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Which BVB footballer is the better bus driver?

A 480-horsepower MAN team bus in the form of a Lion´s Coach L is the newest arrival at BVB. Team captain Sebastian Kehl took delivery of the Lion´s Coach at the BVB training ground and immediately challenged Jonas Hofmann to a duel: two footballers, two buses – who is the better driver?

MAN team bus in the form of a Lion´s Coach L

Handing over the bus at the BVB training ground. The new coach cuts a good figure with superior materials and a wide range of special fittings: comfortable leather seats with adjustable leg rests, a multimedia system, a satellite system, WI-FI reception and other amenities ensure pleasant traveling and speedy relaxation. “We’ve already had nothing but the best experience with MAN” explains BVB Chairman Joachim Watzke. He adds “the last team bus accompanied us to the Cup, the double and the Champions League final. Hopefully, we can celebrate equally great success with the new model.”

Handing over the bus at the BVB training ground
BVB captain Sebastian Kehl takes delivery of the new Lion’s coach on behalf of the entire team.

Was Sebastian Kehl listening to Joachim Watzke? In any case BVB’s captain was already in a competitive mood at the handover and wanted to know right away: how does the new team bus compare with the old one? In a very unusual friendly, “Kehli“ challenges teammate Jonas Hofmann to a duel – on asphalt. Who is the better MAN bus driver?

The duel – old against young

The two football stars competed in three different disciplines. Sebastian Kehl had first choice – this time not which end of the football pitch, but which bus. He chooses the new Lion’s Coach L. Jonas Hofmann is not worried though, the old bus has proved itself many times. “I’ll show Kehli that the championship bus will be the champion again today”, brags the football youngster.

Sebastian Kehl at the wheel with Christian Schulz, BVB team bus driver
Round 1 of the contest: with 480-horsepower at his feet, Sebastian Kehl has to prove his driving skills on the course.

Then they’re off. Driving skills and good judgment in maneuvering the three-axle coaches into a parking space were called for. They both mastered these exercises perfectly. The third challenge was, however, to lead to a decision. The task was to create the best fan tune using the horn. In this case, Sebastian Kehl had a clear advantage in the new team bus, since this is equipped with a unique special feature – a horn that plays the BVB song "Heja-BVB". At this point, the youngster, Jonas Hofmann, had to ungrudgingly admit that the captain definitely had the edge in the new bus. Competition winner Sebastian Kehl was highly enthusiastic about the duel: "It really was a lot of fun. It´s not every day that you drive a bus like that. It was certainly a great experience."

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