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Competitiveness, efficiency and safety are becoming increasingly important in the everyday working environment of fleet operators, fleet managers and drivers. In this context, business owners are no longer just relying on technical vehicle innovations.

The qualified advanced training of drivers is now also a focal point for cost reduction. Employees who have perfect command of their vehicles and receive intensive instructions regarding technical innovation which they learn how to optimally utilise make as much of a contribution to a positive result as employees who know how to avoid risks on the road based on a cautious and save driving style and thus increase safety, reduce consumption and lower costs for wear and tear. Driver absenteeism due to sickness can also be minimised through appropriate training measures.

With 35 years of expertise, MAN ProfiDrive® has made a significant contribution to the all-round support for business owners, fleet managers and drivers in over 67 countries worldwide. MAN ProfiDrive® has continuously improved and expanded in terms of its daily dealings with customers as well as the available training portfolio. These days, customer-specific training solutions in niche markets are just as much part of the MAN ProfiDrive® training range as professional driver training in accordance with the law governing the qualification of professional drivers.

To the seminars offered by MAN ProfiDrive®

Advanced training based on the law governing the qualification of professional drivers (BKrFQG)

Every five years professional drivers have to complete a total of 35 hours of advanced training, made up of five training units of seven hours each in the three areas of knowledge.

MAN ProfiDrive® gives you the opportunity to complete all the legally required advanced training measures.

The following training sessions can be booked and implemented with and without the training for professional drivers.

Areas of knowledge according to the BKrFQG

  • Area of knowledge 1 – improvement in rational driving behaviour based on safety regulations
  • Area of knowledge 2 – application of requirements
  • Area of knowledge 3 – health, transport and environmental safety, services, logistics

MAN automotive technology


  • Engine technology
  • Brake systems
  • Switches and controls
  • Settings on the vehicle
  • Assistance systems
  • Gearboxes and axles

Social legislations, digital tachograph


  • Social legislation framework
  • Passenger transport regulations
  • Handling the digital tachograph
  • Driving and rest times, Working Hours Act
  • Confidence in dealing with regulations and documents

Vehicle instruction


  • Safety aspects
  • Switches and controls
  • Settings on the vehicle
  • Assistance systems
  • Gearboxes and axles


  • Operating instructions
  • Gearboxes
  • Traction aids
  • Vehicle centre of gravity
  • Trips in real traffic

Economy training course


  • Principles of economical driving
  • Physical driving resistances
  • Information on vehicle technology
  • Operating assistance systems


  • Economical driving is applied on the road under the instruction of the trainer

Baggage securing, danger awareness, assistance systems;
Health and safety at the workplace

  • Statutory requirements
  • Safety regulations
  • Physical principles
  • Guaranteeing the safety and comfort of passengers
  • Estimating the longitudinal and lateral movements of an omnibus
  • Dealing with passengers
  • Special requirements when transporting certain groups of passengers

Behaviour in emergencies


  • Securing accident sites
  • First-aid measures
  • Ergonomics at the workplace
  • Accident prevention
  • Effects of drugs, alcohol and medication
  • Principles of nutrition and their effects

Criminal actions, trafficking illegal immigrants, image


  • Raising awareness of the risks of road transport
  • Identifying possible hiding places
  • Consequences for drivers due to criminal actions and the trafficking of illegal immigrants
  • Prevention measures
  • Driver as the image bearer
  • Vehicle as the company’s business card

Driving safety training course


  • Safety aspects
  • Physical driving principles
  • Assistance systems
  • Tyres
  • Gearboxes and axles
  • Driving with trailers


  • Managing critical driving situations
  • Steering, braking and evasive manoeuvres
  • Performing emergency braking
  • Avoiding obstacles
  • Different road surfaces
  • Hill ascents and descents
  • Cornering

High-speed training

Duration: 2 days, 1 day of safety training followed by high-speed training on day 2

Safety training

  • Practical exercises to improve reactions to critical driving situations, such as braking in bends and avoiding suddenly appearing obstacles
  • Confident command of the vehicle in order to provide maximum safety for passengers

High-speed training

  • Emergency lane change: Leaving and rejoining the lane at vehicle speeds of approx. 80–100 km/h
  • Catching and stabilising a skidding vehicle
  • Understanding and mastering physics to ensure confident vehicle steering

Intensive training course

Train-the-trainer principle

  • Training to build on existing knowledge in the areas of vehicle technology and economy
  • Exercises to optimise a safe and economical driving style
  • Independent vehicle instruction for third parties and passing on of principles for economical driving

Combined training

  • Economy training and safety training as per the guidelines of the German Road Safety Council (DVR)
  • Enhancement of knowledge and skills for safe and economical driving

Driving instructor advanced training D/DE

Register via the Bavarian Driving Instructors’ Association

Professional association’s health and safety seminar

  • Professional association’s scheme to develop and communicate strategies for dealing with work-related stress
  • Certification as part of the training for professional drivers

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