

Optimum battery performance

The higher cost of acquisition for an electric bus is offset by the reliability and longevity of its batteries. You can also rely on proven solutions for charging and energy management, particularly with the support of MAN Transport Solutions.

Simple charging overnight

Affordable charging

Thanks to depot and overnight charging, the MAN Lion's City E is not reliant on interim charging stations. This results in a maximum operating range coupled with a smart charging process. It is also possible to choose the lowest electricity tariff to achieve even greater cost-efficiency.

Easy-clean seats

Easy to clean and maintain

The proven MAN Lion's City design offers not only the maximum comfort for passengers, but also practical advantages for the operator. Storing the batteries on the roof allows for perfect accessibility for maintenance work and the easy-clean interior reduces additional service costs.

Clean air thanks to electric drive

Clean performance

The new MAN Lion's City E not only offers a modern aesthetic but also makes a contribution to society by maintaining the quality of life in cities. This is an unbeatable argument when it comes to introducing new maximum emissions limits. The opening up of noise and emission protection zones enables the environmentally friendly MAN Lion's City E to penetrate niches that are becoming increasingly economically attractive.

Better performance with electric fleets

Perfect efficiency

The new MAN Lion's City E impresses with its virtually loss-free power transmission, long battery range, overnight charging and upgradeable battery architecture with maximum efficiency.
Its sophisticated design and surprisingly simple construction contribute to better energy savings and increased efficiency.

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